Chapter 636 - 636 Gold Elemental Domain, Terrifying Killing Ability!

636 Gold Elemental Domain, Terrifying Killing Ability!

Liu Yan controlled his Gold Elemental Domain and began to attack.

After all, the members of Team Origin were still fighting the remaining half of the Whirlwind Turtles.

Liu Yan ordered them to delay the remaining half of the Whirlwind Turtles. He told the team members to defend themselves and stall the Whirlwind Turtle. He did not force them to attack.

However, Liu Yan was still a little worried. He was worried that the members of Team Origin might die.

Although the number of Whirlwind Turtles outside was only half of Team Origin’s, the difference in strength was substantial.

There was a significant difference in strength between a 6-star and a 5-star. The ordinary members couldn’t fight against all the Whirlwind Turtles.

The current Team Origin was still lacking in strength.

However, Liu Yan had faith in his team members. They were all talented. If they were given time and resources, they would grow and become experts!

Liu Yan did not want any of them to suffer any casualties. He could not lose a single member.

After all, every loss of a member meant one less powerful member in the future, and Liu Yan didn’t want that to happen.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan sped up his movements and hurriedly urged his Gold Elemental Domain to start attacking.

It was the first time Liu Yan used his Gold Elemental Domain.

Amidst the dazzling golden light, the dense gold elemental energy directly materialized. Golden blades enveloped the Whirlwind Turtles on the ground and attacked.

The Whirlwind Turtles immediately felt a huge threat approaching. They had just broken free from their restraints and were about to attack Liu Yan. When they raised their heads, they began to attack even more ferociously.

The Whirlwind Turtles all felt the threat of the golden blade, and they all hid in their special shells in fear to avoid the attack.

This special turtle shell had an excellent defense.

However, the attack of the golden blade did not stop. It directly attacked the Whirlwind Turtle’s shell.

The power of the gold elemental energy was extremely sharp and was good at attacking.

Although the Whirlwind Turtles’ special shells had strong defensive abilities, they couldn’t withstand the dense, almost solid gold elemental attack.

Under the concentrated golden blade light, the turtle shells of many Whirlwind Turtles were shattered in an instant.

The Whirlwind Turtles were hiding in their special turtle shells. They didn’t even have time to react before their indestructible special turtle shells were completely shattered.

At the same time, he also crushed the Whirlwind Turtles!

The rest of the Whirlwind Turtles were facing fewer golden blades, so they were in a better state. They didn’t die, but their shells were cracked, and they were seriously injured.

A round of attacks from the Gold Elemental Domain killed nearly half of the Whirlwind Turtles, and the remaining ones were seriously injured. One more round of attacks, and they would all be gone!

Seeing this, Liu Yan was also secretly shocked. He had long guessed that the attack power of Gold Elemental Domain was incredible, especially against an existence like the sturdy Whirlwind Turtle shell.

However, Liu Yan did not expect the power of the Gold Elemental Domain to be so terrifying.

These Whirlwind Turtles were all quite strong, with 6-star combat strength.

Especially their special turtle shells, which had extremely strong defensive capabilities. It was not that easy to break through them with one strike.

However, their sturdy and unique turtle shells were torn apart and crushed like paper in front of the Gold Elemental Domain!

At this time, the rest of the seriously injured Whirlwind Turtles on the ground finally reacted and realized how terrifying the human in front of them was. Even with so many of them, they were no match for this human.

Seeing the corpses of their companions, the remaining Whirlwind Turtles scattered in all directions without a second thought.

In the face of a life-threatening crisis, they had long since ignored the Whirlwind Turtle King’s orders.

They didn’t even think about the order or the battle. At this moment, they only wanted to live.

Liu Yan looked at the Whirlwind Turtles running away in all directions and laughed in his heart. These turtle-type creatures were timid and pathetic.

The Gold Elemental Domain had a terrifying killing ability, but it didn’t have the powerful restrictive ability of the Wood Elemental Domain. Hence, the Whirlwind Turtles were able to leave the Gold Elemental Domain.

However, Liu Yan would not let them have their way. He had not fought the Whirlwind Turtle King because he wanted to eliminate this group of Whirlwind Turtles at once.

Liu Yan once again activated his Gold Elemental Domain, and streams of gold elemental energy materialized into sharp golden blades, shrouding the Whirlwind Turtles that were fleeing in all directions.

Even though these Whirlwind Turtles had mastered a certain amount of wind-elemental energy and were fast, how could they be faster than golden blade?

Moreover, these Whirlwind Turtles were already seriously injured, so their speed was also affected to a certain extent. They were much slower than usual.

The golden blade quickly caught up to all of the Whirlwind Turtles and attacked them separately.

Even the Whirlwind Turtle with an intact shell couldn’t withstand the sharp golden blade, let alone the one with cracks on its shell.

The golden blade lights fell and rose without any hindrance.

As for the Whirlwind Turtles, they had already fallen to the ground and


The shattered bodies of the Whirlwind Turtles scattered in all directions due to the inertia of their movement. The scene was a bit gory.

Instantly, the Gold Elemental Domain fell silent. There was no sound at all.

A hundred strong Whirlwind Turtles were killed by Liu Yan in an instant.

Liu Yan looked at the ground. The Whirlwind Turtles, who had been so intimidating just a moment ago, had now become corpses.

After being attacked by the golden blades, the Whirlwind Turtle’s corpse was shattered into several parts. It was extremely bloody.

The Whirlwind Turtles’ blood flowed on the ground, forming a small river of blood.

Liu Yan looked at the ground full of the Whirlwind Turtle’s minced meat and blood. He was speechless.

It was the first time Liu Yan had used gold elemental energy to kill an enemy. He didn’t expect it to be so powerful that it could directly turn a group of Whirlwind Turtles into minced meat. It was a bloody scene.

It seems that I have to control the use of it in the future. Otherwise, it’s disgusting to make it so bloody every time. Liu Yan couldn’t help but sigh.

The killing power of the Gold Elemental Domain was too strong. It had turned the group of Whirlwind Turtles, which had strong defenses, into pieces. It was a bloody scene.

Liu Yan was also helpless. He would gain less from these piles of disgusting mincemeat.

After all, the intact shell of the Whirlwind Turtle was an excellent item. Besides, Liu Yan could use Divine Extraction on the complete Whirlwind Turtles’ corpses.

Now, the Whirlwind Turtle’s special turtle shell had been shattered. Although it was still good material, it could not be used directly or processed. It needed forging materials, smelting, and many other steps before utilizing it.

But even so, it was enough.

Liu Yan believed these many fragments of the Whirlwind Turtle’s shells would be of great use.

As for the minced meat of the Whirlwind Turtle, Liu Yan could also extract it with Divine Extraction. However, it would give lesser benefit to Liu Yan than the intact corpse. Still, there were tons of minced meat on the ground.

Liu Yan went to the surface and retrieved the items one by one.

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