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Chapter 1024 - 1024 Thank You for the Help

1024 Thank You for the Help

After all, she had heard this annoying sound for a long time. It was so torturous that Ma Xiaowan did not feel good.

A scout from the mercenary group ran over in a hurry and reported, “Not good! Captain, there’s a large number of dragon mosquitoes coming towards us from behind.”


When Ma Xiaowan heard the report, she stood rooted to the ground.

“What did you just say?”

“Captain, a large number of dragon mosquitos are chasing us from behind.”

“Why would they be?”

Ma Xiaowan immediately took the telescope and looked back.

Far away, on the trade route at the back of the group, two tall men as tall as small mountains were running wildly.

Behind them, a large swarm of dragon mosquitos was chasing after them.

These two big and tall guys…

Flesh puppets?

After taking a closer look, Ma Xiaowan’s face turned pale.

Weren’t the flesh puppet holding the pupae of the dragon mosquitos she had seen on the lake?

In a daze, Ma Xiaowan’s ears echoed Fang Heng’s crazy words about luring monsters and killing all of them in one go.


Necromancy mages were a bunch of lunatics!

Had they stolen the pupae of the dragon mosquitoes?

What were they thinking?

This monster-luring technique was horrible!

Indeed, the legends were true.

Necromancy mages were all disasters!

Ma Xiaowan’s head hurt severely, and she could not help but hold her forehead.

To be safe, she had already fled with her team that night, but she did not expect to meet them again.

They were plagued by disaster!

Seeing the dense swarm of dragon mosquitoes chasing after them, the mercenary group was extraordinarily nervous and asked, “Commander, we should…”

“Line up! Prepare for battle!”

Ma Xiaowan gritted her teeth.

What else could she do?

They could not run away, and trying to escape would only cause more significant losses!

It was better to fight face-to-face.

At the very least, the flesh puppet could share the firepower.

Ma Xiaowan’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings. The two necromancy mages should be nearby.

Fang Heng and his peer were following the swarm of dragon mosquitoes from a distance and were stunned when they saw Ma Xiaowan’s team in the distance.

This mercenary group seemed to be a little unlucky.

Mo Jiawei pursed his lips and said, “Mmmmm, I heard that the merchants had built a road in the forest for the convenience of transporting supplies. It seems that this is the only road. We will meet.”

“So that’s how it is. It seems like I have to help them.”

Seeing that Ma Xiaowan’s team was in a defensive position, ready to face the enemy, Fang Heng gave them a thumbs up in his heart.

If they had run away from the dragon mosquitos, they would suffer heavy losses, so it was better to fight them head-on.

Fortunately, after a long chase, a large portion of the dragon mosquitoes had fallen behind halfway, and the number of dragon mosquitoes chasing them had been reduced to one-tenth.

Under Fang Heng’s control, the fusion Tyrant form suddenly slowed down when it was about to approach the mercenary group.

They protected the pupae they had snatched with one hand and clenched their other hand into a fist to attack the swarm of dragon mosquitoes chasing them.


Ma Xiaowan immediately ordered.

A dense rain of arrows shot out from the mercenary group, and dragon mosquito corpses fell to the ground one after another.

The mercenary group was experienced in battle. They immediately lit dragon-spine fir tree leaves in front of the team and released thick smoke to disperse the dragon mosquitoes.

The intelligence of the dragon mosquitos was limited, and most were utterly enraged by the tyrant Body Fusion.

After being attacked, only a tiny number of dragon mosquitoes chased after the mercenary group, while most stared at the fusion Tyrant form and attacked.

Seeing this, Ma Xiaowan finally heaved a sigh of relief.

She would first deal with the dragon mosquitoes that attacked the mercenary group, then slowly deal with the rest that was angered by the fusion Tyrant form.

Relying on the fusion Tyrant form as a human shield, the group of lickers that caught up with them took half an hour before completely clearing the dragon mosquitoes.

Only then did Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei slowly step out of the dense forest.

“It’s great to have met you guys.”

Fang Heng thanked Ma Xiaowan and the others, then waved his hand at the corpses of the dragon mosquitoes on the ground.

The blue crystals mixed with the dead bodies flew into Fang Heng’s hand.

[ Hint: Player has obtained 97 Tier 1 mutation crystals. ]

Ma Xiaowan looked at Fang Heng, feeling bitter in her heart.

If she could, she would not have helped.

She was unlucky!

“This group of dragon mosquitos has been chasing us. I wouldn’t have known what to do if I didn’t meet you.”

Fang Heng chuckled, “I don’t have any reward to offer. Why don’t I give you a share of the pupae we robbed?”

As he spoke, the fusion Tyrant form walked up and handed the pupae over.

Ma Xiaowan’s face stiffened again.

She had not wanted the pupae!

This wasn’t good. What if more dragon mosquitos came after them?

Ma Xiaowan felt that her smile must have been very stiff.

“Thank you. We appreciate your kindness. But pupae are not very useful to us, and I’m a little allergic to these things.”

“I see. That’s a pity. What about you guys? You’re welcome to have them.”

Fang Heng looked at the other mercenary group leaders behind Ma Xiaowan.

“No, no.”

“I don’t need it…”

“Thank you, but I don’t need it.”

Everyone politely waved their hands as if they were avoiding the God of Trouble.


Fang Heng thought that pupae should be pretty valuable and had research value. Why did no one want them?

He shrugged his shoulders helplessly and naturally followed the mercenary group.

After all, he had caused some trouble for others, so he decided to protect them for a while.

Seeing Fang Heng and the others joining the team so naturally, Ma Xiaowan was terrified.

However, she did not dare to drive away Fang Heng and the other person.

Helplessly, she could only bring the two of them along.

When the team was close to the forest entrance, Fang Heng finally proposed to split up. He also asked Ma Xiaowan for some dragon-spine fir tree leaves for research purposes.

Hearing that Fang Heng was going to leave, Ma Xiaowan immediately separated the trunk full of dragon-spine fir tree leaves without caring about their intention.

“Old Mr. Mo, I keep feeling strange about this group of people.”

Fang Heng touched his chin and pondered as he watched Ma Xiaowan and the others head toward the village in a panic.

“It’s a little strange.”

Mo Jiawei did not take the mercenary group to heart. He patted Fang Heng’s shoulder and said, “Brother, don’t overthink it. We’ve already gotten the dragon mosquito pupae. Let’s quickly get Genius Qiu to study them. Don’t let Wei Tao and the others stay here for too long.”


The two of them discussed and returned to the temporary camp in the forest.

In the middle of the night, torches around the temporary camp illuminated the whole base as if it were daytime.

A small number of lickers were patrolling around the camp.

Sandy had just completed a masterpiece, but no one could appreciate it, so he wandered around the door gloomily.

Coincidentally, he saw Fang Heng returning with the fusion Tyrant form. His eyes lit up at once, and he waved at them excitedly.

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