Eternal Melody

Chapter 837 You Are The Secret Which Blooms In My Heart Part 4

With Sano's warning about Lucifer's behaviour after their meeting. Sumire decided to stay home the next few days. It would have been a good chance to bond with the kids. But, the twins are with Atushi at bar akagumi, and Huan is with Ru.

It's good that Huan is feeling comfortable with Ru now. But, it's a bit sad that she isn't seeing him as much as before. Their time to see each other is already limited.

Sumire shook her head and turned to the music's scores scattered on the desk, as she continued to play on her guitar.

If she can't use this time on bonding with her children, then she should at least create some new songs.

Her thoughts break off hearing approaching footsteps. She turned to see Toh.

"Welcome back." Sumire said.

The minute she said those words, Sumire felt Toh's lips on hers.


After that day in the bathroom, since she started drinking his blood. Toh would occasionally kiss her like this. But, unlike with Sano. He only does it sometimes.

'That doesn't exactly make it okay.'


"Sorry, I'm a bit drunk." Toh mumbled as he pulled away.

"Do you want some water?"

Toh nodded and she walked over to the kitchen. Sumire picked up the judge and poured the water into the cup.

"I find you very attractive." Toh mumbled.

"I-I know." Sumire stammered.

Toh chuckled and continued to kiss the end strands of her hair.

"Toh, why did you drink so much?"

"Business party."

"Ah, a company party?"


"What have you been doing today?"

"Mmm homework, and cleaning.

Toh placed his hand on her forehead. "Hmm....I think your fever has gone down. But you shouldn't over do it. After I sober up, you should feed."

"Ah--I'm fine..

"You'll need it."

Sumire finds herself glancing at his neck. 'Indeed, it's not bad drinking from him. It's different from Yuhi's but it's not unpleasant.'

She takes a deep breath before nodding and sits on his lap.

"Alright are you comfortable?" Toh asked, and she nodded.

Neither of them spoke but she felt Toh playing with her hair, and running his hands through her back and down on her arm.

There is something comforting about his touches.

"Your hair."


"It's beautiful, I really like you having long hair."

"Did I look bad with short hair?"

"You always look pretty, but this suits you better."

He says that so easily. Still, Sumire turned to face him. He was looking at her with so much affection in his eyes. She wanted to tell him to stop looking at her like this but, she knew it would be futile.

"Don't drink without me there."

Toh blinked and then chuckled. "As you wish."

"Also, please tell me when your going to these company parties." Sumire paused. "I-I know you have no obligation telling me where your going. But, like it would be nice to know when your not going to be here. Your supposed to be my roommate but I seldom see you these days and the kids are always busy with Ru--"

"So, your missing my company?"

"I-didn't say--" Before she could even finish that sentence, Toh kisses her again.

However, unlike the earlier kiss. This one was different.

'He wants me, more than anything.'

Wanted, needed and loved. Such powerful emotions from someone who used to see emotions as a tool to heighten a person's senses.

What changed?

No, when did he change?


"I hope this clarifies my feelings towards you. I am in love with you Sumire."

If she wasn't stunned before she was stunned now. She slowly nodded her head and Toh chuckled and called her cute. He takes out a small blade from the desk drawer, and cut his neck slightly.

Seeing blood, Sumire felt her heart beat increase and a pounding sensation in her head.


She eagerly brings her lips to his neck. 'I don't understand this whole drinking blood thing. I still feel weird whenever I do it.'

But, she does recognize that she needs it. She does recognize the need and urge she has to drink. Since Yuhi-san left, she has been very careful not to get injured knowing it would trigger her blood lust. However, she was caught off guard.

She didn't expect to see those kids in the alleyway.

In the past, she probably wouldn't have shielded them. However, now that she has her own kids. She couldn't leave them.

"Sumire, you have to bite deeper. You're only sucking."

He was right of course. But, this already feels so wrong to her. No, not wrong just strange. Had this been with Sano, yes it would be wrong but Toh is just Toh.

'Drinking blood is a form of intimacy, for hanyous it's seen as a stronger vow than martial vows.'

Sumire cheeks flushed and she frantically shakes her head, recalling the books she read in the library. That's not what is happening right now.

Besides Toh isn't being inappropriate about this, so she shouldn't either.

An image suddenly came to her. A familiar room, and two figures tangled in the large bed. With a mirror on top of the headboard. Flushed bodies and cries, moans of desire.

Sumire harshly bit Toh as a warning and he chuckled.

"I thought I'd send you some inappropriate imagery, since you were thinking about weird things."

Does he actually expect her to thank him?The more she drank, the more 'inappropriate' images Toh sent her. She could brush it off had it been Toh and another woman. But, the images he was sending her were the ones of them when they were dating.

This is exactly why she didn't want to drink from Hino. She didn't want to pry into his memories. At least with Toh, he can control what she sees. But, Hino won't be able to do that.

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Eventually she lifted her face from his neck, and averted her gaze. Only for Toh to cup her cheeks.


Sumire nodded.

It was enough wasn't it? And yet, a part of her wanted to scream no. Sumire shakes her head. She needs to have self-control, even if she is still new to all of this. Wasn't she the one who lectured Sano about drinking too much? 𝒃𝙚𝒅𝒏𝙤𝙫𝒆𝒍.𝙘𝒐𝙢

Sumire screams internally in her mind. She had a reason to be afraid after all. Drinking blood is far too intimate. Even if she tries to control herself, her hands always end up in dangerous places.


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