Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 364 - 364 Chapter 364. The Intelligent Mo Qian

364 Chapter 364. The Intelligent Mo Qian

Alright! This was indeed the truth. In front of the young master, wasn’t he just an idiot? Mo Xi thought bitterly.

Mo Qian didn’t realize that Mo Xi was making fun of himself. He explained, “I’m just trying to trick him. How can you believe that? Are you stupid? Didn’t you notice anything strange among the reporters who rushed over with An Chuan?”

When Mo Xi heard this, he also began to recall. After thinking for a long time, he finally remembered the strange woman.

He opened his mouth and asked tentatively, “Is it, Xian Du? The woman who came for the interview was extraordinary. She was scolding people for me. She was eloquent and had amazing firepower!”

Mo Qian smiled and nodded, “It seems you’re not too stupid! Didn’t Xian Du announce that it would cooperate with the Ye Group and officially become a shareholder of the Ye Group? With Xian Du’s unique style and fiery temper, who else in City H could order them around except for the news they were interested in? Although Ye Zheng’s move was vicious, he still underestimated Xian Du’s persistence in their newspaper office’s faith!”

As Mo Qian spoke, he laughed happily. “I’m inquisitive now. What kind of leader can lead such a group of different and ‘fresh and refined’ news people? ”

After Mo Xi listened to Mo Qian’s explanation, she felt that her muddled brain had suddenly cleared up, and everything could be understood.

He had already noticed that the woman from the Xian Du newspaper was acting very strange at the entrance.

However, he didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, which led to him neglecting this point. He didn’t connect Xian Du to the Ye Group, nor did he think of Ye Zheng’s relationship with An Chuan!

In that case, it all made sense.

Xian Du had participated in this deal between An Chuan and the media because they wanted to dig up the conflict between An Chuan and the Mo Corporation. Because Ye Zheng, this old fox who only knew how to play dirty tricks behind everyone’s backs, wanted to kill two birds with one stone and scheme against everyone. It was just a despicable order!

Xian Du was currently working with the Ye group. In some matters, it was inevitable that it would be subject to Ye Zheng. This was normal and understandable.

Having thought this through, Mo Xi looked at Mo Qian with admiration, her eyes shining as she said, “Young master, you’re so smart! You can already deduce so many things just from the sudden appearance of the Xian Du reporter! You even used a little trick to make this idiot An Chuan go around in circles! I probably can’t catch up to your intelligence even in eight lifetimes! I’m impressed!”

Mo Qian did not mind Mo Xi’s flattery. As he watched the elevator door open before him, he thought of another question. “The day after tomorrow is the day to go to Blue Eagle Base to find Zhuang Xian. Have you prepared all the things I asked you to find?”

Upon hearing this, Mo Xi nodded. As he pushed Mo Qian’s wheelchair, he did not forget to answer, “Young master, I dare not disobey your orders! I’ve already prepared all kinds of rare herbs and tonics, so don’t worry!”

Although he had once neglected Zhuang Xian’s matter during Lei Cheng’s call in the afternoon, he would not dare to fail this matter that concerned his young master!

Mo Qian, unusually ‘protective of his children, had subordinates who were also very protective of their masters. Mo Xi was a perfect example.

Although he could not accept the relationship between his young master and the Zhuang family’s fourth daughter, he was 100% concerned about his young master’s health!

This was also one of the reasons why Mo Qian could not bear to punish Mo Xi severely.

“That’s good. It’s getting late. Let’s go and find trouble with the Ye family tomorrow.” Mo Qian said indifferently, his hand still gently turning the ring.

His young master’s carefree appearance made Mo Xi’s heart very excited.

If someone else said that they would find trouble with the Ye family, Mo Xi would probably be very disdainful.

Although the Ye Group could not be compared to the Mo family, they were not some tiny family in the entire City H!

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