Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1124: The End of Sariel

Chapter 1124: The End of Sariel

Ghastly Floating Land.

The light flickered, and the nearby space shook constantly. If it weren’t for the protection of the Python’s poison power, the movement would have been at least dozens of times stronger.

Among them, 2 figures were fighting fiercely.

Sariel became more and more frightened as he fought, because the kingdom power displayed by ‘Aguile’ was almost endless. So far, his power had not weakened at all. It was not inferior to his Pseudo-Godhood power at all.

When he was distracted, ‘Aguile’ had already approached him. He ignored the scimitar that Sariel had slashed to the shoulder and punched Sariel directly in the chest.

Again! This lunatic! Sariel gritted his teeth secretly. ‘Aguile”s attack is extremely berserk. What’s even more terrifying is that he is only attacking but not defending. That kind of momentum actually suppressed me. The black armor also seems to have special defense capabilities. My scimitar can only leave a slash mark instead of piercing it. As time goes by, those slash marks will automatically recover.

But no matter how strong the armor is, there are still areas that cannot be covered. Moreover, the armor’s defense against strength is lower than that of sharp weapons. As long as the strength is sufficient, even if I can’t destroy the armor, I can cause heavy damage or even annihilation to the body wrapped inside.

‘Aguile’ also understood this. He suffered a lot of damage from Sariel’s attack, but nothing changed at all; he continued to attack recklessly.

“Don’t be too overbearing!” Sariel was continuously suppressed. As a powerhouse of the peak stage of the Pseudo-God, he couldn’t help but feel anger in his heart. He simply stopped avoiding it, and a pure confrontation began.

Originally, he didn’t want to fight in this way. Although he had [Body of Moon Soul], since the sub-kingdom could no longer transmit power, even if he could continue to regenerate, it would be quite a huge consumption for the Pseudo-Godhood. His enemy was not only this ‘Aguile’, but also the Python who had been eyeing him.

However, in this case, I can only use the power of Pseudo-Godhood to kill the lunatic ‘Aguile’ first, then deal with Python-with the regeneration special attribute of the [Body of Moon Soul]. For this kind of battle, I must be the final winner!

So, the 2 gave up their defense at the same time and began to attack with all their strength.

Thump!” Chen Rui was punched in the chest by Sariel. He spurted a mouthful of blood, but there was no pain on his face; only infinite anger. Almost at the same time, the berserk punch also hit Sariel’s face, leaving a fist dent.

The 2 of them were shocked at the same time. The fist mark on Sariel’s face quickly recovered as he slashed Chen Rui’s rib. The same part under the rib had already been hit by countless slashes and was badly damaged. This slash finally cut through the defense and deeply slashed Chen Rui’s rib. The most terrible thing was that the power of [Doom Calamity] on the blade quickly spread into his body. An explosion sounded in the armor immediately, and blood came out from the gap of the armor. Obviously, it caused heavy damage.

The next second, the same explosion sounded on Sariel’s body, which was some kind of annoying ‘reflect’ talent that ‘Aguile’ had. It had appeared in previous battles, where attacking ‘Aguile’ would sometimes cause a certain amount of damage to himself. Although this talent was difficult to deal with, the [Body of Moon Soul] that could quickly regenerate was its nemesis. A few more fatal blows and I can kill this lunatic completely!

Before Sariel recovered from his trains of thoughts, he suddenly felt a pain in his shoulder. He was already pierced by a long sword that came out of nowhere.

Sariel pulled out the scimitar as if he didn’t care and continued to slash at Chen Rui. Suddenly, he felt a strange force coming from the long sword in his chest.

What kind of sword is this? It can slash and split soul! It can also suck blood and flesh!

On the snow-white sword stabbed in his body, 2 strange marks could be seen engraved. The quillons held in the other person’s hands were in the shape of 2 angels back to back.

“Light Badge! Fallen Sword! You’re not the Beelzebub Royal Family…” Sariel finally reacted when he suddenly thought of something, “That armor, is it Fire Badge? Before…”

“The Earth Badge.” Python’s dark laughter sounded, “Plus the Wind Badge that you didn’t notice.”

Chen Rui took advantage of Sariel’s confusion and struck out his right fist like lightning. This punch shattered the [Armor of Faith] in Sariel’s abdomen and pierced directly into his body. Sariel felt that his soul had suffered violent attack again.

“The [Soul Transfer] power of the Darkness Badge!” Sariel exclaimed in horror as if seeing something terrifying, “You, you… who are you!”

[Soul Transfer] was the special attribute of the Bloody Ring, which had some chance to directly attack the soul. Sariel’s feeling was not so strong before, but now this punch shattered [Armor of Faith]’s defense and directly triggered the [Soul Transfer]. Sariel finally discovered it.

This induced some kind of fear in him.

Chen Rui didn’t answer. Among those eyes that were burning with anger, only the Moon Mirror gradually turned red. Even above all pain or feeling, there was only 1 biggest thought in his mind: Do whatever it takes to make the most of it. Kill Sariel in the shortest time!

He wielded the Sword of Fallen Angel, and Sariel’s shoulder suddenly had a big hole. The surrounding flesh and blood was devoured.

Python’s ‘timely’ laughter sounded through the space, “Who is he? Don’t you already have the answer in your heart?”

“It’s really ‘him’!” Sariel felt his heart shattered. He struggled and retreated backward, leaving the Sword of Fallen Angel.

With this retreat, Sariel didn’t rush up to fight, but he turned and fled.

However, before he could escape, he was forced back by the power of black gas exuded by Python. The original black thread had become an enchantment with overlapping layers. This was the [Deadly Poison Enchantment] that Python had been preparing.

[Deadly Poison Enchantment] was not an ordinary debuff power, but an enchantment with Python’s strongest poison law as the main body, which even Sariel with [Body of Moon Soul] could not break through.

In fact, she had been channeling this enchantment for a long time, and the scope of the enchantment had been gradually narrowing. The scope of activities left to Sariel was now quite limited.

When Sariel realized that he was in a desperate situation, he did not hesitate to forcibly resist the erosion of the deadly poison and desperately attacked the Deadly Poison Enchantment, but he was unable to succeed.

Chen Rui appeared in front of Sariel in an instant. The Sword of Fallen Angel left several slash marks on Sariel’s body, but Sariel seemed to have lost the courage to fight. He did not dare to confront him at all. He just fled desperately.

Not only because the Sword of Fallen Angel and Bloody Ring were his nemesis, but also because – ‘He’!

‘He’ actually reappears in this world!

No wonder Python surrenders to ‘him’!

That little girl… is really ‘his’ daughter?

I actually want to devour this person’s daughter!

The scariest person in my life!

I must smash this nightmare!

The only plan now is to escape this damned Ghastly Floating Land as soon as possible, and then completely annihilate this person before he regains his true strength!

Sariel was once again repelled by Python’s [Deadly Poison Enchantment]. He activated the [Body of Moon Soul], and the rotten body was instantly restored to its original state. At this time, Chen Rui had already caught up, and the sword light of the Sword of Fallen Angel lit up again.

Sariel turned his head abruptly, “Confinement!”

Chen Rui’s body tightened immediately. He was solidified and unable to move for a while due to Sariel’s confinement.

After Sariel imprisoned Chen Rui, he did not follow up with an attack. The pupil of his third eye turned blood red, converging the kingdom’s life force and faith power at one point. He exuded a strong blood mist all over his body and rushed toward the [Deadly Poison Enchantment] with all his strength.

The [Deadly Poison Enchantment] trembled violently. Although the poison law quickly eroded Sariel’s body, Sariel was now burning his life to activate [Body of Moon Soul]. In this state, the remaining law power could be continuously eliminated, including Chen Rui’s time law.

The speed of Sariel’s body regeneration had exceeded the corrosion caused by the poison. Under the full impact rush, [Deadly Poison Enchantment] finally inevitably had a hole.

At the same time, a large amount of black gas lingering around Chen Rui was also playing a role quickly. With the help of Python’s poison, Sariel’s ‘confinement’ was quickly weakened. Chen Rui struggled and finally broke free.

The moment Chen Rui broke free, Sariel had tried his best to break through the [Deadly Poison Enchantment] and flew out quickly.

Chen Rui’s body suddenly shone with all kinds of light. It was Python who used the buff talent of the lamp spirits. He activated the [Sparkle] of the Breeze Shadow Boots. With a flash, he had surpassed Sariel and blocked in front of him.

Sariel struggled with a lot of losses before he finally escaped from Python’s [Deadly Poison Enchantment]. He was about to escape, so naturally he didn’t want to be entangled by the ‘nightmare’ Chen Rui. He unleashed all power at once, exuding confinement power again.

At this moment, Chen Rui’s body suddenly became transparent, then Sariel’s body tightened and couldn’t move – The confinement law was actually reflected back!

Just now, Sariel unleashed the confinement at the cost of his vitality. Even he himself couldn’t break free from this reflection.

[Mirror Body]!

This reflective skill finally played the most important role at a critical time!

This sudden change made Sariel horrified. Chen Rui rose into the air, and the vision of a galaxy appeared beside him; even the wounds on his body ruptured one after another. This sword was obviously charged with massive galaxy power.

In the shouting, Chen Rui flew to the top of Sariel, held the Sword of Fallen Angel with both hands, and struck with all his strength.

The sword sank into Sariel’s body from the top of his head, leaving only the hilt outside.

Sariel screamed with an expression of extreme pain. What this sword really hit was not the body, but the soul.

[Body of Moon Soul] could make the body constantly reborn, which was almost immortal, but not the soul.

Without waiting for the confinement power to recover, circles of ‘threads’ with black gas began to wrap around him quickly.

“Sir, leave the rest to me.” Python’s voice sounded with a hint of excitement.

“No!” Sariel realized what was about to happen, and he suddenly screamed in horror, “I’m willing to surrender!”

Chen Rui looked at the half-red Moon Mirror above him, ignored Sariel’s plea, released the Sword of Fallen Angel and floated away.

“Spare my life! Lu…”

Before his words were finished, there was no sound. At this time, the ‘threads’ had formed a large black cocoon in layers, completely wrapping Sariel with the Sword of Fallen Angel inserted.

A strong light emanated from the cocoon. The cocoon trembled constantly, and cracked from time to time with blue and blood-colored light shining through, but the repeatedly entangled ‘black threads’ repaired the gap again and again.

Gradually, the frequency of light flashing began to slow down. After occasionally flashing violently for a while, it finally completely extinguished.

The vision in the sky gradually blurred. As soon as Chen Rui looked up, he saw that the Moon Mirror had begun to shatter a second before the vision completely disappeared.

TL: Lu…? If he really was who they thought he was, would he still be Chen Rui after regaining full strength?

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