Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4986: Bewitching Monarch

Chapter 4986: Bewitching Monarch

The eruption was an attempt to stop a colossal python whose mere movement flattened the peaks nearby.

The beam of light crumbled right away as the python coiled around the user.

“Someone’s in trouble!” The kind Ming Shi rushed forward.

Goldcrest and Yunyun worried about her and also followed along.

Once they got to the scene, they saw the large python laying on top of what used to be left of mountains. It was covered in colorful scales, looking like a beautiful dress or painting.

It had a female human head - one as enchanting as can be, whether it be the features or long, silky hair.

Just seeing the head alone could tempt men into trouble. Alas, they knew to stay away due to the rest of her.

She coiled around a youth who was trying to escape by releasing his energies in waves. Next came a defensive attempt with the sword dao that was proven to be futile.

“Crack!” The swords crumbled along with the energy waves as the woman constricted her body.

He was covered in blood; his complexion turned red from mustering all of his strength. If this continued, his defensive lines would fall, signaling the end of him.

“Bewitching Monarch.” Goldcrest’s expression darkened after seeing this demon.

She was famous and hailed from Serpent. Numerous human experts and demons have become her meals. The mountain she resided in was filled with their bones.

“It’s Qing Songke.” Ming Shi focused on the youth - another excellent student from Abroad.

“Ahh!” He roared and unleashed his power in full force. His reincarnation halo pulsed outward in an attempt to break free.

“Be obedient now, little one.” She laughed and added more strength, easily crushing his energy.

She was clearly stronger with the blessing of Serpent, not to mention having many more years of cultivation.

“Bewitching Monarch, please spare my friend!” Goldcrest shouted.

“Goldcrest, I’m afraid I can’t do you this favor since it has been a while since my last meal. This kid is tender and has great dao fortunes, I can’t give up something this delicious.” The female monarch looked down at the group and smiled.

“I will repay you handsomely another day for this favor.” Goldcrest cupped his fist.

“Hahaha, brat, I would give you some face if your ancestor was still around.” The demon laughed: “Now, I’m already playing nice by not eating all of you too. Be smart and scram instead of disrupting my meal.”

“Monarch, don’t force our hand.” He responded.

“Little rooster, how dare you speak to me as an equal? I’ve already given you face yet you choose to be stubborn. I will eat you as well.” The demon laughed.

“Scram or I will kill you.” Li Qiye waved his hand and said.

The demon became amused and looked down at Li Qiye with eyes larger than lanterns: “The audacity, fine, I’ll eat you first.”

With that, loud winds formed as she lunged and opened her mouth wide. This was large enough to devour ten mountains while possessing sharp fangs. It spewed out corrosive energy, killing all the plants and grass nearby.

Alas, she couldn’t close her mouth and became surprised, realizing that this victim was actually resisting her.

“Activate!” She focused all of her strength, wanting to crush him.

“Ahhh!” After a loud crack, she bellowed in pain since her jaws have been torn apart.

She immediately fled but he leaped into the air and stomped on her head. She smashed into the ground and left behind a large pit.

He looked like a mosquito standing on top of her but she couldn’t move an inch.

“Please spare me, oh great cultivator.” She begged for mercy.

“Too late.” He added more force and stomped her head into the earth. It exploded and blood splashed everywhere.

“Ahh!” Her true fate flew out of the body.

“Boom!” Darkness suddenly descended along with divine power.

“Serpent Deity!” Goldcrest shouted.

The power of Serpent has arrived to protect her.

“I will make you pay for this, ten-” She roared.

Alas, she couldn’t finish her threat because Li Qiye somehow managed to stomp her true fate into the ground again.

“Really?” He smiled and did the same thing again.

“Nooo!” She screamed as the power of Serpent was not enough to stop him. Her true fate dispersed, ending her life.

“So fierce.” Goldcrest trembled in horror. It seemed like Li Qiye didn’t need the dao controller at all; he could have killed those five conquerors with his own power.

“Are you okay, friend?” He stopped thinking about this matter and came over to Qing Songke.

Qing Songke looked to be in a sorry state. He bowed at Goldcrest and didn’t wish to speak, immediately walking away.

“Hey, what’s with your attitude? Our young noble saved you and not even a word of thanks?” Ming Shi shouted.

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