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Chapter 2890 Successful Interaction! Full

2890  Successful Interaction!

Given that Lin Yuan needed to pass off as a true Bloodian, he had done extensive homework and preparation.

The Bloodians' arrogance stemmed not only from their power but also from the strength of their bloodline. Bloodline strength was much more important to the Bloodians than power. A Bloodian with an extremely pure bloodline could sneer at other Bloodians.

The strength of one's bloodline was the equivalent of one's status. It was Lin Yuan's understanding that nothing was more important to the Bloodians than their bloodline.

It was the Bloodians' emphasis on their bloodline that gave Lin Yuan a loophole he could exploit.

Lin Yuan was naturally skilled at acting. He had seen arrogant elites both in his previous life and in the main world.

All Lin Yuan needed to do was act haughtily when he interacted with this Chaos Wind Demon Wolf.

"Andra clan? So it's the Andra clan that's up ahead! From their name, they don't sound like a queen clan."

Feng Xuan did not even dare to draw breath when he heard what Lin Yuan said. He did not know how to respond to this young male Bloodian.

If he picked up on what this young man said, he would come across as looking down on the Andra clan. But if he did not respond at all, he would not be able to leave a positive impression on this young man!

Based on Lin Yuan's attitude toward the Andra clan, Feng Xuan was certain that he came from a clan with a queen bloodline.

If he could become acquainted with such a clan, he would become the pride of the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves. Feng Xuan was sure of this.

Presently, the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves were only linked to the Andra clan. They did not have ties to any other Bloodian clans.

One could be considered the Bloodians' dependent species once they became close with one of the Bloodian clans.

Most of the Bloodian clans were arrogant toward the other clans' dependent species. The dependent species would only be acknowledged after they made a contribution to their affiliated clan.

The Chaos Wind Demon Wolves had tried and failed to form ties with other Bloodian clans over the years.

With certainty that his chance was here, Feng Xuan pushed aside his fear and said with a slight tremor in his voice, "Lord, it's true that the Andra clan doesn't have a queen, but they are extremely strong nonetheless and treat their guests well. If you pay their territory a visit, they will definitely be friendly to you! You might even gain some benefits!"

When Lin Yuan heard this, he knew he had reached his goal. All it took was a few words, and Feng Xuan had extended an invitation to him.

By using Feng Xuan to complete his plan, he was also tapping into Feng Xuan's ambition.

"What is your name?"

Feng Xuan looked just as excited as he felt when he heard what Lin Yuan said.

"My name is Feng Xuan, and I come from the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves. The Chaos Wind Demon Wolves have been the Bloodians' dependent species for some time. I hope me and the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves will be able to help you from now on!"

Lin Yuan acted as though he knew about the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves.

"Oh? One of the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves should be a member of the Honor Absent Parliament, right? I am on this trip to trade with the other Bloodians. Since I have nothing else to do, why don't you take me to meet the Andra clan?"

Feng Xuan could not be more excited.

If he managed to bring a Bloodian from a queen clan to meet with the Andra clan, he would not only be able to become linked with this young Bloodian but would also be recognized by the Andra clan!

Having a connection to a queen clan was far more important than being connected to the remote Lonely River.

Fan Lou would not be able to swagger about in front of him with his nose in the air again! He would definitely be able to regain Feng Qing's favor!

With this thought, Feng Xuan resolved to be the middleman between this young Bloodian and the Andra clan. He would not allow this young Bloodian to shove him aside once he took him to meet the Andra clan.

Feng Xuan mustered his courage and asked, "Lord, can you tell me the name of your clan? This will make it easier for me to introduce you to the Andra clan!"

While he was speaking, Feng Xuan's heart pounded loudly in his chest. He was afraid that Lin Yuan would turn him down and cast him a look of scorn.

While Feng Xuan waited, his body slowly stiffened as he silently prayed.

At that moment, he heard a pleasant voice say softly, "My surname is Elise. My clan has always remained under the radar, so the Andra clan might not have heard of us. Since you're going to introduce me to the Andra clan, you can have this spirit qi crystal!"

Lin Yuan tossed a spirit qi crystal to Feng Xuan.

Feng Xuan was so nervous that he almost failed to catch the spirit qi crystal. But when he caught it, he sensed the pure and strong spirit qi within it. He had never received such pure and strong spirit qi before in his life.

Spirit qi of such purity should enable his bloodline to be further purified.

From the way that Lin Yuan casually gave away something this precious, Feng Xuan could tell that Lin Yuan was an elite. Only the truly powerful Bloodian clans would be so generous with the rewards they gave out.

Until now, he was doing nothing more than serving this young Bloodian. They did not have any ties to each other and had only just met.

Being this generous to a stranger showed how wealthy this young Bloodian was.

Elise had a clear female ring to it. This young man had to come from a queen bloodline.

If this young man he introduced to the Andra ended up completing a large and important trade with them that led to the two clans working together, Feng Xuan's position would not only shoot past that of Fan Lou, but even Feng Qing would have to start showing him some respect!

With this thought, Feng Xuan became even friendlier toward Lin Yuan. He saw Lin Yuan as the life-saving straw that would enable him to exhibit his value.

Feng Xuan kneeled and bowed to Lin Yuan just like how a believer would act toward the sacred being they worshipped.

"Lord, let me take you there now!"

Feng Xuan looked at Wu Qing, who was standing nearby.

"Wu Qing, stay here and help me watch over the rest. Make sure that no issues crop up with the harvesting of the Scarlet Grass. If there are any problems, you'll have to answer for them!"

Once he finished speaking sternly to Wu Qing, Feng Xuan put on another pleasing expression for Lin Yuan.

Feng Xuan did this because he needed to ensure that the harvesting of the Scarlet Grass was taken care of. The Andra clan had assigned the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves to harvest the Scarlet Grass and needed a collection periodically.

If the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves did not collect enough Scarlet Grass, the Andra clan would become unhappy with them and increase their requested tributes.

Normally, they were able to collect enough Scarlet Grass. However, he had to siphon some not only for himself but for Feng Qing as well.

Feng Xuan did not want to give up on the opportunity to obtain the Scarlet Grass, so he needed to instruct the workers to do their best.

Additionally, he wanted to let Lin Yuan know that he was considered a manager among the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves and could become his bridge to the Chaos Wind Demon Wolves.

Lin Yuan did not know anything about him, and they had only just become acquainted. Feng Xuan found it necessary to prove his worth to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan could not be bothered to care about what Feng Xuan was thinking. He saw Feng Xuan as a stupid person.

It was good if he was smart enough to seize opportunities. But someone like him, who had appeared out of the blue, was like a tempting poison to Feng Xuan. In order to seize the opportunity, he would swallow the poison without hesitation. Such actions were taboo for a faction's development.

If Lin Yuan found out that someone within Sky City harbored such thoughts, he would eliminate them immediately. There was no way he would keep such a source of disaster by his side.

The Andra clan would definitely be smarter than Feng Xuan. They would not trust him until they confirmed his identity.

However, this would not get in the way of him trading Creator resources with the Andra clan. Although the Bloodians absorbed blood energy on a day-to-day basis, their main source of energy was still spirit qi.

Blood Love needed a large amount of blood energy to increase her power.

Lin Yuan wanted to use this trip to the Scarlet Territory to obtain more resources that Blood Love could use to increase her power.

These resources containing blood energy were very hard to come by and were considered rare spiritual ingredients. They were only available in large quantities in places like the Scarlet Territory.

After he produced a large amount of Creator resources, the Andra clan would definitely be willing to trade these resources that they could easily get their hands on for the Creator resources.

The Andra clan would definitely have concerns about him while they were guarded against him.

But once they traded for a large amount of Creator resources from him and desired to maintain such a relationship with him, they would have to be friendly toward him even if they continued to distrust him.

The Andra clan already intended to target the clan that was opening the blood pool. They wanted to obtain as much energy from the blood tide as they could.

If he suggested joining their plan, it was likely that they would be in agreement.

The Andra would never expect him to steal the entire blood pool once it was opened.

He would go into hiding after stealing the blood pool. At that time, that Bloodian clan's fury would be directed at the Andra clan.

The Andra clan would become the scapegoats for Lin Yuan's careful plan.

While Feng Xuan was leading the way, he never stopped trying to communicate with Lin Yuan, but he ignored him. All he did was ask the occasional question about the Andra clan or Chaos Wind Demon Wolves.

Most of the information Lin Yuan asked about was extremely confidential. Under normal circumstances, Feng Xuan should not tell Lin Yuan about any of it.

But it was clear that Feng Xuan had completely let his guard down against Lin Yuan and told him everything he knew. Lin Yuan knew the answers to some of the questions he asked. He had asked Fan Lou the same questions, and Fan Lou's answers matched the answers that Feng Xuan gave.

It was clear that Fan Lou knew more about the Bloodians than Feng Xuan did. This meant that Feng Xuan was insignificant to the Bloodians. It was no wonder that Feng Xuan was so desperate to prove himself to him!

The Andra clan considered this matter of Feng Xuan bringing them a true Bloodian to be very important.

One of the Andra clan's Elders personally met with Lin Yuan, and everything he said was meant to extract information from Lin Yuan. This did not align with what Feng Xuan had expected. Feng Xuan had wanted to be the one to introduce Lin Yuan to the Andra clan.

After Feng Xuan was led away by members of the Andra clan, they began questioning him in detail about Lin Yuan's circumstances.

Feng Xuan thought, Luckily, I asked and learned about his circumstances. Otherwise, I would be clueless and completely unable to answer the Andra clan's questions!

Not only did Feng Xuan not feel a shred of unhappiness about this situation, but he was thrilled because this was the first time he had the opportunity to speak with the Andra clan's elite. This was the first time they were properly acknowledging him.

Just mentioning the name of Lin Yuan's clan, which had the legacy of a queen, would be enough for the Andra clan to acknowledge him.

The Elder from the Andra clan tried more than once to investigate the aura of Lin Yuan's bloodline. His aura was so pure that the Elder could not suspect Lin Yuan's identity.

Lin Yuan's bloodline caused the Elder to act extremely courteously toward him.

As the Elder continued to question him, this young man with unquestionably beautiful features said with displeasure, "I'm only here at the Andra clan's territory for a visit. Do you plan on interrogating me? If the Andra clan doesn't want to be on friendly terms with me, I can just leave."

Lin Yuan's attitude was a big issue for Andre.

Lin Yuan's pure bloodline and his background made it impossible for the Andra clan to give up on the opportunity to interact with him. The best way for the Bloodians to improve their bloodline was not to absorb the bloodlines of their targets but to link their bloodline to that of other Bloodians with pure bloodlines through marriage. This would enable their offspring's bloodline to be significantly strengthened.

Andre asked Lin Yuan so much about his situation because he had never heard of the Elise clan.


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