Genius Summoner

Chapter 1673 - 1673 Meeting Master (1)

Chapter 1673 - 1673 Meeting Master (1)

1673 Meeting Master (1)

“Why? Do you admit defeat?” Yun Feng chuckled and exerted strength with her fingers, pulling Ah Jin’s wings fiercely! Ah Jin’s face darkened! He suddenly flipped his body and rushed down headfirst!

The howling wind blew fiercely in her ears and was about to smash into the ground!

“Master!” The five contracted Magic Beasts all shouted loudly, while Yun Feng gritted her teeth fiercely and swore that she wouldn’t let go!

A fierce glint flashed through Ah Jin’s eyes. When he was almost close to the ground, he turned his body forcefully and flew a distance close to the ground. The five contracted Magic Beasts were all terrified when they saw that. They were only relieved to see that Yun Feng was fine.

Er Lei and Yaoyao came to the three injured beasts. They didn’t need to interfere with the current situation anymore. Master alone was enough to deal with it!

“I’ll never admit defeat to humans!” Ah Jin shouted furiously! Yun Feng, on the other hand, laughed loudly! “If you don’t admit defeat, I’ll keep stepping on your back!”

“Damn it… Don’t think I really can’t do anything to you! If it weren’t for the suppression of strength… I wouldn’t have taken a lowly human like you seriously at all!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes turned cold and she clenched her fists! Yun Feng forcibly squeezed the wings!

“Is that so? But right now, the lowly human you’re talking about is stepping on your back, isn’t she?” Yun Feng exerted strength in her feet and stood up! Ah Jin’s face completely collapsed! His green eyes released astonishing anger! The momentum that had been suppressed in his body for a long time was showing signs of erupting!

The old man and Ah Luo, who were watching the battle outside, both looked different. The old man waved his hand and an opening immediately appeared in the enclosed space. “Ah Jin! That’s enough!” The old man roared as he swung his embroidered robe. A vine shot towards Yun Feng and directly wrapped around Yun Feng’s body, taking her away from Ah Jin’s back.

Ah Luo stopped Ah Jin, who was about to explode, and Ah Jin grunted angrily and didn’t do anything else. Qu Lanyi quickly walked to Yun Feng and checked her injuries before he was relieved.

“Ah Jin, you lost this time,” said the old man casually. Ah Jin was immediately enraged! “I can’t lose to a human!”

“You lost,” said Ah Luo on the side. Ah Jin was startled. The old man turned around and looked at Yun Feng with a chuckle. “I have to say that your little trick is indeed useful, but this is only when Ah Jin suppresses his strength and is on par with you. Such a trick works once, but not next time.”

Yun Feng replied. She was lucky this time. She could jump onto Ah Jin’s back accurately by accident. Ah Jin probably lost his vigilance because of a moment of carelessness. If it happened again, such a method wouldn’t work. After all, her ability was too different from that of the Fantastical Beast. Ah Jin made the three contracted Magic Beasts lose their combat strength in a short period of time. Such power was indeed astonishing!

“Don’t be unconvinced. If she has the same strength as you one day, you might not be her match.” The old man glanced at Ah Jin. Ah Jin only grunted and didn’t say anything.

“That human is imprisoned on the fifth level of the Beast Tower. Ah Luo will take you there,” said the old man. Then, he walked to Ah Jin and patted his shoulder. “Ah Jin, come with me.”

The old man and Ah Jin’s bodies flashed and had already disappeared from the Beast Tower, leaving only the tall and cold lightning-element Fantastical Beast, Ah Luo.

Yun Feng put all the five contracted Magic Beasts into her rings. The three Magic Beasts weren’t seriously injured and needed some time to recuperate. Even though Ah Jin’s attack just then wasn’t fatal, he was still ruthless. Luckily, their self-healing was effective.

Yun Feng looked up at the black-haired man with a cold face. Ah Luo turned around. “If it’s that sir’s instruction, let’s go.”

Qu Lanyi quietly held Yun Feng’s wrist and took a few steps back with her. He whispered in Yun Feng’s ear, “Look at his wrist.”

Yun Feng looked over secretly and was shocked! There were faint purple snakes flashing on Ah Luo’s wrist and there seemed to be the sound of thunder in the air! That was the manifestation of the concentration of power! Yun Feng’s heart sank. Was the lightning Fantastical Beast also thinking of fighting with her?

“Follow me.” Ah Luo stood still and said. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi then followed him. Ah Luo looked at Yun Feng deeply. Yun Feng keenly noticed that a deep aura was gradually suppressed by him. This lightning-element Fantastical Beast really wanted to fight!

“Swish…!” The Teleportation Array was activated and swallowed the three of them! At this moment, the eyes of the old man, who had already left the Beast Tower, darkened and he suddenly turned around!

“Hahaha! Ah Luo, that kid, has such an intention too!” Ah Jin burst into laughter and was very happy. The old man could only curl the corners of his mouth helplessly and look at Ah Jin solemnly, but Ah Jin didn’t care. “Old man, aren’t you going to restrain Ah Luo?”

“Ah Luo has better self-control than you do.”

“Hahaha!” Ah Jin burst into laughter. “Old man, if Ah Luo gets serious, someone will die.”

A spatial channel, but this wasn’t an ordinary spatial channel. There was the flow of spatial power in all spatial channels, but here, not only was there no flow of spatial power, but the spatial power was also completely still! This wasn’t a simple spatial channel. To be exact, this was a special space that had been opened up independently!

“What do you want?” Qu Lanyi protected Yun Feng behind him gloomily. Ah Luo glanced at Yun Feng with a deep gaze!

“Don’t even think about it,” said Qu Lanyi as he blocked Yun Feng.

Ah Luo slowly raised his brows. “Get out of my way.”

Qu Lanyi’s footsteps were firm and he didn’t intend to give in at all! Yun Feng stuck her head out. “The lightning Fantastical Beast. What exactly do you mean?”

Ah Luo glanced at Yun Feng. “Fight me.”

Yun Feng smiled wryly. Qu Lanyi rubbed the back of his teeth, making creaking sounds. “Even as a Fantastical Beast, you can’t be too shameless! Three of the five-element Magic Beasts are already severely injured. You can’t be so obviously taking advantage of her!”

Ah Luo frowned slightly and was silent. Yun Feng didn’t know what to say. The lightning element was indeed aggressive. The element with the strongest outburst of power among the seven elements. They all had weird tempers. Er Lei was like this, and the lightning Fantastical Beast in front of her was even weirder.

“If I fight with you right now, I’ll suffer a loss.” Yun Feng said.

Ah Luo was silent for a few seconds. “I’ll let you attack three times first.”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were surprised. Did this guy really want to fight so badly? He was willing to fight Yun Feng despite letting her attack three times first?

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