I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything

Chapter 373 - Fly King Squadron

Chapter 373 - Fly King Squadron

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[I’m counting on you, Touka.]


I channel magic power into her transformation bangle.

As the light subsides, Eve returns to her Leopardkin form.

While checking the condition of her arm……

[I’ve been spotted by humans several times before coming here…… but being in my original form really makes me stand out. As expected, being in my human form makes me less noticeable. I could still feel eyes directed at me back when we were outside the Anti-Demon White Castle, but their gazes weren’t the same as those directed at me while I was in my Leopardkin form.]

Their gazes must simply be a reaction to seeing a beautiful woman by human standards.

[This outfit isn’t very comfortable in my original form. However, since I’m already here, there shouldn’t be any problem with me taking up my original form anymore. As you know, my physical abilities are slightly higher in this form. There seems to be no need to hide the fact that I’m Eve Speed after all.]

Afterward, I listened to Eve’s explanation about the magic tool that’s gonna be used for Vysis.

At her curious words, Loqierra shrugged, telling her that Deities usually aren’t her current size.

Come to think of it, Eve had never seen Vysis before.

With that, just as we are about to depart———-

[Well, this marks the first time in a while that the initial members of the Fly King Squadron have gathered.]

Our line-up from back then———– me, Pigimaru, Seras, Eve, Liz, and Slei.

Since Liz communicates through her familiar, she’s only “technically” here.

We stood in a circle.

At my words, Seras spoke.

[Once this battle is over, I’d also like to meet up with Liz and we can all gather again.]



Thereupon, we all bent down a bit.

Slei stood on her hind legs, raised a front leg and touched Seras’ fist with it.

[ ? ]

Their gazes were directed at me……

Are they waiting for my words?

……This isn’t really my thing though.

Well, looking at the “fists” gathered in our circle……

[I feel like this is where the real battle begins……  but I’m grateful to all of you who have come with me this far———– from the bottom of my heart……]

The inheritor of the blood of a scum parents———– Touka Mimori.

A scum born from scum.

Thanks to my aunt and uncle, I didn’t become “the same” as them, and was able to hold my ground.

As Seras’ smile deepened even more……

[Touka-dono, everyone here…… has been holding the same feelings for you all along.]

Liz’s familiar nodded.

Thereupon, Eve spoke.

[Fufu…… I wouldn’t have managed to come this far if not for you.]

Pigimaru and Slei followed suit with their affirming cries.



Seras looks at me and speaks.

[Touka-dono, this battle…… let’s definitely win it. And then, let’s gather again——— everyone here, at Erika-dono’s home. That’s why, umm…… With everyone———–…………..]

For some reason, Seras’ face was flushed red up to her ears.

Towards the end of her declaration, Seras seemed somewhat desperate.

……I suppose she was probably trying to boost morale in her own way.

And as for the person who gave that rallying cry———–

After making that declaration, she covered her mouth with her hand.

[Ah——– I- I’m sorry…… Umm——— Such rough language…… may have been…… unbecoming of a knight……]

Even though she said that……



A chuckle escaped out of my lips.

Standing up straight, I spoke.

[That’s the spirit, Seras Ashrain.]


With flushed cheeks, Seras eyes slightly moistened……

Like a flower blooming, her expression regained brightness.

At that moment, Eve also stood up.

[I’ve never seen Touka smile like that before.]

Placing a hand on Seras’ back, she continued.

[Fufu, you’ve gotten accustomed to it huh———– Being the amusing High Elf in the group, I mean.]

As if steam was rising from her, Seras shyly blushed and bowed her head.

[I- I didn’t mean that——— when I said that just now……]

Looking around……

It’s about time for us to leave huh.

Adjusting my Fly King mask, I started walking.

However, stopping for a moment……

[Let’s go, Seras.]

Turning around, I looked over my shoulder and spoke.

[To defeat that sh*tty Goddess.]

Seras opened her mouth in surprise.

And then, she happily ran over.


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