Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 365 - 365 Chapter 365. A Ruthless Person Doesn't Say Much

365 Chapter 365. A Ruthless Person Doesn’t Say Much

Ye Zheng, the current head of the Ye Group, was naturally not a character that others could bully. However, this also depended on who he was in front of and who he was going against!

Since Mo Qian had already spoken, what good would come of Ye Zheng?

It was impossible!

On the other side, Mo Qian gave his bodyguards an order so lightly that he almost scared the mother and son of the An family to death!

After receiving Mo Xi’s message, the bodyguard leader immediately breathed a sigh of relief. He called his men to turn the car around and said they were not going to the Cang river bridge now.

As the car drove on the road, the bodyguards heard the commotion in the trunk and became slightly irritated.

If it weren’t for the fact that the young master had changed his mind at the last minute and didn’t intend to kill these two people, they would have shown them their true colors!

The sobbing and cries for help were endless. Finally, one of the bodyguards couldn’t help but say irritatedly, “Stop arguing! Young master has already said that he’ll let you off and won’t sink you into the river tonight, so be quiet! Don’t annoy people anymore!”

After hearing the bodyguard’s words, An Chuan was overjoyed. His head, stuck to the black cloth bag, sobbed a few times. Then, as if he had remembered Something, he quickly kept quiet, not daring to make any more noise that would alarm this group of fierce people.

Old Madam An, who also felt like she had just survived a disaster, cried until the black bag covering her head was wet.

This was the first time in her reckless and shrewish life that she had met someone like Mo Qian, who was ruthless and didn’t talk much.

Not only was he rich and powerful, but he was also so fierce that he wanted to kill people at will! She was a hoodlum who was used to using her power to bully others!

Who could not be convinced? He didn’t even need to do it himself. If he moved his lips, there would naturally be people who would kill them for him!

Old Madam An finally understood. She and An Chuan wanted to shake Mo Qian with their strength. How naive and stupid was their thinking!

How could people like them afford to provoke someone like Mo Qian, who held a high position and was noble and graceful?

She even blamed An Chuan for being so stupid that he didn’t even realize he had been tricked and used.

Speaking of Ye Zheng from the Ye family, he wasn’t a good person either! He had guessed that An Chuan was desperate for revenge, so he told An Chuan that Mo Qian had attacked him. He had even insincerely said that they would send people from Xian Du to help him blow up this matter and make Mo Qian suffer!

However, what Ye Zheng didn’t expect was that the reporters wouldn’t help them sincerely. Not only were the two reporters late, but they didn’t do anything after arriving. They were doing their job perfunctorily.

An Chuan had been tricked. It would be fine if he succeeded, but it wouldn’t affect Ye Zheng in any way, even if he didn’t. Ye Zheng’s true motive was unknown, but he must have incited An Chuan to come and cause trouble for Mo Qian. He had bad intentions.

Naturally, An Chuan understood these principles. However, what he didn’t understand the most was why Ye Zheng was using him to deal with Mo Qian. What was the point of the Ye and Mo clans’ fallout?

An Chuan naturally couldn’t understand the secrets in Ye Zheng’s heart. Ye Zheng had never really hoped that An Chuan would cause Mo Qian much trouble.

Therefore, Ye Zheng didn’t have any unusual reaction when his secretary reported the incident at the Mo Corporation. He didn’t even put down the folder in his hand and said to his secretary without even looking up, “Okay, I know. You may leave.”

The secretary looked at Ye Zheng in confusion. After some thought, she said, “The people below said that after the An mother and son were brought into the Mo Corporation by Mo Qian’s bodyguards, they never came out again. We suspect that the two of them were killed by Mo Qian. I thought it would be better to report to you about this matter that involves human lives. Do you think we should call the police, Boss Ye?”

The secretary asked carefully. Seeing Ye Zheng’s unmoving expression, she couldn’t make up his mind. Was this a good reaction or a bad one?

Ye Zheng put down the folder in his hand and looked up at the secretary. He said sarcastically, “Something related to human life? Whose life?”

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