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Chapter 774: A sly scheming mer

Chapter 774: A sly scheming mer

Mother Shen knew that her husbands would be furious but she never once thought that Shi Xi would dare to touch her. That bastard, he was eating and sleeping under her wing and he dared to hit her? One of these days, she will teach him a good lesson! Let’s see how he will dare to raise his hand on her again, thought Mother Shen savagely in her head as she carefully touched her cheeks which were hurting slightly before rolling her eyes a few times. She suppressed the urge to go back and hit her husbands before turning to look at the bar that was in front of him.          

” Ptui, acting all high and mighty just because she has a shop, just wait until I get that bastard to start paying me filial piety, I will build several shops bigger and better, than this one and right in front of it! If I don’t snatch the business of this b*tch’s shop then have my name written back to front,” Mother Shen spat on the stairs of the alcohol shop before she strutted away with a sway of her waist, she had to think of a way to get a bottle of alcohol for tonight!      

There was no time for her to waste.      

Ning Yu and Shi Xi who were hiding in the alley stepped out of the dark corner where no one could see them. Shi Xi’s eyes were red in grief while Ning Yu’s eyes were filled with anger, they only thought that their wife was acting but who would have thought that one day their suspicions would come true? Ning Yu and Shi Xi looked at the woman who was walking away with a swagger in her pace and wished they could tear her bit by bit.      

” She was pretending! She was pretending all along! She knew that my kids will be snatched away from me but she simply does not care as long as her old, thick skin can be saved!” Shi Xi angrily snarled, his face turning purple with all the anger that he was suppressing in his chest, he wished that he used more strength while hitting that woman earlier on, if he knew that the woman was pretending to be drunk, he would have not held back, he would have broken that hole of hers such that she would think twice before selling her children!      

Ning Yu also stared at his wife with his eyes flickering slightly, he was angry but he was not foolish, he did not rush after his wife, instead, he pulled Shi Xi and then said to him, ” Keep calm for now, I will not let the kids get sold again.”      

Shi Xi had no idea what was going on, but he was used to following Ning Yu’s words and silently agreed, the two of them returned to the small tent where they were living at the moment and as soon as the two returned Shen Hanxing who was lying on the ground started to frown.     

” Where is the food? Did you two not bring anything? Are you stupid?” Shen Hanxing was used to ordering the two mers around, she did not even treat them as her fathers much less as elders. With a sweep of her feet, she sat up straight and snapped at the two mers angrily, ” I am so hungry that my back and front are going to be combined into one soon, how can you not bring food with you? Do you want me to starve to death or what? How can you be so useless?”      

Shi Xi’s face turned red in anger, he could not stand getting scolded by someone from the younger generation but as he opened his mouth to scold, his hand was caught by Ning Yu who did not look at him instead he continued to look at Shen Hanxing and said with a blank look on his face, ” You do not have to worry, once you start working in the pub, you will get three meals a day without a fuss.”      

His words not only surprised Shen Hanxing but also Shi Xi, the two of them turned to look at Ning Yu but before he could say anything Ning Yu clenched his fingers making it such that Shi Xi will not be able to say anything while Shen Hanxing who did not understand what her father meant by working in pub questioned,      

” What do you mean? What work? What pub?”      

Ning Yu did not reply at once, instead, he picked the kids who were sleeping on the ground one by one and then gave two to Shi Xi to hold while he held two in his arms, once he was sure that the kids were out of the harm’s way, he raised his chin and said, ” Your mother owes a debt of ten taels to a pub, she does not have a money to pay back the owner of the small inn any money which is why the owner of that building will come and bring you away.”      

” W.what …Why?” Shen Hanxing jumped from the ground as if her tail had been stepped on, she stared at Ning Yu like he had gone mad and chuckled with a mock sneer on her face. ” The owner must have been talking about these young ones, why are you dragging me?”      

Shen Hanxing was confident that her mother will never sell her away after all she was her mother’s dearest daughter but then she saw Ning Yu shake his head and then state firmly, ” The owner said that she will bring the workers of her shop, to get the sturdy ones among all our kids …” Ning Yu looked at his mer son whose complexion was yellow along with the other three kids who looked weaker than the other and added with a slight scheming glint, ” Who among the five of you is the sturdy one?”      

With that without giving a chance to Shen Hanxing to ask anything, he turned on his heels and left the tent taking a shocked Shi Xi away with him ignoring the scream that echoed behind them.      

Shi Xi, who did not expect such a turn around looked at Ning Yu and then asked, ” Big brother are you thinking of troubling Li?”      

Ning Yu’s eyes dimmed a little before he shook his head, ” That boy is finally leaving his life, though he will be troubled a little bit … I will make sure that this will be the last time.” As he spoke he turned to walk towards the bar where they were standing just a few minutes ago, seeing that he was heading toward the bar, Shi Xi thought of something as he understood what he was doing and asked, ” Brother …you….?”     

” I am going to talk with the owner…I am sure, compared to the younger ones, an elder one with fat covering her entire body is much more suited for her workplace,” Ning Yu grounded out through gritted teeth.     

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