Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2568 - Chapter 2568: Twins

Chapter 2568: Twins

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The makeup artist finally restrained her excitement. She picked up her makeup supplies and began to put makeup on Qiao Weiyang.

The other makeup artists were also very surprised. They had never heard of Qiao Weiyang joining the program today!

Not only that, but the production team did not seem to have done any publicity either?

Was she a mystery guest?

They wondered who Qiao Weiyang was here to support.


Who would be the lucky one to have the chance to go on stage with Qiao Weiyang?

At the event location.

Initially, there was still some time before Xu Wangzhi’s turn. He was also prepared to be the last.

However, the son of a big director felt that he was not ready yet. After discussing with the director, he decided to film later and rest first.

The director immediately agreed. “Wangzhi, prepare to record immediately!”

“But my guest hasn’t arrived yet.” Xu Wangzhi looked outside. Brother Tang had already gone to pick her up, but he might not be able to make it in time.

The director looked at his watch and said, “Chengyu needs to make more preparations, and the others aren’t ready yet. Why don’t you just do it for now?”

Chengyu was the son of the big director. The others also had a super strong lineup of guests. Other than Xu Wangzhi, there was no one else who could go now.

Xu Wangzhi asked, “Director, my guest isn’t ready yet.”

“Whether she’s ready or not won’t affect your recording,” the director said. It was obvious that he had no intention of giving Xu Wangzhi’s guest any scenes.

In any case, they wouldn’t be filming his guest. It didn’t matter if she was present during the recording.

Xu Wangzhi smiled bitterly. “I’ll rush her. Give me three minutes, okay?”

“Three minutes, then!” the director said.

Xu Wangzhi immediately called Brother Tang. Brother Tang said, “Soon, soon. We’ll be there in five minutes.’

Actually, Qiao Weiyang’s makeup was already handled very quickly. It was only because of Chengyu’s last-minute change of decision that Xu Wangzhi was very tight on time.

Three minutes later, the director said that the recording would begin.

Xu Wangzhi had no choice but to perk up. He tidied up his clothes and smiled.

As soon as the emcee finished speaking, Xu Wangzhi walked to the front of the stage from behind the curtain.

Below the stage were the judges and the audience who were participating in the recording. They were already sitting and waiting. Compared to the celebrities, these audience members were the most tired. They could not bring their cell phones with them and had to listen to the production team’s arrangements at all times. They often recorded for more than ten hours. Many of them were fans who came specially for their idols.

Xu Wangzhi went on stage, and there was sparse applause from the audience.

As he had very few fans and there were few people at the venue, the audience below the stage was naturally not very enthusiastic.

However, this did not matter. When the time came, the production team would put in the enthusiastic applause that had been recorded in advance to create the impression that every contestant was very popular.

Of course, those with high status and popularity would definitely enjoy thunder-like applause. They would also record the audience’s reaction from the front to the back row with their cameras.

For someone like Xu Wangzhi, the camera would just casually sweep across the audience.

After Xu Wangzhi appeared, he sat in front of the piano.

Initially, he planned to play a part himself while Lil Yang Yang would play another.

But now, it seemed that he could only finish playing it himself.

Glancing at the audience, he took a deep breath and sat down in front of the piano.

Xu Wangzhi’s hands landed on the piano keys, and he began to play.

The performance venue of Piano Story was mainly dominated by piano performances. In addition, it was supplemented by performances and singing.

Xu Wangzhi’s piano playing skills were extremely professional. He was not a piano professional, but he practiced it all year round, so he had a lot of skills and experience.

As the director looked at the camera, he admired Xu Wangzhi’s piano playing. This young man was really energetic. He admired him very much.

However, good energy did not represent anything else. The director still had to protect the viewership ratings of the entire show.

Behind the stage, Qiao Weiyang quickly followed Brother Tang over. As the performance was brought forward at the last minute, they were very nervous. When they arrived backstage, they heard the sound of the piano in front of them.

Brother Tang immediately covered his head. “It’s over, it’s over. Wangzhi has already started his performance! It’s too late now!”

He knew that he had made the wrong choice. He had thought that if he played his trump card, Qiao Weiyang, well, he would definitely stun everyone. The director and audience would then be full of admiration.

However, he did not expect Xu Wangzhi to go over alone at the last minute.

If the director knew that Xu Wangzhi’s guest was Qiao Weiyang, would he let him take the stage at the last minute? He would definitely wait for Qiao Weiyang!

Brother Tang’s face turned pale. How was he going to explain this to everyone?

Qiao Weiyang said calmly, “Not yet. He just played the first part of the tune. There’s still time. I can still make it to play the second part!”

Brother Tang let go of his hands. Before he could say anything, Qiao Weiyang lifted the backstage curtain and walked toward the stage.

The director was recording, and the audience was also watching. Xu Wangzhi had finished playing the first part and was about to play the second part when everyone saw the curtain open. A figure walked out from behind.

Her bright facial features were the first to catch everyone’s attention.

Everyone took a closer look and saw that it was Qiao Weiyang!

There was no doubt about her fame and current status in the entertainment industry. What surprised everyone was that she was going on stage now. Could it be that she was here as Xu Wangzhi’s guest?

She was wearing a silver-white dress. She looked noble and elegant but trendy at the same time. Everyone’s gaze seemed to be drawn to her, unable to move.

Xu Wangzhi was also stunned. Qiao Weiyang smiled. “It’s my turn.”

Only then did he stand up in a daze. He made a gentlemanly bow and invited her to sit down.

Qiao Weiyang sat down and placed her fingers on the piano keys.

Before Xu Wangzhi could come back to his senses, she had already started playing.

In his surprise, the director kept giving orders. “Push the camera closer. Shoot more. Add two more sets of shots at the last minute! Hurry up!”

The cameras and cameramen were all ready. They were all on standby. When they heard his command, they immediately aimed their cameras at the stage and followed the rhythm.

After making the arrangements, the director wiped the sweat off his forehead and muttered, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

He had missed a few publicity opportunities.

Although it was still unknown how good Qiao Weiyang’s piano performance was, her popularity… Wait, before the director could finish thinking, he heard the music flow out from her fingertips and ripple in the air..

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