I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything

Chapter 374 - Connections

Chapter 374 - Connections

The carriages were already prepared for departure, and me, Seras and the others were heading over there.

Eve noticed the two who were waiting there.


[Ah! They’ve arrived nya!]

[Ara, you’re here.]

Nyakki waved her hand vigorously.

On the other hand, Munin waved her hand more subtly.

I lightly waved my hand in response.

The two of them joined the Fly King Squadron after we left Erika’s house.

These two, in a sense, are like mid-period members.

I guess the latter-period ones would be the Takao Sisters and those joining after them……?

Raising an eyebrow, Eve asked.

As if pleading innocence, I spoke.

[It’s not like I said anything weird. I just said you’re incredibly kind-hearted.]

[I heard that it was because of your help that he reached us Kurosagas through the Spellbook of Incantations. Thank you for that.]

Eve gladly shook the hand Munin held out to her.

[However, that would have been meaningless if you hadn’t shown the willingness to cooperate with Touka. This, too, could be seen as a bond brought about by Touka’s strong determination.]

[I’ll also participate in this battle as a Forbidden Curse user. I’ve heard that Eve-san is a very strong warrior…… Furthermore, this time, you even brought a trump card against Vysis. Thank you for lending us your strength.]

[What, I’m just lending my strength to this battle because I wanted to…… I also owe a debt of gratitude to Touka and the others after all.]

[You’ve already repaid it.]

Eve immediately glanced at me at my words, before speaking.

[Because he’s such a man…… that I just can’t help but want to lend my strength.]

[Fufu, I get what you meant.]

[Even so———- You’re somehow different from what I heard.]

Munin tilted her head in wonder.

[ ? ]

[According to what I heard from Touka…… I imagined you’d be a more mischievous woman.]

[Ehh, no way……]

Munin blushed and covered both her cheeks with her hands.

[T- Touka-san…… What kind of person did you say I am to Eve-san……? Geez……]

Munin pouted her cheeks.

Her face was flushed red, and her lips were pursed.

Her eyes looking at me had a slightly reproachful look.


Nyaki let out a sigh of relief.

[I don’t really understand nya, but if that’s the case, then I’m relieved nya…… Nyaki will also do my best from now on nya~~]

Going “Winyar~~”, Nyaki struck a determined pose.

Looking at the crow perched on Eve’s shoulder———– Liz’s familiar, I spoke.

[And even after this battle———– I’ll still be relying on you, Nyaki.]

The familiar looked a bit embarrassed.

Actually, Liz, with her familiar, and Nyaki had already met once during our journey.

Due to the limitations of the character board and the burden using a familiar had on Liz’s body, it was a very short time.

Nyaki’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the familiar.

[Ah———- Are you here with us now nya?]

Her question seemed to be asking if Liz had currently connected her consciousness with her familiar.

The familiar nodded in response.

Eve knelt down and the familiar onto her arm.

At about the same height, the familiar and Nyaki faced each other.


Her gaze upturned, seemingly thinking about what to say for a moment, Nyaki timidly spoke to the familiar.

[Liz-sa…… Nyanyaa~~…… L- Liz-chan.]

When shyly Nyaki corrected the way she addressed her, Liz responded.


As Nyaki opened her eyes wide, looking like she made up her mind……

[If we could meet directly…… O- Once again——— I’d like to ask you to be Nyaki’s friend nya……!]

[However…… I believe that your kindness has been woven into what has been spun on that journey. Even if you deny it, that’s what I think.]

[Yeah, yeah, you’ve been saying that all along. That I’m apparently kind.]

The familiar moved to Nyaki’s shoulder.

Eve puts her hands on her knees and slowly stands up.

[Fufu…… Can’t tell if you’re being straightforward or not.]

I’m not sure whether she was overcome with emotion or not, but Nyaki started crying.

She repeatedly wiped her wet cheeks with her fists.

It was as if she were trying to scoop up the overflowing tears.

Seras and Munin ran over and almost simultaneously offered clothes to wipe her tears.

Liz, perched on Nyaki’s shoulder, also tried to wipe away the tears with her feathers.

Pigimaru, who looked confused about what was going on, seemed to have had enough……


He jumped energetically from my shoulder.

Then, jumping onto Sle’s back……



Worried about Nyaki, they charged into the circle of people.

Eve, standing shoulder to shoulder with me, watched that scene happening, and seemingly deeply moved, she spoke.

[It has grown a lot…… Both our connections and the Fly King Squadron.]

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