Chapter 637 - 637 The War was about to End

637 The War was about to End

Although Liu Yan’s current strength was not bad, he knew that the sixth level of the Tower was full of dangers and all kinds of powerful existences. His current strength was enough for him to use, but he could not be sure about the future.

After all, tens of thousands of teams were in the Wind Barrier. There were many powerhouses like stars in the sky.

There would always be someone better, and no one knew if they would encounter a terrifying opponent one day.

All Liu Yan could do now was to improve his strength as much as possible.

Only when one was strong enough would one not fear the enemy!

Many milky white rays of light fell on the corpses of the Whirlwind Turtles. To be more precise, they fell on the minced meat.

A series of notifications appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of minced meat of the Whirlwind Turtle (A-grade potential, level 52) is successful. Congratulations on receiving: Combat experience +123, vitality+13, strength +32, agility +51! ]

[ Divine Extraction of minced meat of the Whirlwind Turtle (A-grade potential, level 52) is successful. Congratulations on receiving: Combat experience +112, strength +22, agility +41, resistance +13! ]

[ Divine Extraction of minced meat of the Whirlwind Turtle (B-grade potential, level 62) is successful. Congratulations on receiving; Combat experience +321, vitality +31, agility +71, Wind Talent +1%! ]

It was a little troublesome to extract the minced meat of Whirlwind Turtles compared to their intact corpses.

Fortunately, Liu Yan had more than 400 uses for Divine Extraction, which was barely enough.

Just as he was about to use up all his Divine Extraction counts, Liu Yan obtained enough combat experience and directly completed the upgrade. Then, Divine Extraction counts were reset again.

Liu Yan used up his Divine Extraction again, and he had almost extracted all the remaining Whirlwind Turtle’s carcasses.

At this point, Liu Yan had finally completed the Divine Extraction of these Whirlwind Turtles.

Liu Yan felt a little amused as he looked at the number of uses for Divine Extraction.

When he awakened the Divine Extraction talent back then, the uses of Divine Extraction were not enough for him. As his level increased, the number of uses for Divine Extraction increased. For a long time, Liu Yan had never been able to finish the uses of Divine Extraction in one day.

This time, Liu Yan used up all his counts. He barely extracted all Whirlwind Turtles’ pieces even though Divine Extraction was upgraded and reset again.

Initially, if he could keep the Whirlwind Turtle’s corpse intact, Liu Yan would only need to use Divine Extraction a hundred times.

However, all of the turtle shells had been torn into pieces, and Liu Yan had used up close to 1,000 times of Divine Extraction.

It seemed that he had to be more careful when he used the Gold Elemental Domain in the future. Otherwise, he would slice his opponent up every time. Although it felt good, it was too bloody. More importantly, it would be inconvenient for him to use Divine Extraction.

Liu Yan secretly sighed. The killing power of the Gold Elemental Domain was too terrifying. He had to control it after activating it.

After completing the Divine Extraction, Liu Yan’s strength increased a lot. His level had increased by one, and his various attribute points had also increased significantly.

In addition, Liu Yan also noticed that he could obtain Wind Talent by extracting the Whirlwind Turtles that had mastered the wind elemental power.

Although Liu Yan’s gain became lesser, it was not bad.

Liu Yan could feel that his affinity with the wind element had increased.

In the long run, Liu Yan could master the Wind Talent and even the Wind Secret Art by extracting the corpses of beasts with the wind attribute.

Wind elemental power was not only a high-level element but also the most common element in Wind Barrier.

If Liu Yan could control it, not only would his strength increase greatly, but he would also be able to move smoothly in the Wind Barrier like a fish in water.

Liu Yan looked forward to the day when he could master the Wind Talent and Wind Secret Art.

Liu Yan checked his Divine Extraction count, which was at the bottom, but he was not worried.

Although Liu Yan couldn’t extract the rest of the Whirlwind Turtle’s body, they would still be stored in the warehouse by the team.

When Liu Yan could use Divine Extraction tomorrow, he would slowly use it to increase his strength!

Immediately, Liu Yan canceled his Gold Elemental Domain and walked toward the battlefield, where the members of Team Origin and the remaining half of the Whirlwind Turtles were fighting.

Liu Yan’s battle had ended, so he wanted to see if his teammates needed help.

Liu Yan deactivated his Gold Elemental Domain and looked at the situation outside.

However, after seeing the situation of the five squads, Liu Yan was a little surprised. They were doing much better than expected.

The First Squad had already defeated the Whirlwind Turtle group they were facing. They were helping the Second Squad at this moment.

With the help of the First Squad, they turned from defense to attack, assaulting the Whirlwind Turtle group that Second Squad was facing.

As for the Third Squad, they had already cleared out the group of Whirlwind Turtles they were fighting.

However, the members of the Third Squad were exhausted, and they had no more energy to help the other squads.

With the help of a group of enchanted puppets, the Fifth Squad had just finished clearing the Whirlwind Turtles they were fighting.

The Fifth Squad came to the Fourth Squad’s place and prepared to help.

However, Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf almost wiped out the Whirlwind Turtles that the Fourth Squad was facing. The last few Whirlwind Turtles were no longer a threat. The Fourth Squad was clearing them up.

The overall battle between Team Origin and the Whirlwind Turtle group was relatively smooth for each squad. The battle was coming to an end, and the members were cleaning up the last scattered Whirlwind Turtles. Soon, they would be done with all the Whirlwind Turtles.

On the other side, Allen Smith and the Whirlwind Turtle King were still engaged in a fierce battle.

The gigantic Whirlwind Turtle King was much larger than Allen Smith and was extremely oppressive.

However, Allen Smith’s strength was not to be underestimated. After the intense battle, although Allen Smith had some injuries and looked extremely tired, the Whirlwind Turtle King’s situation was even worse. Its body parts were wounded badly by Allen Smith’s S-grade weapon, Blood Flame Sword. One of the most serious wounds was so deep that one could see its bones. Many cracks had also appeared on the Whirlwind Turtle King’s shell.

Others might not be able to see the situation clearly, but Liu Yan had his S-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight. He discovered that Allen Smith was in a sorry state, but the Whirlwind Turtle King’s situation was even worse. It seemed it would not take long for Allen Smith to finish the Whirlwind Turtle King!

At this moment, many members had gradually ended their battles. Many of them were gasping for breath and resting.

A few team members had noticed the commotion at Liu Yan’s side. The gigantic domain-like skill had disappeared, and Liu Yan walked out alone.

Behind Liu Yan, the 100-odd powerful Whirlwind Turtles had already disappeared.

There was only a ground full of minced meat and broken turtle shells!

Only then did the team members realize that in such a short period, Liu Yan had already dealt with the hundred-odd Whirlwind Turtles.

The members of Team Origin were all shocked.

“Holy sh*t, isn’t Captain Liu too amazing? Did he take care of so many Whirlwind Turtles by himself? ”

“I guessed that Captain Liu’s strength would be enough to deal with those Whirlwind Turtles, but I didn’t expect him to be able to do it so quickly.”

“He’s the captain after all. He’s a ruthless person. He’s too powerful.”

“There are more than a hundred Whirlwind Turtles. We need five squads to take them down together, but Captain Liu took them down by himself.”

“The most ridiculous thing is that Captain’s killing speed alone is faster than our five squads!”

“Is this the power of 11-star combat strength? It’s too terrifying.”

“I feel like our captain is unfathomable. I wonder what his upper limit is.”

“Our work becomes easier with such a ruthless leader.”

“That’s right. Without Captain Liu, how would we have the chance to defeat this group of Whirlwind Turtles?”

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