Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Like A Clear Stream Under The Moonlight

Shen Mengfang seemed to be slapped awake as she quickly denied, “Why… why would I do that? Ran, isn’t this just a part of your wild imagination? I’m just inviting friends over for lunch. That’s all. You’re overthinking it.”

When she said that, she was flustered as she took brief glances at Song Guoqing. She could not help but quiver upon seeing the darkened expression on his face.

Song Ran chuckled softly as she wrapped her hands around her dad’s elbow. With a soft voice, she said, “Dad, if Aunty Shen thinks this, you must help me. You can’t let my stepmother bully me.”

Song Guoqing was somewhat disconcerted as he stroked Song Ran’s hair and softened his tone when addressing her. “Don’t worry. I’m your father. I will do all that I can so that your life isn’t a living hell. I hate to see you suffer.”

Song Ran snorted to herself. You won’t be pushing me onto anyone, but you only listen to Shen Mengfang. You can’t seem to stand the pillow talk coming from that pretty little wife of yours.

Song Guoqing threw Shen Mengfang a side glance as he ordered her in a cold voice. “Follow me upstairs.”

Shen Mengfang acted like she was in a grave situation as she gingerly followed Song Guoqing upstairs.

Being pretentious, Song Ran shouted from downstairs, “Dad, Aunty Shen, aren’t you guys having lunch? There’s a spread on the table.”

“Go on first. We’ll have it later.”

Chiding someone was a pressing task, so he instead opted to agree with her. How could Song Guoqing be in the mood for lunch?

With a loud bang, the bedroom door closed. Song Guoqing gritted his teeth as he glowered at Shen Mengfang. “This is the man you wanted to introduce to Ran? How dare you introduce her to such a notorious character? What are your intentions? Huh?”

Shen Mengfang staggered back. “What intentions do I have? I did this for Ran’s own good. I asked around. They all said Yao Xifeng is slightly rebellious and loves to flirt with girls. How would I know he would get someone pregnant? If I had known he was that kind of man, I would never have vouched for him.”

After she admitted her mistake, Song Guoqing softened his tone. “You aren’t pushing Ran to a troubled man on purpose?”

Shen Mengfang got anxious. “If I harbor any such thoughts, let lightning strike me to death.”

Most of Song Guoqing’s anger had subsided, but his face remained stern as he said, “If you want to find a husband for Ran, next time please properly do your research. If such a situation were to arise again, I will not spare you.”

Shen Mengfang quickly agreed. “Yes, I got it. I’ll definitely shortlist the right candidates.”

Song Ran, who was eavesdropping outside the door, almost went pale. Her dad was such a muddlehead. How could he pin his hope on Shen Mengfang again?


It looked like she could not depend on her dad anymore. She could only rely on herself in the future.

That night, Song Ran described the incident to Song Xuan. Song Xuan was elated. “I bet Shen Mengfang sustained internal injuries from holding in her anger.”

Song Ran beamed with joy as she said, “On one hand, she was breathing fire. On the other hand, she had to lower herself and promise our dad that this situation would not happen again. Tell me, why does she do this? Can’t she just be content with what she has and behave herself in our family?”

Song Xuan shook her head. “Some people are born to create trouble. She loves chaos so that she could sit and reap the benefits from both sides.”

Ring… The sound of the phone in the living room sounded especially harsh in the quiet of the night. Song Ran curled her lips. “Who would be calling at such a late hour?”

Then she heard Mother Wu calling for her from downstairs. “Ran, the phone.”

Song Ran was a little surprised as she walked out, dragging her slippers with her feet. She muttered, “Who could be calling me at this time?”

Mother Wu said, “Sounds like Team Leader Gu.”


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