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Chapter 773: Drunk drama ——Fixed.

Chapter 773: Drunk drama ——Fixed.

Shi Xi was furious even when Ning Yu dragged him away from the street where Mother Shen was lying, Shi Xi did not stop cursing the old woman. She was supposed to be the safe haven for her children and yet, she was the one who was ruining everything for their family!          

But as he fumed along the street, the anger in his heart was soon replaced with worry as he turned to look at Ning Yu who was dragging him towards the small tent where their family was staying and asked in a low and anxious voice, ” What are we going to do now, brother Yu? I do not want to sell my daughters to pay the debt of our wife.”      

They had done this again and again and he was not willing to do it anymore, just how many times will they have to do the same thing over and over again? The two of them were hated by their own kids and the hatred was so deep and intense that their children who were married off to a far place would rather stay in the villages after the death of their wives instead of coming back home.      

His second son lost his wife in the flood but he would rather beg on the streets than come home with his kids, Was it not because he was worried that his children would be sold off by their wife just like he was?  Maybe their wife who did not feel an ounce of regret for what she had done, might as well sell their widowed son!      

Shi Xi understood the worries of his son and thus even though his heart hurt for his son, he did not dare to call him to come back home, all he could do was watch his son from afar as the procession in which his second son was travelling walked away in a different place instead of following them and coming to this town.      

” I do not know,” Ning Yu was worried as well, he was angry and confused,  a part of him wished that he could send his wife to the pub as a servant to pay her own debts but the thing was that he knew that there was no way the pub owner was going to accept that drunken fiend and he did not know whether his wife did it deliberately or not but she offended the pub owner in such a way that she will not accept her in the pub at all!      

Sometimes he wanted to see whether his wife was really drunk or she was just trying to get out of the mess.      

As this thought came to his head, he immediately turned around and dragged Shi Xi with him. Shi Xi did not understand why they were going back which was why he opened his mouth and asked in a worried voice, “What’s wrong? Why are you dragging me back? Did you drop something?”      

Ning Yu only asked him to stay silent and then continued to walk towards the street from where they came, once they arrived at the street he hid behind a small building which had an alley next to it and then peeked out of the alley while looking at his wife who was lying on the floor not moving at all.     

Shi Xi did the same, he was confused as to why they were looking at the woman who was unconscious on the floor but he did as Ning Yu was doing and followed his actions silently.      

For a while nothing happened but then a few minutes later, he watched his wife waking up in surprise. The woman who was stumbling and stuttering just a moment ago was now back on her feet and she was no longer moving like a drunk.     

Her feet were steady and her legs were not trembling, even the slight stumble that she had earlier was gone, instead she was now looking around the street making sure that no one was looking at her direction and smiled in satisfaction.      

And when she turned her head to look in the direction of Ning Yu and Shi Xi the two immediately pulled themselves back and then hid behind the wall which was in front of them such that their wife will not be able to look at them and they will not be caught.      

Seeing that no one was looking at her, Mother Shen was very satisfied with her plan. Earlier she truly panicked when the pub owner said that she was going to keep her with her in the pub and make her work until she paid off her debt, and the debt was not a small one either it was ten taels!      

The pub owner said to her that she either pay the debt by giving a limb of her or two or by working until she pays off the ten taels!     

  How can she even think of paying that debt? This was why Mother Shen who did not want to pay the money at all immediately started to play her part.      

She acted as if she was drunk and then pretended to act as if she was no longer able to understand what was going on, her plan worked flawlessly. The pub owner called her husbands and she was able to get away from the mess of paying back the debts.      

She was the head of the family, why should she do such sleazy work as wiping the bathroom and cleaning the floor? She did not want to do that at all which was why she had to pull such a stunt in front of everyone.      

Now that the debt was off her head and on the head of her kids, Mother Shen heaved a sigh of relief and patted her chest.      

“Thankfully, I am also smart or else my limbs would have been broken.” Mother Shen sighed with her hand on her chest before touching her cheek and wincing in pain.  ” But that bastard has sure gotten too bold!”      


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