Eternal Melody

Chapter 836 You Are The Secret Which Blooms In My Heart Part 3


It is a conversation they need to have eventually, but he once to do so only when he is sure her mental state is good. The last thing either of them needs at the moment is being triggered by some reporter.

Moreover, if Narasaki hasn't said anything, and he is her manager. Then he doesn't have the leeway he wants to have to interfere. The issue regarding the media is to do with the entertainment business. Since Narasaki is her manager, he is the one who should take charge of the situation.

Toh watched her reaction. Him suggesting for them to stay in the same room together was purely due to her safety. But, he knew how strange the situation was. If anybody found out they were living together, and even sharing the same room. All Sumire's hard work the past few months would vanish.

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'I should know better than anyone how important her dreams ared to her.'

Sumire shakes her head. "Can we turn it into a painting studio?"

"Sure, whatever you'd like."

Sumire snuggles into his arms.

"Are you comfortable?"

Sumire nodded slowly. "Ah. Do you have work?"

"It's fine. I can work from home."

Sumire frowned. "I don't want to cause you problems."

"Never." Toh kissed her forehead. "Do you want to go somewhere this weekend?"

"Are we bringing the kids?" Sumire wondered.

"No, I was thinking it could be just us two."

"Is it a date?"

"If you'd like it to be." Toh knew what the boundaries were between them. He won't pressure her into doing anything.

'It's your choice, it will always be your choice.'

From the moment they met, Toh has made it very clear to her that she has more than one option. Especially after knowing the details of her relationship with Nagawa. Nagawa never gave her that choice. On the surface he may have done so,

"I don't think we should be calling it a date. But, it would be nice to go somewhere just the two of us."

Toh nodded. "That we can do."

Sumire suddenly bolted up. "Ah, I need to check on San."


She nodded and explained what happened. "In the end he had no choice but to follow after Lucifer. But, he must be waiting for me." Sumire paused and glanced around for her phone.

"Narasaki took your bag."

Her sweat fell. "I guess that's his way of telling me to rest for the rest of the evening."

"As you should. You have already been through a lot today, get some rest."

Sumire looked at him with pleading eyes. "Can I borrow your phone?" π›π—²π—±π§π—Όπ―π—²π—ΉοΌŽπ§πžπ˜

Toh frowned. "Do you really need to talk to him now?"

"I don't want him to worry."

He sighed deeply before taking his phone out and passing it to her. Sumire quickly types a message.

'She has Nagawa's number memorised.' That should bother him but strangely it doesn't.

Nagawa Sano is the last person he would consider a rival.

She types that message only to receive a request for a video chat.

"Are you alright? I'm sorry I had to walk away-"

Sumire laughed softly. "It's okay, I made it out in one piece as you can see."

Toh rolled his eyes at that comment.

"I--I can't see you for a few days." Nagawa wore a grim expression on his face. "But, I'll be in the usual spot, during lunch so go to the university."

"Mmm, alright."

"Also, thank you again."

Toh blinked surprised at the words. As a psychologist, he knows better than anyone what the difference being sincere and not sincere was. How unusual is Nagawa actually being honest with her?

'I should watch that video after Sumire has fallen asleep.' It didn't seem right to watch in front of her. Even though he knew that she would simply act casually about everything.

Nagawa's gaze flickered onto him. He frowned but greeted him. "Mashima, can you make sure she stays put for a few days? Lucifer isn't very happy, and she used a lot of energy helping me."

Sumire rolled her eyes but sighed. "I suppose I have yet to regain my strength."

'Helping him? Now I really want to watch that video.'

"San." Sumire said softly. "I am alright, please just take care of yourself. Even if it is hard, stand up for yourself. Lucifer acts like that but that man values strong people. If you show him that your not someone he can push around. Then he will think twice about hurting you."

Toh's gaze dimmed hearing that assessment. It's disturbing that Sumire knows Lucifer that well, even though the two have seldom interacted. Is Lucifer really Sumire's fated partner? Is that why they can understand each other well?

He shakes his head. No, it must be due to the bond Lucifer forced on her. He won't admit they are alike.

After a few more exchanges Nagawa ended the call and Sumire snuggled back into his embrace. "It's cold."

Toh placed his hand on her forehead and frowned. Sumire wasn't just saying that as an excuse. She really was cold. Her current condition frightens him, because it goes beyond what hanyours like herself have gone through.

Lucifer has always said Sumire is special and now he is starting to understand the reason for those words. This girl is different from all the others who have come before her. Different from a typical purebred hanyou female and Lucifer knew. Lucifer has known for so long.

Is that why he marked her and staked his claim when Sumire was only a child? Seeing her wince in pain, he placed his hand on her injured arm and stroked it gently.

"Are you going to stop your games with Nagawa?" Toh suddenly asked, hoping to distract her from the pain she felt.

Nagawa wasn't the only one being sincere there, Toh noticed Sumire's expression too. Something has changed between them.

From what he has learned so far, Nagawa was there during Lucifer and Sumire's meeting and Nagawa mentioned Sumire helping him.

He can confirm the facts during the video later. But Toh, understood what had happened. He has known since he was abroad what Lucifer wanted to do with Nagawa. How Lucifer would lure Nagawa into thinking that he was powerless to help Sumire unless he was like her. So, when Lucifer sent him a message saying Nagawa agreed. He could only sigh.

That guy really is easy to manipulate. How could he fall for that?

Still, to think Nagawa didn't hesitate to throw away his humanity for Sumire. For someone who showed his love towards her in a twisted way, there is no doubt he loves her.

His thoughts break off realizing that Sumire didn't reply. Toh looked down to see the girls eyelids shut. He supposes he can ask hear her answer. They have plenty of time, unless Terashima suddenly finds a way to make it back here. Till then, he will stay with her like this.


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