Earth’s Greatest Magus

Chapter 1910 Celebrate

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Chapter 1910 Celebrate

?The Supreme Magus dropped Emery at the Nephilim space station, a bustling hub serving as the gateway to the Ebiru solar system governed by the faction. As Emery stepped out of the ship, he found himself in the midst of a bustling hub, surrounded by a constant influx of ships arriving and departing, each contributing to the dynamic rhythm of the space station.

Entering the grand hall, the heart of the station, Emery encountered a vibrant scene. Thousands of individuals were scattered in queues, patiently waiting for their turn to be processed by the Nephilim officers. freewebno


After a short wait, Emery found himself standing before one of the Nephilim staff members, ready to answer the routine questions.

"What is your destination, and your purpose of visit?" the staff member asked with a hint of impatience. However, before Emery could respond, the staff member's tone abruptly changed.

"Is this your first time, sir? Please hurry and put your hand on this panel."

However, as soon as his identification appeared on the screen, his face suddenly changed.

"Oh... no, I am sorry, sir. I didn't know." His demeanor shifted from annoyance to deference as the staff member realized the significance of Emery's identification on the screen.

Recognized as a Nephilim VVIP guest and a friend of the Royalty, Emery found himself swiftly ushered out of the crowd by a group of attendants. They led him to a personalized transportation service that would take him directly to the Amerhiks palace, a journey that offered a stark contrast to the mundane processing that others underwent.

Emery arrived half a day later than the others, and he quickly learned that they had gathered for a grand celebration at the majestic Amerhiks palace.

Eeshoo, a familiar face, personally waited for him as he stepped out of the vehicle "Everyone's inside," he said, guiding him through the palace doors.

The hall was adorned with Nephilim regalia, and the air was filled with laughter and joy. Upon entering, Klea and his friends rushed to welcome him, expressing their relief and joy at his safe arrival.

The reception hall was filled with magus, survivors of the challenging expeditions. Alongside representatives from the Proxima and Alabaster factions, there were a total of 58 magus present. Jinkan, positioned at the main table, rose to her feet and called out to everyone, raising a toast in Emery's honor.

"Here he is, the man of the hour is here! Cheer!!" The room erupted in applause and cheers as Emery was welcomed into the midst of the celebration.

The atmosphere was lively, filled with the sounds of laughter, animated conversations, and the clinking of glasses. Having endured the trials of the deadly 7-day expeditions, they all embraced the festivities. The long banquet tables were adorned with an array of delectable dishes and drinks, catering to the diverse tastes of the magus. In one corner, a group of musicians played uplifting melodies, adding to the festive ambiance.

As the night progressed, they took a moment to honor their fallen comrades. Stories of bravery and camaraderie echoed in the hall, creating a poignant backdrop to the jubilant celebration.

Jai and Thrax, in their exuberance from the revelry, were now overly drunk, reminiscing about their shared days at the academy. Thrax gained the attention of everyone and started to shared "Do you know that we were at the bottom of the class?, but this guy!!" He dramatically pointed at Emery. "This guy managed to be accepted in the privileged class and beat his way to the top!"

Jai chimed in, adding his own recollection, "Yes, yes! I remember! Emery the new acolyte, and we, the top-ranking students, were all annoyed!!" He proceeded to point at Dyoo, Atlas, Zetto, and even Eeshoo – the proud geniuses. A moment of awkward silence filled the room, but it was swiftly diffused when Eeshoo, known for his usually stoic demeanor, calmly stood and raised his glass to Emery.

"Yes, I lost fair and square," Eeshoo statement was met with smiles and chuckles from those who knew him, and the room erupted in cheerful camaraderie once again. 𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘦𝓌𝘦𝘣𝑛𝘰𝓋𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝓂

The festivities had carried on for several hours, and as Emery strolled out onto the balcony for a breath of fresh air, Jinkan approached him with sincere gratitude, saying, "Thank you for the help"

Soon after, Klea and Emery's Earth friends joined him outside. As they prepared to leave the party, Jinkan insisted, "Please feel free to stay in our city as long as you like, and don't leave before having a chat with me first."

The seven Earth magus retired to their allocated mansion, continuing their private little party. As they shared their expedition experiences, and when Emery share his part of experience, a sense of gratitude permeated the room. They were not only fortunate to return in one piece, but they had also acquired a wealth of shards, particularly from the rogue magus that Emery had managed to exploit.

In the midst of their discussion, Klea suggested, "Let's share what we traded our points for."

She began by revealing that she had traded hers for advanced combined spells and formation techniques, enhancing her proficiency in multiple laws. The others followed suit, trading for scrolls that would advance their respective skills: Thrax for a divine spear technique, Ashaka for a light spell, Chumo for wind spells, Fjolnir for lightning spells, and Julian, finally disclosing that he had traded for materials.

"What the hell! Seriously!?" Thrax sneered at Julian's choice, but the Roman seemed to be harboring plans for something significant.

The conversation delved into their individual plans for the future. The foremost issue on their agenda was the scheduled duel with the Kronos faction, set to take place in 12 years as they aimed to reclaim Earth.

Thrax, ever the confident one, chuckled at the timeline, stating, "12 years?! Haha, I bet we could beat them all now already!" he declared with a hearty laugh.

However, Julian, more pragmatic in his approach, responded with a thoughtful sigh. He emphasized that the Kronos faction, being tenacious adversaries, wouldn't easily concede defeat. Despite their failed machinations during the recent expedition, Julian was convinced they were already plotting new schemes to achieve their sinister goals.

Emery, sharing Julian's concerns, revealed his intention to take action against Hecate, whom he had imprisoned in the Khaos gate. His plan was devised to ensure that the Kronos faction would regret any attempt to cause trouble before the scheduled duel. The weight of their shared determination filled the room.

"So what you all plan to do next?"

Given the importance of guarding Earth, the conversation shifted towards the responsibility of safeguarding their home planet. The Abbot, embodying a sense of duty, was the first to step forward, volunteering to remain on Earth and assume the role of its guardian.

On the other hand, Thrax, having spent considerable time on Earth, expressed a burning desire to return to the frontline. The prospect of engaging in battles and further cultivating his law of slaughter fueled his determination to rejoin the fray.

Fjolnier, who had not been privy to the intricacies of the magus universe, saw this as an opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery. His goal was to uncover the origins of his people, the Vanir, who had arrived on Earth millennia ago.

Julian, having no inclination to return to Earth, had laid out meticulous plans to join the Proxima magus on their journey back to the Centauri planet.

Emery shifted his attention to Chumo and repeated the question. The group was well aware that Chumo hadn't returned home in nearly a decade, with someone patiently waiting for his return. Chumo's response carried a somber tone.

"No... not yet... Not right now, not like this."

It became evident that his affliction still weighed heavily on him, requiring time for both physical recovery and mental preparation. Chumo planned to return to the Golden City for treatment while gathering the courage to eventually return home.

In contrast, Klea's response was expected. She turned toward Emery with a smile and declared, "I'll go where you go,"

Curiosity now turned toward Emery. The group eagerly awaited his plans for the future. "What about you? What's your plan?" they inquired, intrigued by the prospect of Emery's next steps.

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