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Chapter 2889 Coincidence of the Calculated Plan! full

2889  Coincidence of the Calculated Plan!

Fan Lou had reported his achievements to Lin Yuan not long ago and told Lin Yuan about all the hidden lines he could tap into.

Now that Lin Yuan wanted to tap into these lines, Fan Lou was not anxious but was exceptionally thrilled.

Fan Lou was skilled at reading others and had relied on this skill considerably to get to where he was today. He had managed to survive the cruel environment around Kong Huan and was even valued by her because he had read her.

Fan Lou had survived after being captured by Winter because he successfully guessed what Lin Yuan wanted.

The same went for his tenure with Feng Qing. Fan Lou was more valued than Feng Xuan because he was more capable of reading Feng Qing.

It was because he knew how to read others that he knew Feng Xuan felt extremely conflicted.

At first, Feng Xuan had looked down on him. He believed that Fan Lou was only able to be acknowledged as Feng Qing because he had been recommended by Kong Huan to be the guide in the Class 2 world. N0v3lTr0ve served as the original host for this chapter's release on N0v3l--B1n.

Back then, Feng Xuan did not take him seriously or think much of him.

Fan Lou brought back a large amount of resources for Feng Qing. This removed all of Feng Qing's suspicions toward him.

Feng Qing began to rely on him, and his importance overshot that of Feng Xuan.

At that time, Feng Xuan was unhappy and furious. However, he could not show these emotions while Fan Lou was by Feng Qing's side.

Subsequently, he fully left Feng Xuan in the dust, and the latter's presence disappeared from Feng Qing's side.

Additionally, he became linked with the Bloodians. At that point, Feng Xuan stood no chance of competing with him.

Aside from enduring his situation, Feng Xuan was smart enough to begin currying favor with Genius.

But regardless of how humble Feng Xuan acted toward Fan Lou, Feng Xuan's heart was still filled with dissatisfaction.

Feng Xuan had been longing for the chance to surpass Fan Lou. It was because Fan Lou was aware of this that he knew that planting a hidden line under Feng Xuan was the best decision.

Firstly, Feng Xuan was very aggravated by him, and his judgment abilities and emotional control were rather weak now. It would be easy to insert a hidden line in Feng Xuan's circle.

Secondly, both of them were rivals. Even if an issue arose with this hidden line, it would be Feng Xuan who received the flak. The hidden line would not be traced back to Fan Lou.

There was no way that Feng Xuan would turn down the chance to interact with an elite Bloodian!

Although Feng Xuan was not valued by Feng Qing now, he still gave Feng Xuan tasks.

Feng Xuan was also present in the Scarlet Territory.

Fan Lou thought, Why don't I create an opportunity for Feng Xuan and Lin Yuan to meet directly?

[Fan Lou]: Master, I will give you a location tonight. You can meet a Chaos Wind Demon Wolf there. All you need to do is head there, and I'll handle everything else!

Lin Yuan did not converse with Fan Lou for long. After activating the Bloodian bloodline and fusing it with his own, Lin Yuan became more attracted to the Scarlet Territory's environment.

This Scarlet Territory was the resting place for countless Sky Beyond the Clouds' species.

This ground was only able to brim with blood energy after it was injected with a large amount of essence blood.

It was definitely important for the Bloodians to protect the Scarlet Territory.

Lin Yuan noticed that the further into the Scarlet Territory he went, the more concentrated the blood energy in the environment.

The location that Fan Lou gave was not far from where Lin Yuan currently was. Lin Yuan needed to establish a formidable identity regardless of whether he was interacting with the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves or Bloodians.

The Bloodians used their clans as a token of honor. As such, Lin Yuan needed to create a Bloodian clan. This would not be difficult for him.

In the long history of the Bloodians, many clans had faded into history and had even been forgotten.

Some of these fallen clans were even queen ones!

Elise was a unique female name. If Lin Yuan gave this name, others would instinctively assume that he was the descendant of a Bloodian Queen.

The Chaos Wind Demon Wolves would not be able to verify his identity. He also had a pure Bloodian bloodline, which the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves could not refute.

He would only be at risk when he interacted with other Bloodians.

However, even if the other clans suspected his identity, they did not have any proof.

A few Bloodian clans maintained a low profile. The clans that were not developing well rarely showed their faces publicly.

Lin Yuan would not form deep connections with other Bloodian clans. All he wanted to do was to enter the blood pool to take its energy.

If this caused him to become a target, Lin Yuan would choose to leave the Scarlet Territory.

If no one suspected him, Lin Yuan would remain in the Scarlet Territory so he could participate in the Bloodians' plan to attack the mermaids.

As long as he could obtain a large number of mermaids, Dark Blue's power would skyrocket. The mermaids would be Dark Blue's source of faith power.

Spring and Winter felt a strange feeling come over them as they watched Lin Yuan carry out his plan through a minor character like Fan Lou.

The previous Lord Saint had not been keen on such strategies and plans. He preferred the direct route.

If the previous Lord Saint became interested in the Bloodians' blood pool, he would charge in and take it for himself.

If the previous Lord Saint could act like the current one, it would have resulted in many better resolutions.

After Lin Yuan's manipulation, a trivial character like Fan Lou managed to form a connection with the Bloodians.

Both Kani and Jin Chen had heard about the Bloodians' might and knew what kind of species they were.

Lin Yuan dared to target the Bloodians and attempt to steal the blood pool from their sacred ground. If the two of them did not know Lin Yuan, they would definitely think that he was mad.

But the two of them had witnessed Lin Yuan's methods in Treasure City and believed his plan for the Bloodians could be achieved easily.

As opposed to Kani and Jin Chen, Liu Chen and Liu Yao, who had surpassed the Holy Spirit level, were more aware of just how strong Lin Yuan was.

The two of them felt that both Spring and Winter had reached a level that they could only aspire to attain.

Although the two of them had not been Spirit Territory experts for long and their power had not grown since, they were still undeniable Spirit Territory experts.

Yet, in front of Spring and Winter, the couple were like useless children who were completely unable to fight back.

Even a Bloodian Queen's clan might not have experts above the Holy Spirit level. They were utterly incapable of resisting.

Liu Chen and Liu Yao were currently focused on their child. They were greatly looking forward to the birth of their child.

Lin Yuan had said that he would use outstanding resources to nurture their child once it was born.


It did not take Lin Yuan long to arrive at the location Fan Lou had told him about. Spring and Winter had sensed the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves' presence from far away.

Lin Yuan had orchestrated a carefully planned-out accidental meeting with the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves.

The Chaos Wind Demon Wolves had no authority in the Bloodians' territory. Otherwise, they would not be sent to harvest the basic resources.

Feng Xuan stood nonchalantly among a group of subordinates and issued instructions to them.

He had helped pick so much of the Scarlet Grass but would not receive any reward after submitting them.

On the other hand, Fan Lou was now extremely popular and prominent among the Bloodian clans!

Apart from this Bloodian clan, the other clans often sent people to communicate with Fan Lou as well.

Even now, Feng Xuan did not think much of Fan Lou. He felt that Fan Lou only had good luck and liked playing games.

Fan Lou was an impure wolf who had lived under the Alluring Foxes for the past few thousand years.

If he were truly capable, he would have shot up in power and through the ranks rather than seek shelter under Feng Qing.

Feng Qing attributed all of Fan Lou's success to Feng Qing's favor.

Feng Qing had treated Feng Xuan well all these years but had never given him the opportunity to interact with the Bloodians. If Feng Qing had been willing to give him the chance, he would definitely have done a better job than Fan Lou!

The more he thought about this, the angrier Feng Qing became. He was the Chaos Wind Demon Wolf with the pure bloodline. Yet, Feng Qing was favoring an outsider! He had been with Feng Qing and served him for much longer than Fan Lou had.

However, as miserable as Feng Xuan was, he had no choice. He could not question Feng Qing about why he had not given him any chances.

At this moment, Feng Xuan heard one of his new subordinates say, "Lord Feng Xuan, you don't have to be this bored. Although the Scarlet Grass isn't a specialty product of the Scarlet Territory, it still needs an environment with a high concentration of blood energy in order to grow.

"You can keep some Scarlet Grass and exchange them for Honor Absent dollars. Moreover, the Scarlet Territory is where the Bloodian clans live. You might get to meet real Bloodians and become noticed by them! When that happens, please don't forget about me!"

Feng Xuan's mood lifted when he heard this. He looked at the Light Wind Wolf and said, "You sure are a smart one. You even know how to think for my sake. But you need to remember that what belongs to the Bloodians will always belong to them. We don't have the right to touch any of it!"

Even if he had already stolen some of the Scarlet Grass, he needed to act appropriately. There was no way that he would allow himself to be caught over a matter like this.

Every time Feng Xuan went out, he hoped to be able to meet a true Bloodian, regardless of which clan they came from. He felt that it would be a good opportunity for him to meet any true Bloodian, even if they came from a weak clan.

It would help him to elevate his position among the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves. Feng Qing might even notice him again. Otherwise, as things stood, Feng Qing only had eyes for Fan Lou.

Recently, Feng Xuan's mood had been low, and he needed someone like this who was considerate. He decided to keep this Light Wind Wolf with him in the hopes that he could spark joy in him like he just did.

This young Light Wind Wolf thought, Lord Fan Lou was right. Feng Xuan will value and rely on me if I use this method to curry favor with him.

"Lord Feng Xuan, my name is Wu Qing. If you don't find my name pleasant, you can give me another name!"

Wu Qing kneeled on the ground in a display of submission.

Since Feng Xuan had always been by Feng Qing's side, he did not get to experience this feeling often.

This was a refreshing feeling for Feng Xuan. He absolutely adored it!

Feng Xuan wanted to change Wu Qing's name to Bai Qing, but he did not have such authority within the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves.

"Wu Qing, you should just keep your name. If the chance arises, I will help you to become a distant relative of the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves. You don't have to do tasks like this anymore."

The moment Feng Xuan was done speaking, he saw a group of people walking toward him. If he were currently in the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves' territory, Feng Xuan would definitely question their background as a means of exhibiting his status.

But he was currently in the Scarlet Territory. As a Chaos Wind Demon Wolf, he had little to no presence in the Scarlet Territory. If someone wanted to make things difficult for him, there was nothing he could do but endure.

If he offended someone he could not afford to cross, Feng Qing would not try to save him. Once the matter involved the Bloodian clans, Feng Qing could not help him even if he wanted to!

Feng Xuan could already sense the pure Bloodian aura emanating from Lin Yuan's body. Although the aura was not strong, this handsome golden-haired young man had to be special in order to possess such a pure Bloodian bloodline!

He had been helping to harvest the Scarlet Grass for some time, but this was the first time that he was coming face to face with a Bloodian.

Feng Xuan said experimentally, "Lord, up ahead is the Andra clan's territory. Are you headed there? If you are, I can lead the way!"

Lin Yuan's lip curled slightly.

If he had initiated contact with this Chaos Wind Demon Wolf, it would have seemed as though he was harboring a motive. But now that the Chaos Wind Demon Wolf had spoken to him first, things were different!

Now, there was no need to use any of the hidden lines that Fan Lou had prepared. Regardless of what he did, Fan Lou would not be implicated!


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