God-Like Extraction

Chapter 346 - A Million Catties of Strength!

Chapter 346 – A Million Catties of Strength!

“Hey, Sis, do you know how he was exposed?”

“Haha, I pretended to leave and hid behind the mountain to watch him. In the end, I realized that that fellow could also enter the Void World!”

“None of the Martial Sages here can enter the Void World. The path they cultivate belongs to divine martial arts. Without reaching a certain level, they can’t enter the Void World at all.

“In any case, I’ve read the records. So far, it’s been thousands of years. Not a single Martial Sage has been able to enter the Void World, but that fellow can. Sis, what do you think is the reason?”

“Because his path is not the divine martial arts,” said the young woman coolly.

“That’s right!”

Nian Ling’er clapped her hands and spun around on the spot. She said happily, “On the way back, I also thought of this. The path he took is different from others. It was clearly not divine martial arts, but spiritual martial arts.”

“Spiritual martial arts, Sis. There’s actually someone here who has embarked on the path of spiritual martial arts!

“I remember you once said that if we want to leave this place, we need the help of a Spiritual Martial!

The young woman fell silent.

Seeing this, Nian Ling’er asked anxiously, “Sis, have you forgotten?”

“I haven’t forgotten.”

The young woman said calmly, “I did say that we need the help of a spiritual martial artist but whether the person you’re talking about is really one remains debatable.”

“This world is very mysterious. There are some places that even Master and Uncle-Master have never been to.

“To be able to enter the Void World, one doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual martial artist. Through some treasures, one can also step into the Void World.”

“That’s simple,” said Nian Ling’er. “We just have to find him and ask him about it. Or we can spar with him and test his strength to see if he’s a spiritual martial artist.”

“Why should he answer you?” The young woman replied indifferently. “Must he give you answer when you ask? Also, aren’t you afraid of being beaten to death if you spar with him? Don’t forget what existences we are!”

Nian Ling’er’s expression froze. She opened her mouth, but in the end, she said aggrievedly, “Then… then we’ll just let it go like that?”

“Not necessarily.”

The young woman said calmly, “We can’t go to him directly, let alone spar with him. We can try to interact with him first. By the way, where did you find him?”


Nian Ling’er scratched her head. Her big eyes darted around as she recalled. “I think it’s the Yu Nation. Yes, the Yu Nation’s Void World region! I saw the person there!”

“Yu Nation?”

The young woman pondered. “He’s actually the Yu Nation’s Martial Sage. What a coincidence?”

“Ah, Sis, what are you saying?” Nian Ling’er was puzzled.

“Nothing.” The young woman came back to her senses and said seriously, “Go get ready. We’ll go to the Yu Nation with the delegation in a few days.”


The Void World.

Yu Nation’s region.

Su Jingxing sensed for changes in his physical body. He entered and left the dark area without any reaction.

It was mainly due to the advancement of his body after the transformation.

For example, transcendent body

Su Jingxing realized that his transcendent body was still there. As long as he activated it, his physical body would also possess a golden body defense physique. Moreover, it had also undergone a transformation. Now, it was a two-transformations golden body.

This discovery was a little surprising. The ability of the Transcendent Body Card was actually strengthened along with the transformation of the physical body.

Previously, he had to consume Strength Pills to strengthen his transcendent body, but not too many at once.

Now, there was no need. Dozens or even hundreds of them could be digested.

Su Jingxing thought of the Mighty Strength Cards. They came from barbarian corpses, each containing tens of thousands of catties.

Unlocking one and adding it to his body was undoubtedly faster than taking Strength Pills.

This strengthening effect was equivalent to using hacks.

Su Jingxing immediately tried to unlock a Mighty Strength Card and activate the transcendent body.

As expected, there were obvious changes in his transcendent body, and his strength had increased.

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Therefore, he unlocked a Mighty Strength Card again and continued to strengthen his physique and strength.

From the initial 250,000 catties, it increased to 300,000, 400,000, 500,000 catties…

Slowly, his two-transformations golden body became three, four…

When all the Mighty Strength Cards were used up, Su Jingxing’s strength had reached 950,000 catties, a five-transformations Golden Body!

Just 50,000 catties more to a million catties of strength.

Sensing that his body’s adaptability showed no signs of stiffness or uncontrollability, Su Jingxing decisively swallowed large amounts of Strength Pills.

He directly gathered his strength to one million catties!

A million catties of strength. Su Jingxing sensed his body again and finally realized that he had reached his limit again.

It was also extremely difficult to break through from the five transformations to six transformations.

Fortunately, Su Jingxing was easily satisfied. A million catties of strength and a five-transformations golden body could be on par with the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor already.

This was what Su Jingxing discovered after his physical body and the Essence Soul clashed head-on and he attacked himself.

Putting everything else aside, the combat power of the physical body and the Essence Soul was evenly matched.

As for whether their realms were the same, Su Jingxing wasn’t sure.

The Essence Soul was in the fourth class of the Void Soul Realm.

The situation of the physical body was clearly different. It was difficult to determine whether one could use the definitions of Void Spirit, Concentration, and Soul Formation.

Putting everything else aside, when his physical body left the Void World and returned to reality, he stood on the mountaintop and faced the morning sun without feeling any pain.

The Essence Soul could not be exposed to the sun for long, but the physical body was fine.

How could this be considered the same?

Su Jingxing had no choice but to divide them into two paths.

Even his true essence had mutated, let alone his dantian.

Speaking of mutated true essence, Su Jingxing took out a True Essence Card he had extracted when he destroyed the Xia Family. He unlocked it and tried to absorb and convert it into the same type of true essence.

And it turned out that it could not be fused!

The True Essence Card contained three years of true essence cultivation. It could be absorbed after being unlocked, but it could not be fused with mutated true essence.

Moreover, the mutation of true essence greatly repelled new true essence.

With both in his dantian, new true essence was squeezed into a corner and pushed towards the four walls.

The mutated true essence tried its best to expel the new true essence out of his dantian.

Forcefully putting them together, his dantian felt like it was about to boil and explode.

When Su Jingxing sensed this, he decisively released all three years of true essence cultivation.

In his dantian, the remaining mutated true essence quickly calmed down.

“If I can’t fuse them, doesn’t that mean that I won’t be able to use the Internal Force Cards, True Energy Cards, and True Essence Cards in the future?”

Su Jingxing frowned and thought hard.

“The power of the mutated true essence is stronger, and it repels new true essence. It should be because of martial arts.

“If the new true essence also mutates through martial arts, then I can continue to fuse them!

Simply put, the Nine Steps Trampling Heaven was insufficient now.

The Internal Force Cards, True Energy Cards, and True Essence Cards were fine.

The problem was that the martial arts he cultivated could not keep up with the changes.

I need to change my martial art!

But what kind of martial art would be good?

Among the martial arts that Su Jingxing had stored, some were high-level, some were low-level, but none of them could condense mutated true essence.

Such abnormal true essence was a product of chance and accident.

The martial arts he already possessed did not meet the requirements to condense it.

Unless he created one himself!

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