Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1123: Moon Mirror

Chapter 1123: Moon Mirror

Python shouted, “Sir, pay attention! This is 1 of Sariel’s greatest mysteries. This array has a special law, which not only can invalidate the attack, but each attack will be contaminated by the power of [Doom Calamity], resulting in strong recoil in spirit and soul!”

In fact, Sariel’s attack power was not outstanding among those peak stage Pseudo-God, but his defense power was 1 of the best. Even Python could only use the poisonous might to slowly erode and crack this [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle], which was extremely time-consuming. Furthermore, now it was impossible to activate the power in this state. Just using the law power would consume more time, and it would definitely be too late to rescue Auglas and Duoduo.

Chen Rui issued a [Destructive Aura Blow] again. The dispersed water ripples restored to Sariel’s body again. It was completely ineffective. Chen Rui’s body shook again, and the previous wounds ruptured. It was obviously caused by the recoil of the power of [Doom Calamity].

“Stubborn idiot!” Sariel said proudly, “No matter how sharp your blade is, it can’t cut the moon in the water; it will only hurt yourself.”

Before finishing his words, a black hole appeared beside Sariel. This black hole had a powerful devouring force. It was similar to ‘Annihilate’, 1 of the 3 main canons of the Star Ship. It was Chen Rui’s [Star Devouring] skill.

In the face of the black hole power that could devour everything, the Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle appeared to be unaffected.

“You don’t understand yet? Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle has the power of ‘no thoughts’. It has nothing but self. No matter what form of attack you use, it can’t cause real damage.” Sariel’s words were actually a kind of psychological tactic. At the same level as the peak stage of the Demi-God, he secretly feared both Chen Rui and Python’s attack power, especially since his sub-kingdom was on the verge of destruction. The [Body of Moon Soul] no longer could have infinite consumption as before, so he activated the [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle].

[Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle]’s main function was defense. Sariel put on a defensive stance just to delay time. Firstly, he used Moon Mirror to devour bloodline. Secondly, to irritate the opponent, then find a gap to fight back. As long as he just kill 1 enemy, the rest was much easier.

No doubt these words had an effect, Chen Rui launched a vigorous attack impatiently. Not only failed to break through the power of [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle], but under the recoil of the power of [Doom Calamity], his injury became more and more serious. Sariel’s smile grew wider.

Suddenly, Sariel’s smile froze on his face; his expression full of disbelief.

He saw a strange reflection in the water waves.

A huge eye emitted an evil light, like the moon reflected in the water.

The Evil Pupil, 1 of Sariel’s powerful talents, was also the core power of the [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle].

Sariel was shocked. The reason for his shock was that the reflected Evil Pupil was not his, but… ‘Aguile’’s!

How could Aguile have the power of my Evil Pupil?

Is this guy the previous…

Wasn’t he killed by Satan? I even saw it with my own eyes!

Due to the reflected effect of the Evil Pupil, the water ripples on Sariel’s body gradually solidified. Sariel didn’t have time to think about it. He hurriedly burst out with all his power to eliminate the interference, but it was too late. A green lightning had already rushed into the [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle].

Crack “, the reflected ‘moon’ showed a crack, and the crack quickly spread to the entire water ripples. Subsequently, the entire [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle]was shattered.

Sariel’s body was also shattered. This time, he was truly torn apart.


1 of his greatest mysteries, the [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle], was actually cracked like this!

Sariel’s body returned to its original state, but it was no longer the power of the moon, but the power of the [Body of Moon Soul]. This time, he could no longer absorb the sub-kingdom power, so he could only consume his own Pseudo-Godhood. His power was exhausted with every use. Once he could no longer support the regeneration of [Body of Moon Soul], it would be the real death.

“It turned out to be you, ant!” Sariel said through gritted teeth while looking at the twinkle in Chen Rui’s eyes.

This ‘Aguile’ was actually my ‘subordinate’ back then!

He really faked death at that time! He even deceived 2 peak stage of the Pseudo-Gods!

The power of the Evil Pupil that I gave him at that time was completely converted to his own use by some means. At the same level as the peak stage of the Demi-God, he used the Evil Pupil to fight against the Evil Pupil to crack the [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle]!

His attacks that resulted in recoil before are more of a poke!

If it wasn’t for this damned Ghastly Floating Land, I wouldn’t have been defeated like this at all!

“Looks like it’s an old friend meeting again,” Python’s voice sounded, “Sariel, you seem to be very excited. But this is the first time I’ve seen the [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle] be defeated like this.”

Sariel was well aware that Python’s words were also a psychological tactic, but he was really infuriated now.

“Go to hell! Ants!” Sariel’s third eye shone brightly, and a faint blue flame was burning all over his body. A pair of armor appeared, and he rushed toward Chen Rui with a scimitar in his hand.

Now, the sub-kingdom was on the verge of collapse, the [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle] had been broken, and the [Body of Moon Soul] could not be consumed endlessly.

Although his strength was suppressed at the Demi-God level, Sariel believed that his combat experience and skills were stronger than the opponent’s. More importantly, his Pseudo-Godhood was even at the peak stage of the Pseudo-God level. The life force and faith power he possessed must be far more than the intermediate stage of the Pseudo-God opponent. Whether it was a heavy battle or a battle of attrition, he had an absolute advantage. What’s more, ‘Aguile’ was also seriously injured now.

I must finish off Aguile as soon as possible before Python decides to join. Otherwise, the odds of winning are much smaller.

Chen Rui couldn’t use Star Armor here, but he was not afraid at all.

[Moon Kingdom].

Paglio put away the poison radiating from his body, returned to his human form and landed on the ground.

On the ground, there were countless guardians lying unconscious.

Only a guardian of the peak stage of the Kingdom Level with special anti-poison talent barely made it through. He rushed toward Paglio. The poison dragon just waved his hand, and the guardian fell to the ground immediately.

Hmph! If that guy hadn’t specified to minimize the massacre, I would have killed all of you.” While Paglio was speaking, a muffled explosion sounded in the distance. The terrifying shock wave spread, actually knocking off the poison dragon for down for dozens of meters before stabilizing himself.

“It must be that madwoman! Making such a big movement!” Paglio raised his head and saw that all the 10 Demi-Gods who had surrounded Zola and Catherine had disappeared. There is no corpse left?

The poison dragon shuddered. Terrifying woman!

There was a muffled voice in his ears, which came from Krobelus. The poison dragon hurried over.

In front of Krobelus was a blue translucent crystal ball, and in the middle was the figure of Auglas holding Duoduo in his arms.

Paglio punched it without hesitation. This punch contained a strong poison force. Not to mention this crystal, even the strongest metal, Paglio was confident to break it and rescue Duoduo and Auglas.

As soon as the punch was launched, Paglio felt a strong recoil, and his body was thrown back far away. He fell to the ground, and green blood was already overflowing from the corner of his mouth.

“Damn it!” Paglio wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. It turned out that the crystal ball was like a mirror, completely reflecting his attack, including the poison power, while the crystal ball itself was intact.

“Duoduo!” Catherine, who had just defeated the Demi-God guardians with Zola, immediately turned into a flame and charged straight toward the crystal ball.

“Wait a minute! Catherine!” Paglio exclaimed quickly.

But it was too late. Catherine who turned into flames was all reflected in the same way. Under the huge recoil, she was knocked away entirely.

On the side, Lalaria stood up with heavy panting. Her face was covered in blood, and her eyes were fixed on the crystal ball. Obviously, she had suffered intense recoil because of frequent attacks on the crystal ball.

“Lalaria!” Olypheus, who had finished off her opponent, flew over, “What happened to daddy and Duoduo?”

“Don’t go there! That crystal ball can reflect all attacks!” Lalaria gasped.

Catherine shouted, and black flames burned all over her body. As her Star Power rose to the top, she rushed over again, but it was still useless. Because the strength of this blow was far stronger than the previous blow, the power of reflection was stronger. Catherine’s blood spurted wildly. There were cracks in the star armor on her body. She had suffered severe damage.

Zola, who was in the air, saw this scene, and she appeared beside Catherine in a flash.

“Zola, don’t do it…” Catherine said forcefully while choking out another mouthful of blood.

Zola’s charging attack power was immediately converted to healing power. With a wave of her hand, soft water element fluctuations covered the entire area. Catherine, Paglio, and Krobelus’ injuries all recovered to a certain extent. Only Lalaria, the black dragon, could not receive magic treatment.

“This thing is starting to turn red!” Olypheus exclaimed while pointing at the Moon Mirror.

“I feel like something bad is going to happen.” Lalaria braced herself and staggered toward the crystal ball.


“Old guy.” Lalaria’s body was burning with dazzling light. Her figure had changed from a flat loli to a hot lady, “You have not handed over the property to us. Don’t think about dying just like this!”

Before she could release her full strength, Lalaria shook. She was attacked from behind by some power and fell to the ground.

Olypheus hurriedly stepped forward to hold Lalaria who had changed back to the flat-chested loli form, “Zola? What are you doing?”

It turned out that it was the fairy dragon who knocked out Lalaria.

“Don’t act rashly, Lalaria. Even if you burn out your life, it’s just wasted effort.” The fairy dragon frowned, “This thing, called the Moon Mirror, is an artifact.”

“Moon Mirror?”

“Some consciousness of the Element Goddess Crown just told me.” Zola pointed to the crown above her head, “This artifact is integrated with the owner’s kingdom. It can reflect various forms of attack to a certain extent. The owner is Sariel. Since our strength is too far from Sariel, we can’t crack the Moon Mirror even if we go all out.”

“Dad…” Olypheus shuddered, and her eyes were suddenly red. Ms. Black Dragon was usually heartless, and she even reported false accounts at times. But in fact, she cherished her relatives very much in her mind. Now that Father Dragon Emperor’s life and death was uncertain, she was extremely nervous.

“Is there any other way?” Catherine clenched her fists as she looked at her frozen daughter.

“If we can’t crack the Moon Mirror’s defense, there is only 1 way – to kill the owner of the artifact.” Zola sighed, “All we can do now is wait.”

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