Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4987: Reincarnation Lineage’s Secrets

Chapter 4987: Reincarnation Lineage’s Secrets

Qing Songke stopped in his track after being yelled at by Princess Ming Shi, unable to answer nor leave.

“Show your gratitude already.” Ming Shi has always been straightforward.

Qing Songke turned back and begrudgingly bowed toward Li Qiye without saying anything.

“You wish to kill me?” Li Qiye asked with a smile.

The youth’s expression turned cold because his father was none other than Reincarnation City Lord.

He naturally wanted to avenge his father but Li Qiye had just saved his life, leaving him in a difficult position. This was why he wanted to leave in order to avoid this situation.

“It is normal for a son to want to avenge his father.” Li Qiye said.

Songke looked up at Li Qiye and declared: “And I shall, once I am strong enough.”

Goldcrest and the others sighed after hearing this. Although Songke was quite capable and talented, he would never be able to avenge his father. If he were to know this truth, would he be stricken with despair?

“That’s fine, just know that I won’t be merciful then. It’ll be a suicidal mission.” LI Qiye said.

Songke was surprised because most would try to kill the enemies, starting in the cradle. Why would they wait for the youth to grow wings?

However, Li Qiye had no intention of killing him right now. Songke also knew that the guy was more than capable of doing so. After all, he easily crushed the python monarch.

“You should just drop it since there is no chance of you succeeding in this lifetime. Just live a good life as the lord of Reincarnation.” Ming Shi sincerely said.

She knew that regardless of his effort, he would not be able to surpass Shadowrider, let alone Li Qiye.

Qing Songke only scowled in response.

“Fellow Daoist, may I ask why you are here in Demon?” Yunyun tried to alleviate the tense atmosphere.

Songke opened his mouth for a second before stopping, not wanting to tell others his secret. Alas, he thought that he was being petty and close-minded.

“To find some ancestral vestige.” He said.

“Ancestral vestige?” Ming Shi became interested right away.

“I see, the place where your ancestors rose to power and prominence.” Goldcrest said.

“You know about it?” Songke was surprised.

“It might be a secret to outsiders but not demon monarchs in the ten mountains. We have heard legends about it since youth, or should I say, true stories.” Goldcrest smiled.

“What stories?” Ming Shi asked.

“The progenitor of Reincarnation, Blazing Conqueror, was believed to have found a fortune here.” Goldcrest responded, surprising the two girls.

“So his treasury came from here?” Yunyun said.

“It’s not one hundred percent certain, just very likely.” Goldcrest nodded: “This rumor has been around for a very long time now.”𝐟𝙧ℯe𝙬𝚎𝒃𝗻𝒐ѵel. 𝐜o𝓶

“The luckiest person in the world, Blazing Conqueror.” Ming Shi commented.

In the legends, Blazing Conqueror somehow obtained a supreme treasury during his youth. It contained the rarest weapons and treasures, not lacking a single thing. Some believed that this treasury actually surpassed Deity’s resources.

Just imagine a youth possessing all of this - he was nothing short of the heaven’s favorite.

Sure enough, he didn’t let his fame down and became a conqueror as well as the founder of Reincarnation.

This was known to all but only a few had information about the potential origin of the treasury - Demon.

This was the reason for Songke’s visit - wanting to find the legendary location of the treasury.

He knew he had no chance of avenging his father who was already a powerful three-fruit dao lord. Reincarnation City lacked ample resources while he needed to reach a greater height.

Therefore, he thought about Blazing Conqueror’s success and scoured the libraries for more information.

He prepared enough to have a goal in Demon - this was the only way to avenge his father. Alas, he didn’t expect to nearly die despite his immense cultivation.

“I’m afraid you will not gain anything from this trip.” Goldcrest earnestly said: “You aren’t the only one from Reincarnation who tried to find it.”

“Others have done so before?” Ming Shi asked.

“I came prepared and already got some clues.” Songke uttered confidently.

“The ones from Greenmountain Conqueror, right?” Goldcrest asked.

“How do you know this?!” Songke blurted out.

“I’m sure I know more about this than you.” Goldcrest said: “This was a big deal in Demon. Our ancestor said that Greenmountain Conqueror had resided in our area for a long time, even becoming a guest in Phoenix.”

“The gifted Greenmountain Conqueror had tried too?” Yunyun interjected.

“Yes.” Goldcrest said: “He actually became friends with many demon monarchs during his long stay. Alas, he eventually left empty-handed.”

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