Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Father Who Cannot Be Counted On

Yao Xifeng had a lost look on his face while Song Ran was gloating over his trouble.

He Juan walked quickly but gracefully towards Yao Xifeng. She leaned onto his shoulders and began blaming him. “You are such a heartless guy. How could you be having fun here?”

Everyone at the table was shocked. Song Guoqing glared at Yao Dalong. Yao Dalong was filled with embarrassment. He suppressed his burning anger and asked Yao Xifeng, “Who is this?”

Just as Yao Xifeng was about to speak, He Juan immediately sat down in his lap. Song Ran pretended to be surprised as she pointed towards the two of them and said, “Aiya… What… what is going on?”

Song Guoqing could not hold it in anymore. He stared at the woman with furious eyes and asked, “May I ask who you are? We are not related. Why are you creating such a scene in my house? What do you want?”

Yao Xifeng was perspiring profusely. While looking at this woman before him, he did not dare to move.

He Juan smiled flirtatiously and said, “How am I unrelated? I’m carrying Xifeng’s child. Can’t I come by and look for him?”

Bam! Yao Dalong exploded. He was burning with anger and his face turned red. He pointed at Yao Xifeng with gritted teeth and asked, “Who is she? Explain yourself. Is she speaking the truth?”

Yao Xifeng glanced at the woman again. Of course, he recognized her, but whether or not she was with his child, he could not be sure. Sensing his hesitation, Yao Dalong pushed aside his chair and dashed towards Yao Xifeng and slapped him across the face.

Shen Mengfang was so afraid that she went over to hold back Yao Dalong.Yao Dalong was totally embarrassed by his hopeless son. In the midst of anger, he shoved his arm and accidentally pushed Shen Mengfang onto the ground.

Song Guoqing immediately went to help Shen Mengfang up as she was whining on the floor. At the same time, Yao Dalong was still scolding his unworthy son for being a bastard as Yao Xifeng wordlessly accepted the abuse.

It was truly chaotic.

Meanwhile, Song Ran was watching the melee as everyone fought amongst themselves.

The matchmaking session was actively planned by Shen Mengfang. She could not watch the situation get from bad to worse, so she tried to mediate the quarrel.

However, Yao Dalong only stared at Yao Xifeng sternly and said, “Enough! Follow me back home. I’ll deal with you at home!”

Song Ran was still acting innocent as she said, “Uncle Yao, you are leaving without eating?”

Yao Dalong forced a smile upon his face and said, “I’m really so sorry. This unworthy son of mine has created trouble.”

He Juan was still perched on Yao Xifeng’s lap. She made him touch her belly and asked him when he was going to marry her.

Yao Xifeng did not dare to stay any longer, so he left quickly with his dad who was filled with fury.

Watching the father and son step out of the house, Shen Mengfang wanted to chase after them, but Song Guoqing stopped her. “Enough! Isn’t this embarrassing enough?”

Song Ran glanced at Shen Mengfang who had an awkward expression on her face. She asked intentionally, “Aunty Shen, don’t tell me you were going to introduce a playboy like Yao Xifeng to me?”

Shen Mengfang felt agitated. When she looked into Song Ran’s eyes, she was scared. How did this girl become so mature? She could understand social relationships now unlike in the past when she gave them no mind.

She was only 18. It seemed like only yesterday that she appeared rude and impetuous yet today she displayed a calm personality that did not match her years.

Shen Mengfang stood there in a daze and could not say a single word.

Song Ran asked again, “Aunty Shen, you actually wanted to marry me off to such a useless idiot who is also a playboy? Even though you are not my biological mother, you wouldn’t dare wish ill will onto me like this, am I right?”


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