I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Is That Bastard Your Father?

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As night descended, the lights in Jiang City lit up and brightly sparkled in the night sky. In this bright city, in front of a bar in the city center, a muscular and fierce bouncer glared at a tiny girl.

When he saw that the girl showed zero intentions of leaving even after five minutes had passed like this, the bouncer could not help but ask, “Kid, what’s wrong with you? Are you lost?”


“Then, why are you here?”

“I’m here to look for my father!”

“What?” The bouncer was flabbergasted. The kid in front of him was only three or four years old, and her hair was tied into two cute little braids. She had worn a white cotton dress and was carrying a pink rabbit-shaped bag and a tiny suitcase.

Why is she looking for her father here? Doesn’t she know what kind of a place this is? 

The girl pointed at the bar entrance with her tiny and fair hands, blinked, and said, “My dad’s inside.”

The bouncer thought that the girl was utterly adorable. Her exquisite facial features and her cute voice melted his tough heart. He wanted to bring her home and raise her, but she had a father.

“Are you sure that your father is inside? Why don’t I bring you in to look for him?”

The little girl was about to accept the bouncer’s offer when the door to the bar opened. An intoxicated man stumbled out while scratching his head. The girl recognized him with just a glance. He was Su Shengjing, the man she was looking for!

“Thank you, Uncle, but my dad came out!”

The bouncer glanced at the man with a complicated expression. “No way! That bastard is your father?”

Su Jiu also wanted to ask why this man was her father.

He was such an uncool middle-aged man!

As someone particular about cleanliness, Su Jiu disdainfully stared at the “middle-aged and uncool uncle” walking toward her.

Su Jiu had been an eighteen-year-old girl. She was not only beautiful but also bright. However, the moment she got accepted to the best school in the nation, a lightning bolt had struck her dead. When she woke up, she realized that she had transmigrated into a novel called “Domineering CEO Fiercely Loves Me,” a novel she had read in the past because she had been bored.

Furthermore, she had become the second female lead, Su Jiu, who shared the same name as her. According to the tropes in these CEO novels, the second female lead would grow up to snatch the male lead away from the main female lead, plot all sorts of evil plans, and eventually have a dismal ending.

Right now, Su Jiu was the second female lead as a child. When the second female lead was born, she had been abandoned in an orphanage. There, she developed a manipulative streak at a young age. She later got adopted by a couple, who were also the main female lead’s parents. While stealing the parents’ love from the main female lead, the second female lead also plotted to sabotage the main female lead.

After she grew up, the second female lead accidentally discovered her real parents’ identity. However, as her biological mother had mercilessly abandoned her at an orphanage, the second female lead harbored hatred for them. Her real father was poor and useless, so she refused to reconcile with them out of embarrassment. Instead, she had become even more determined to snatch away the main female lead’s parents and the main male lead.

Su jiu thought that if she wanted to survive in this world, she had to avoid following the storyline and maintain her distance from the main female lead’s affairs.

Hence, she quickly accepted the fact that she had transmigrated. Before her foster parents visited the orphanage to adopt her, she embarked on a search for her real father!

Her real father was Su Shengjing.

Su Shengjing had once been a celebrity. However, at the peak of his popularity, someone had drugged his drinks at a business dinner. Su Shengjing had dazedly stumbled into a waiting room, and a woman had also entered the room later. Things had naturally progressed from there.

When she was three to four months pregnant, the woman realized that she was carrying a baby. She wanted to abort it, but the doctor said that because of certain medical conditions, she could not have children in the future if she aborted her baby. Hence, the woman had no choice but to give birth.

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