Genius Summoner

Chapter 1674 - 1674 Meeting Master (2)

Chapter 1674 - 1674 Meeting Master (2)

1674 Meeting Master (2)

“If you want to fight, I’ll fight with you!” said Qu Lanyi fiercely. Ah Luo’s eyes were cold. “I don’t need you.”

Qu Lanyi was enraged. Yun Feng pulled Qu Lanyi’s sleeve. “So what if I don’t fight with you?”

Ah Luo’s expression suddenly turned cold! “If you don’t fight, don’t even think about leaving!”

How domineering! Qu Lanyi cursed in his mind. What a shameless Fantastical Beast! It truly had no morals!

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth twitched fiercely. What kind of situation was this? How could she fight? “Aren’t you afraid of what Senior will say?” Yun Feng asked tentatively. It seemed that earth-element Magic Beast had the status of leadership among the seven elements. The lightning-element Fantastical Beast should obey.

“If you fight with me, I’ll let you go. Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving,” said Ah Luo. His surging aura was instantly suppressed. He was at the God King Level like Yun Feng! The purple snakes on his wrist moved quickly with purple light. He was obviously prepared to fight!

Yun Feng was speechless. It seemed that she really wouldn’t be able to leave this place unless she fought with him…

“I’ll go with you,” said Qu Lanyi, but Yun Feng shook her head. “It’s fine. Even though I don’t know why he insists on fighting me, he should more or less be surprised at the situation just then. He might want to test me to see if I can beat the Fantastical Beast. I can’t let them look down on me!”

Yun Feng strode out from behind Qu Lanyi and looked at Ah Luo with her black eyes. “I accept your request! However…”

“Tell me.” A glint of excitement and anticipation flashed through Ah Luo’s eyes.

“We don’t have to kill each other.” Yun Feng straightened her expression. “Even if I was lucky enough to beat Ah Jin just then, I only relied on some small tricks. You must know this.”

The corners of his expressionless face and eyebrows moved. Ah Luo slowly twisted his wrist and the purple snakes danced in his hand. “Got it.”

Yun Feng took a deep breath. She couldn’t escape… If she couldn’t escape this battle, she would just face it! Another Fantastical Beast. Was she going to fight with every Fantastical Beast? How would she be able to withstand that?

Qu Lanyi was a bit anxious. This wasn’t an ordinary enemy. This was a Fantastical Beast! Even though its strength and aura had been suppressed to the same level as Yun Feng’s, a Fantastical Beast was a Fantastical Beast after all! If Yun Feng hadn’t taken the opportunity to step on Ah Jin’s back just then, it would have taken a lot of effort to defeat it. However, this was a lightning-element Fantastical Beast right now. Did it have wings?

“Lanyi, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. With the earth-element Fantastical Beast here, he won’t dare to do anything to me,” said Yun Feng. Qu Lanyi was helpless and could only step aside.

There was an extremely excited glint in Ah Luo’s eyes. “You only have two elements right now. I can let you attack three times first.”

Yun Feng raised her brows. Three moves were good. Since he was willing to make the offer, she wouldn’t hold back either!

She took out her wand and the two-element contracted Magic Beasts appeared!

Er Lei and Yaoyao frowned. No way. Another Fantastical Beast! Was Master going against all Fantastical Beasts?

“Er Lei, what’s the highest attack of the lightning element that you know?”

Er Lei was silent for a while. He frowned and said, “Lightning Punishment is the highest lightning-element attack I know. However, I don’t know if it’s useful against a lightning-element Fantastical Beast. As a lightning-element Fantastical Beast, he should be more or less immune to lightning-element attacks.”

Immune? Yun Feng frowned. If that was the case, she would more or less suffer a loss. It was obvious who was stronger between a lightning-element Magic Beast and a lightning-element Fantastical Beast.

“Yaoyao, what about you?”

“Xiao Feng, the offensive power of water-element magic is far inferior to that of the lightning-element magic. Rather than attacking power, it’s better to say that its support ability is better.” Yaoyao’s young face revealed a mature look. After living such a long life with Yun Feng, the little girl had also grown up.

“Very good. Three moves. That’s enough for me.” Yun Feng curled her lips. Seeing the smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth, Ah Luo couldn’t help but look forward to it. Three moves. If this human couldn’t cause any damage to him in three moves, then her ability was only so-so.

“Next, listen to my order.” Light flashed through her clear black eyes. “Yes, Master!”

“Er Lei, unleash the strongest lightning-element attack!”

“Zi, zi, zi…!” Purple lightning appeared in Er Lei’s palm and the silver snakes danced crazily! Ah Luo raised his brows slightly when he saw this. A lightning-element attack?

“Attack!” With a command, Er Lei’s body suddenly soared into the sky and the thunder element in his hand instantly increased greatly! A purple lightning flashed in the void and fell fiercely, as if it wanted to split the void in half!

Ah Luo didn’t dodge. He stood where he was and looked at the lightning-element attack that smashed towards him in the air with deep eyes! The corners of his mouth slowly curled up! This was useless for him! The first move was in vain!

“Yaoyao, turn the water element into mist!” The second order! A seven-color fishtail appeared and the ice blue demon eyes glittered with blue light. Thick blue elements appeared around Yaoyao’s alluring body and lingered around her. Then, they turned into faint blue mist that spread down from the sky like a huge net, enveloping Ah Luo completely!

Water element? Ah Luo raised his brows and looked up at the ice blue water element that was falling from the sky. He was expressionless, but his expression changed instantly!

“This is…” Ah Luo’s beast eyes shrank fiercely! The moment the ice blue giant net touched the thunder element, the water element and the thunder element instantly fused! The water element increased the power and speed of the thunder element and became the strongest catalyst for the thunder element to erupt in an instant! And the water element’s attacking ability was also greatly increased because of the coverage of the thunder element!

The wand on her wrist spun and three-element light burst out of the wand, flashing constantly!

Fire, wind and earth! The power of the three elements roared. This time, Yun Feng didn’t fuse them. Instead, she attached all four elements to the ice blue giant net! The power of the five elements fused with each other. Yun Feng shouted loudly, “Yaoyao, retract!”

Yaoyao swung her ice blue fishtail fiercely!

The huge net formed by the power of the five elements tightened! It completely trapped Ah Luo’s body!

In the middle of the five-element light, a pair of beast eyes widened infinitely! There was a loud bang! It was mixed with a beast roar!

Yun Feng held the wand in her hand and stared in Ah Luo’s direction with her black eyes. The power of the five elements collided and turned into powder that floated in the air, slowly dissipating! Ah Luo’s body was still standing far away, but his entire body was covered in tiny wounds! There was more and more excitement in his deep beast eyes!

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