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Chapter 775 Going to see Shen Li

Chapter 775: Going to see Shen Li

Ning Yu did not say anything more and dragged Shi Xi along with him to the pub, even if he had to stay the night outside the pub on the stairs, he will make sure that he will be able to talk with the pub owner.          

On the other hand, Shen Hanxing was so troubled by Ning Yu’s words that she could not even sit still. She walked out of the tent and paced around waiting for her good-for-nothing mother to come back and clear her doubts, in fact, if she had known where her mother went then she would have gone to look for her!      

Mother Shen had no idea that there was someone waiting for her at home, instead, she roamed around the streets looking for a way to get some alcohol to pass the night and finally succeeded in getting one jar from a refugee who was hiding her resources, even though the jar was worth three punches and a broken lip, Mother Shen thought that it was worth it.      

With the jar dangling in her left hand, Mother Shen returned to the tent. Unlike in the morning this time she was truly drunk, her back was slouching and her body was tipped to the side, while she hummed a jolly tune and sane along, ” I am going to be rich, showering in gold and silver —— jolly well, my son will treat me like a queen that I am, aha!”      

Shen Hanxing had almost pulled the strands of her hair while waiting for her mother, thus when she heard the voice of her mother, she immediately stood up from the ground and then ran to her mother, unlike Shi Xi, Shen Hanxing was not at all polite. She grabbed the collar of her mother and dragged her to the tent where she threw Mother Shen inside and then walked inside herself.     

” What are you doing, I am …your…hic …I am your mother,” Mother Shen scolded Shen Hanxing but at this moment Shen Hanxing was too angry to care about anyone much less this woman who was the cause of her tragedy, she sneered and said, ” What kind of mother are you? Let me ask you one thing and you better not hide anything from me! Do you owe a debt of ten taels to the pub owner on Main Street?”      

Though Shen Hanxing was also coveting the money that Yu Dong was hiding in her house, she was smarter than her mother. She did not go around buying this and that making her shoulders press under debts, she knew that unless the money was in her hands she should not use the non-existent money at all which was why she was still relying on the grains that were being given for free by the good-hearted people like Song Yixu.     

Mother Shen looked away, she wasn’t drunk enough to not understand what was going on and what Shen Hanxing was saying to her, however even though her mother did not say anything, her guilty expression was enough to give her away. Shen Hanxing narrowed her eyes and could not help but snap, ” And did that owner say that she will come to get the sturdy and stronger one out of all your kids?”     

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While Shen Hanxing was alone, she had enough time to think through everything and the more she thought about what her father said, the more she thought that what he said was correct. That place was where adults went to have fun why will the pub owner take her younger siblings? Surely she will come after her!      

As soon as she realised that this time she was the one who was in danger of getting sold in exchange for her mother’s debt, she could not help but be terrified. She did not want to be sold away! Now was the time when she could enjoy her life while relying on Shen Li, how can she let herself be sold off?     

Mother Shen pursed her lips and then thought about the words of the pub owner, back then she did not think much about it but now that she was thinking about it clearly…she realised that among all the five kids, only Shen Hanxing was strong and sturdy.      

She licked her lips nervously and then said with a flattering smile, ” Hanxing, there is no need to worry about something like this, all right? After all, your brother is still here, we can take ten taels from him, his wife is so rich…such a small sum of money is nothing to him.”      

Among all her kids, Mother Shen was only scared of Shen Hanxing because this daughter of hers grew up with thugs and local ruffians in her village, she knew more than one way to make things difficult for her if she wanted to!     

Shen Hanxing sneered before she coldly spat, ” You better hope that it happens because there is no way I am allowing you to sell me. If that owner comes here, I will snap your arms and legs myself… I heard from the big boss that one can pay their debts back like this as well”      

Her daughter’s cold words caused Mother Shen to shiver but she still smiled and said, “It is all right, there is no need to worry. I am still his mother, he will listen to me.”      

Mother Shen was this confident because she knew that Shen Li had been completely oppressed by her, there was no way he will dare to say no to her. In her eyes, Shen Li was like a puppy who would come back to her no matter how many times she kicks him—— that boy craved love so much that as long as she said two sweet words he will lap all her bullshit.      

Wasn’t that how she sold him off? It was nothing to worry about, she will have to use a bit of her acting skills but that boy will surely listen to her.      

Shen Hanxing looked at her mother who was still lost in her confidence and coldly sneered, in the end, she decided that her mother was still the most useless one in the family. It was better if she went to see Shen Li instead! That boy was scared of her the most, surely she will be able to wriggle the money out of his hands.      


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