Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2567 - Chapter 2567: Twins

Chapter 2567: Twins

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Brother Tang completely calmed down and said, “Got it. I’ll go prepare!”

Looking at Brother Tang’s back, the director felt that it was a pity and said, “Wangzhi is a good talent. He plays the piano well. It’s just that in the entertainment industry, everyone follows the trend. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Brother Tang clenched his fists tightly to restrain his excitement.

He did not discuss Qiao Weiyang’s matter with the director anymore. He also had his own selfish motives.

Qiao Weiyang was definitely a trump card. Fang Fang was nothing compared to Qiao Weiyang.


If he played this trump card well, he could let Xu Wangzhi remain for a few more rounds.

It all depended on how he, the manager, arranged it!

The less the director valued this trump card, the less everyone knew about its existence. That way, the more sensational this card would be.

He instructed his assistant to order the best clothes and props.

“If the director doesn’t agree, I’ll pay for it out of my own pocket.” Brother Tang knew that this investment was completely worth it!

He didn’t even communicate with Xu Wangzhi, planning to make this a surprise for him.

Brother Tang went past Xu Wangzhi and directly communicated with Tao


After confirming that it was really Qiao Weiyang and her assistant, it took Brother Tang a long time to suppress his surprise and excitement.

When Xu Wangzhi came back after practicing, he saw a message on his phone.

He knew who it was when he saw the remark that read ‘Lil Yang Yang’. Qiao Weiyang didn’t have much content on her WeChat, and she rarely posted anything related to her relationship and family.

Xu Wangzhi took a look and could not guess her profession. After greeting her, he said: [Lil Yang Yang, where should I get my manager to pick you up tomorrow?]

[I’ll come over myself when the time comes. I’ll meet you at the event location.]

[Alright. Then I’ll have to trouble you this time.]

Qiao Weiyang replied: [It’s my duty. You’re Aunt Lin’s student, and we’re friends. You’re most welcome.]

Xu Wangzhi thought to himself that this woman was quite eloquent. They had not interacted much in the past, but they could indeed be friends in the future.

He typed in response. [When you come tomorrow, don’t be too nervous. Your performance is to play the piano with me. You’re familiar with Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise’, right? Let’s play this. I’ll perform a part first, then you’ll play a part, and finally, I’ll sing. That’s probably how the flow will be. During the performance, you can just be yourself.]

Qiao Weiyang looked at his tone. Did he not even know who she was?

She was a little puzzled.

However, she didn’t think too much about it. Perhaps Xu Wangzhi was just a worrier.

She replied: [Okay. If there’s anything I don’t understand, I’ll talk to the manager and director.]

Xu Wangzhi said: [Thank you.]

After he finished chatting with Qiao Weiyang, it was already too late, so he did not click on Qiao Weiyang’s information.

The information itself was mainly for the production team and manager so that they could prepare the clothes and makeup for Qiao Weiyang.

Xu Wangzhi didn’t really expect her to be of much help. He just wanted to find an opportunity to return Lin Shuhui’s favor so that the mother and daughter could cover their expenses in Jingdu City during this period of time.

Even if there wasn’t this opportunity, he would probably have created another opportunity to give away this sum of money to them.

He also knew that he would not have many scenes. When the time came, the camera would not put too much pressure on Lil Yang Yang. She just had to be herself on stage and perform according to her usual style.

Seeing that he was chatting on WeChat, Brother Tang ran over and asked, “Are you chatting with Mrs. Lin’s goddaughter?”

“Yes, I’m worried she’ll be nervous if she doesn’t have the experience of going on stage. However, Brother Tang, you have to remember that after she comes tomorrow, you have to treat her with respect no matter what. If others look down on her, you have to help her resolve her embarrassment. Anyway, the recording will only last for a few hours. You don’t have to worry about me. Just take care of her.”

Hearing his arrangements, Brother Tang knew that he had not clicked on the information at all.

However, this was quite good. This way, he could use this trump card to the best effect!

The next day, the recording of Piano Story began.

The production team was biased. When filming, they would prioritize recording those with high status first. They would also edit the footage accordingly before the episode was aired.

Therefore, people like Xu Wangzhi usually had to wait for a long time.

Waiting was basically compulsory.

Although he had more time to prepare, the anxiety of waiting would also invisibly increase his nervousness.

Xu Wangzhi waited quietly and patiently.

The other artistes, especially the invited guests, were arranged to be in front.

Brother Tang waited quietly. He could not complain.

There was no way to complain. These high-ranking guests might only have a little time in their schedules, and they still had to make time to rush for their next activity. They were so busy that their feet were not touching the ground. The production team had to flatter them to make time for them.

When Qiao Weiyang came over, the recording of the show was already halfway done.

She was wearing a baseball cap with the brim lowered as she walked in with Tao Huan.

Brother Tang had already rushed over at the scheduled time. When he saw that it was indeed Qiao Weiyang, although he was already mentally prepared, he could not help but tremble with excitement.

“Miss Qiao, hello, hello!” Brother Tang’s hands were trembling.

“Hello, Brother Tang. Just call me Weiyang. Wangzhi is my Aunt Lin’s student.

I’m here out of friendship. Don’t be too nervous.”

Qiao Weiyang naturally reached out and shook Brother Tang’s hand.

“Okay, okay. This way, please. You can go change your clothes and put on makeup first,” Brother Tang said.

Qiao Weiyang nodded and followed Brother Tang to the dressing room.

Tao Huan also followed. Brother Tang treated them very well.

The makeup artists in the dressing room had already put on makeup for the other artistes and were casually chatting.

“I’ll have to trouble you guys. There’s another artiste here,” Brother Tang said.

“Okay, come on. Sit down.” One of the makeup artists put down her coffee and walked over.

She looked a little nonchalant, and her fatigue after working for a long time was obvious.

Qiao Weiyang chose a seat and sat down. She took off her hat and let down her long hair. “Thank you, Miss.”

The makeup artist stared at her bright facial features in the mirror and was stunned for a moment. Her hand that was holding the makeup brush trembled.

“Qiao… Qiao Weiyang?”

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Qiao Weiyang smiled. “It’s me. Thank you for your hard work, Miss.”

“It’s not hard at all.” The makeup artist’s fingers trembled. “I like watching your movies very much. I admire many of your roles.”

“Thank you,” Qiao Weiyang said politely..

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