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Chapter 1023 - 1023 Snatch

1023 Snatch

The mercenary group learned about what had just happened from Ma Xiaowan, and they were all shocked and broke out into cold sweats.

There were countless pupae, adult mosquitoes, and even the leader of the giant-sized dragon mosquitoes!

This fight was not going to happen.

No one wanted to stay here any longer for fear of being noticed by the dragon mosquitoes.

“Everyone, the situation has changed. We’d better go back and report to the Chamber of Commerce first. We’ll think of a way to ask the army to help.”

“Let’s go back and discuss it. It’ll not be good if we’re discovered.”

“That’s right. Okay, let’s go back first.”


Ma Xiaowan was discussing their return when she suddenly heard a chuckle. She could not help but turn around to look at Fang Heng.

Fang Heng’s eyes were filled with greed.

The number of dragon mosquitoes hidden was unexpected. If they could find a way to wipe them out all at once…

Then, it would not be a dream to reach level 27!

But what method could they use to kill this wave of monsters?

Seeing Fang Heng’s strange behavior, Ma Xiaowan felt a little scared and asked carefully, “Do the two of you have any thoughts?”

“Oh, nothing. I thought that going back now won’t be so easy the next time I came.”

Fang Heng looked at Ma Xiaowan and said, “You all saw the white pupae on the lake just now. I think many dragon mosquitoes will hatch again after some time. Now is the best time for us to attack. It’s a pity to give up.”

Ma Xiaowan fell silent.

Ma Xiaowan and the others also looked at Fang Heng with strange looks.

They all thought that the two necromancy mages had gone crazy.

A pity?

My ass!

With such a dense mass of dragon mosquitos, it was already a blessing to remain alive.

What else did they want?

Indeed, if they could clear out these pupae, they could get a lot of rewards from the Chamber of Commerce.

However, no matter how good the reward was, one had to be alive to receive it!

Ma Xiaowan did not want to offend the two necromancy mages. She smiled stiffly and declined, “It’s a pity, but our abilities are limited. A commander-level creature is beyond our capabilities. I’m afraid only the Empire’s regular army can deal with such a large-scale mass of dragon mosquitoes.”

“Alright, since you insist on leaving, I won’t force you.”

Fang Heng spread his hands.

“I have a friend nearby. He might have a way to deal with these dragon mosquitoes.”

“What? Friend? Nearby?”

A necromancy mage’s friend?

Ma Xiaowan was stunned.

“Anyway, I still want to try.”

The party’s vice commander, Ku Nuo, asked in surprise, “You guys aren’t leaving?”

“Well, we still have to stay behind to verify some things. Since you’re ready to leave, I wonder if you can provide me with some help.”

Fang Heng said with a gentle smile.

He already had a preliminary battle plan in his mind.

However, he still needed some verification and cooperation.

Half an hour later, Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei were hiding in the short thicket, looking at the lake from afar.

The two of them discussed for a moment.

“Well, I’ve given it some thought, and the plan is feasible,” Mo Jiawei said.

“Alright! Let’s do it!”

Fang Heng was very straightforward. He directly controlled the fusion Tyrant form to appear from a distance and swaggered toward the lake.

The fusion Tyrant form’s body was huge and hard to hide, so he might as well not hide!


The dragon mosquitos on the surface of the lake immediately noticed the intruder. They gathered around the fusion Tyrant form in an attempt to kill the intruder.

Almost instantly, the fusion Tyrant form was surrounded by the dragon mosquitoes.

The dense needle attacks fell on the body of the fusion Tyrant form like raindrops.

The HP of the fusion Tyrant form was dropping rapidly!

It was reduced to 8%.

Then, its HP started to jump between 8-20%.

The lasting effect was too practical against physical attack units!

No matter how he was stabbed, he would not die!

The fusion Tyrant form rushed forward against the crazy attacks of the dragon mosquito swarm. When it reached the lake, it opened its big hand, grabbed a handful of pupae, and then ran back without looking back.


The dragon mosquitoes were a little confused at first.

Then, they were infuriated.

Was it snatching their pupae?

The act of the fusion Tyrant form had successfully incited the anger of the entire tribe!

The swarm of dragon mosquitoes on the river’s surface stirred up as they chased after the fusion Tyrant form.

Fang Heng, observing in secret, wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He felt his scalp numb when he saw the black mass of dragon mosquitoes chasing after him.

It was no wonder Ma Xiaowan’s mercenary group ran away quickly after hearing his plan.

Being targeted by these dragon mosquitos was indeed very miserable.

Fortunately, the fusion Tyrant form had attracted their anger, and they overlooked Fang Heng and the other man secretly observing from a distance.

“Yes, let’s go after them.”

Fang Heng patted Mo Jiawei’s shoulder and chased after him.

He wanted to test the extent of the dragon mosquitoes’ protection of their pupae.

After all, Fang Heng once heard that many insects did not care about their offspring’s survival. There were also cases where they ate pupae as food.

“Let’s go!”

Along the way, many dragon mosquitoes chased after the fusion Tyrant form that had stolen the pupae, constantly making buzzing sounds.

Even when they left the Cesar forest and crossed the stream, the dragon mosquitos still persevered in their pursuit.


“Even the Cesar forest can’t stop them?” Mo Jiawei cursed softly. “This hatred is more significant than we expected.”

“Well, let’s test it again and see how long they will chase after it.”

In the forest, on the trade route back to the village, Ma Xiaowan’s team hurried on with their journey.

Ma Xiaowan did not know why, but she had a bad feeling.

To try to attract that wave of dragon mosquitos and kill them?

Recalling the nonsense that the two necromancy mages, Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei, had spouted, Ma Xiaowan had a deeper understanding of them.

Yes, they are a bunch of lunatics.

Ma Xiaowan did not want to cause any trouble, so she returned to the camp and the village overnight.

What if Fang Heng and the others lured the monsters to their camp?

Necromancy mages were the incarnations of disasters!

There seemed to be a voice in Ma Xiaowan’s heart telling her to stay away from Fang Heng.

The further, the better.

Finally, she had slipped away.

However, they encountered many dragon mosquitoes this time, and it was confirmed that there was a large nest of dragon mosquitoes in Cesar forest. What should they do in the future?

If she did not deal with the dragon mosquito nest, wouldn’t she be unable to go to the Chamber of Commerce’s Cesar forest in the future?

Based on the size of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, they could not afford to hire people to clean up the nests of the dragon mosquitoes.

No one would take this kind of job even if they were offered money.

Would the empire intervene if they asked for help from the empire’s military?

Lost in her thoughts, Ma Xiaowan’s ears twitched, and her brows furrowed.

She seemed to have heard a buzzing sound.

They were already far away from the Cesar Forest, so how could they still hear these buzzing noises?

Is it chronic tinnitus?

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