Earth’s Greatest Magus

Chapter 1909 Share Ride

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Chapter 1909 Share Ride

?It was a small but sophisticated interceptor-class ship, gleaming in the ambient light of the space station. The design was sleek and efficient, a testament to the advanced technology of the Magus Alliance. Emery eyed the vessel with a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty.

The idea of catching a ride with a Supreme Magus, especially just the two of them, felt both intimidating and surreal. The elevated status of Altus Dresden and his ability to easily probe his mind could lead to a potentially revealing and awkward conversation. Emery hesitated, standing at the entrance of the ship, uncertain about stepping on board.

Altus, noticing Emery's hesitation, broke the silence with a playful tone, "You will not let this old man fly alone, would you?"

Emery, a bit flustered, quickly responded, "No, Headmaster... I mean, Elder... no…"

Amused by Emery's reaction, Altus chuckled while stroking his long white beard. "Let's go." The Supreme Magus gestured toward the ship, inviting Emery to join him for their journey.

Without asking for Emery's input, Altus set the destination for the Nephilim planet. As the ship gracefully departed, Emery's suspicions were confirmed – Altus had deliberately arranged for a lengthy conversation. According to the ship's panel, they had a five-hour journey ahead of them, giving Altus plenty of time to engage in the discussion he had in mind.

Seated across from each other, Altus, instead of resorting to his formidable magical abilities, opted for a sincere approach. "I hope you don't mind sharing... But I am really interested to know what the last living celestial has to say to you." freewebnove(l).com

As anticipated, the Supreme Magus not only knew he was lying at the gathering, but Altus was also aware of Emery's encounter with the celestial.

Emery hesitated momentarily, contemplating the potential implications of disclosing this information. Altus, perceptive as ever, reassured him, "I promised I won't get you in trouble."

Knowing that Altus was one of the few individuals he could trust, Emery decided to open up. As he began recounting the encounter, he felt a warm energy envelop his mind, and the entire event unfolded before him, gently revealed in his memory.

After a few minutes, the Supreme Magus closed his eyes and heaved a slight sigh. Emery, intrigued by his reaction, asked, "Please, Elder, will you explain what is actually happening?"

Most of Altus' explanation confirmed the information Emery already possessed. The scourge, an entity on par with the celestials, had a plan to open a path, to connect the two worlds: the magus realm and the netherrealm. What Emery didn't know was that, despite successfully stopping the resurgence at the celestial ruins, the Oculus magus had managed to escape with an important item taken from the ruins which potentially leading to them having able to open another portal.

"Unfortunately, This so-called resurgence will happen sooner or later... It will bring about changes to the magus universe," Altus stated with a solemn tone.

Emery couldn't help but gasp with surprise, his thoughts immediately turning to Earth. If such changes were to occur, he wondered how they might affect his home.

The old Supreme Magus gazed at him once again and posed a question. "What is your plan, Emery… What are you planning to achieve with your life?"

Emery found the question to be more challenging than he anticipated. While he did have specific goals, such as winning the duel against Kronos, regaining authority as caretaker of his home, and protecting Earth, he understood that these were objectives rather than the ultimate purpose of his life. Protecting his home and friends served as milestones, not the ultimate destination.

Unable to formulate a clear response, he finally asked, "Please give me your guidance, Elder."

Altus observed him thoughtfully and remarked, "You have grown up indeed, Emery. Unfortunately, this is an answer you can only find for yourself."

The supreme magus share his wisdom; He went on to explain that some sought power, others pursued knowledge, and a fortunate few discovered love as their ultimate goals. Altus revealed that his grand dream was to cultivate future leaders of the magus universe, a vision that motivated him to spend millennia building up the magus academy.

Observing Emery deeply contemplating the question, the Supreme Magus chuckled and offered, "Take your time, Emery." He turned to smile and playfully suggested, "Or, meanwhile, you can help me."

Altus discussed his efforts to reopen the Magus academy and expressed the need for assistance. "You will be surprised how much you can learn by teaching," he added, noting Emery's shocked expression.

"Think about it... Grand Magus Yvere could use an assistant like you. Or perhaps you'd like to follow in the path of your late master, Xion."

The proposition struck Emery, the idea of contributing to the academy both intriguing and appealing. The prospect of aiding Grand Magus Yvere or honoring the legacy of his late master brought forth a newfound sense of purpose and direction. However, Emery hesitated, realizing that he could not accept such an offer—at least, not now.

The unexpected turn of the conversation turn casual and pleasant, with the Supreme Magus even offering insights into the Khaos gate. They delved into the complexities of such magical phenomena, discussing cases where magi had been hosts to the solitary stage of a primordial wisp. Altus, not being an expert in the field, generously provided Emery with the name of a Grand Magus who had more experience in such matters. He emphasized caution and stressed that Emery could always seek him or Delbrand whenever he needed assistance.

As the ship's panel blinked, signaling their arrival at the Nephilim planet, Emery experienced a twinge of gratitude, almost regretful that the five hours allotted for their conversation had come to an end. The exchange with the Supreme Magus had been enlightening, leaving Emery with a lingering desire for more in-depth discussions and shared insights.

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