God-Like Extraction

Chapter 345 - D*mned Fellow

Chapter 345 – D*mned Fellow

Someone was here!

There was actually someone in the Void World!

Su Jingxing focused his gaze and stared fixedly on the long-haired female who was floating in midair and landing from time to time.

She was about 16 or 17 years old. She had a oval face and fair skin that was suffused with a healthy luster. Her eyes were dewy, big and bright. Her long eyelashes flickered. She had a perky nose and some baby fat on both cheeks.

Her figure was elegant, like a fairy from the sky. Her temperament was pure and clean, giving one a good impression of her at a glance.

Of course, Su Jingxing was staring at her not because he was mesmerized by her beauty, but because this young girl seemed to be chasing after the Eight-Tailed Lion Beast…

That’s right, she was chasing after the Eight-Tailed Lion Beast!

The Eight-Tailed Lion Beast, which was as big as a small mountain, was actually fleeing in desperation from being chased by a 16 or 17-year-old girl.

Aren’t Void Beasts very powerful?

Every Void Beast has its own unique ability, or even multiple abilities.

What’s going on with this Eight-Tailed Lion Beast?

Unable to defeat the girl?

Also, where did this girl come from? How could she float and around the Void World at will?

Su Jingxing couldn’t tell if she was in the Essence Soul state or the physical body state.

This girl with baby fat was indeed strange and mysterious.

Su Jingxing stood at the edge of the darkness and watched as the Eight-Tailed Lion Beast ran towards him. Just as it was about to enter the Yu Nation’s territory, it turned around and ran towards the back.

Seeing this, the chubby girl behind it also took a detour to avoid the Yu Nation’s territory.

However, the moment she took a detour, the chubby girl subconsciously glanced at Su Jingxing who was at the edge of the darkness.

Then, her floating body suddenly froze in midair.

His big eyes were fixed on Su Jingxing.

Su Jingxing met her gaze calmly.

At the very least, Su Jingxing felt that they were making eye contact. However, he didn’t know how the chubby girl felt.

The latter blinked her big eyes and stared at Su Jingxing without blinking.

As she stared, she suddenly pouted and stuck out her tongue at Su Jingxing.


She’s acting cute?

Although that was a little mischievous and quirky, it was indeed very cute.

Su Jingxing’s expression remained unchanged on the surface, but the chubby girl became interested. With a tap of her toes, she floated towards Su Jingxing.

Her casual and leisure attitude was natural and unrestrained.

She stood in front of Su Jingxing, facing him from a meter away.


The chubby girl’s mouth did not open, but a pretty and pleasant girl’s voice sounded in Su Jingxing’s mind.

Soul power voice transmission? Mental power voice transmission?

Su Jingxing’s expression remained unchanged.

The chubby girl was too mysterious.

Su Jingxing couldn’t be sure whether she was an enemy or a friend, nor did he know her strength.

To be safe, it was better to remain silent.

Of course, he remained vigilant.

“Looks like I was thinking too much.”

Su Jingxing was aloof and indifferent. The chubby girl stuck out her tongue and complained to herself, “I knew it. How could there be anyone who can see through the darkness and see the things in the Void World?”

As she spoke, she did not forget to wave her hands and gesture about in front of Su Jingxing.

After making sure that Su Jingxing couldn’t see her, she wiped her nose proudly and turned to leave.

However, after walking for more than ten meters, she suddenly jumped back and shouted “wah” at Su Jingxing.


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Fortunately, he was prepared and was not caught off guard.

The chubby girl was still testing if Su Jingxing could see her.

“He really can’t see anything.”

As expected, seeing no change in Su Jingxing, the girl muttered and turned to leave.

This time, she did not return. Instead, she leaped into the air and disappeared into the distance.

The mountains in the wilderness stood still.

Strange-looking lifeforms fought, killed, and devoured one another.

Su Jingxing stood at the edge and stared for a while before slowly lifting his feet and stepping into the darkness.

Nothing happened.

His entire body passed through the invisible membrane between the darkness and the Yu Nation’s Void World and entered it. Nothing unexpected happened.

A golden-red glow covered his entire body. Su Jingxing stepped on the thick and solid ground and took a few steps forward.

When the strange lifeforms nearby discovered Su Jingxing, they were all frightened and scattered.

Su Jingxing did not go far. He only walked half a circle around the periphery of the Yu Nation’s territory before passing through the invisible membrane and returning to the Yu Nation’s area.

The moment he entered, he suddenly felt something and turned to look at a mountain on his right.

A strange bird with three heads seemed to have been provoked. Under Su Jingxing’s gaze, it spread its wings and flew into the distance.

“So it’s a strange bird.”

Su Jingxing looked away and wasn’t bothered.

On the reverse side of the mountain peak.

The chubby girl leaned against a huge rock and patted her chest. Her face was covered in shock and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

“He can see! Who is this fellow? He can actually enter the Void World and see through the darkness!”

Nian Ling’er couldn’t help but blush when she thought about how her earlier actions had been seen by him.

“So embarrassing!”

“D*mned fellow. He could clearly see it, but he pretended not to. Hmph!”

Nian Ling’er sniffled and stopped her shyness. Her big eyes darted around.

“Interesting, really interesting. There’s actually someone who can see through the darkness and enter the Void World.”

“No, I have to tell Sister about this!”

After muttering to herself, Nian Ling’er pushed off her toes and leaped into the air, flying into the distance.

She wasn’t fast, but every step she took covered a few mountains to a dozen mountains.

In the blink of an eye, Nian Ling’er left the wilderness.

The strange lifeforms and massive Void Beasts she encountered on the way all circled around her, not daring to approach.

When a frosty world appeared in front of her, with endless snow that seemed like they would never stop falling, Nian Ling’er slowed down and came to a ice river.

After flying along the ice river for a distance, Nian Ling’er’s body swayed and she jumped into an ice cave.

However, in the next second, Nian Ling’er appeared in a spacious hall.

The so-called ice cave was actually the entrance to the hall.

There were no carvings on the dome of the hall that was dozens of meters tall, save for a few mysterious patterns.

Nian Ling’er skipped through the hall, ran through the long corridor, and entered a room filled with an icy aura.

“Sis, Sis, guess what I encountered today.”

Nian Ling’er jogged to an expressionless young woman with a cold demeanor. She blinked her big eyes with an expression that said, “hurry up and praise me.”

The young woman remained indifferent, as if she did not see Nian Ling’er before. She continued cultivating silently.

“Aiya, Sis, just cooperate with me this once.”

Nian Ling’er was helpless. “I’m really not lying to you this time. That fellow is very magical, unlike other Martial Sages who can only stroll around their own territory. He’s different. This fellow’s body is suffused with a golden-red glow, and his eyes can also emit a golden-red glow!

“At first, I thought I had been discovered and was shocked. I specially ran over to do a close-up test to see if he had seen me. At first, this fellow acted very well.

“But in the end, he was still exposed!”

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