I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Acting Cute and Crying

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However, the woman had no intention of raising the second female lead. Thus, she dropped the baby at an orphanage soon after giving birth. Afterward, the woman disappeared from the world’s eyes and never appeared anymore…

According to the novel, Su Shengjing had been twenty-four at that time, at the peak of his youth. However, he had ruined himself like that!

After his popularity waned, he had given up on himself. He started to visit this night bar daily and lived his life aimlessly.

When Su Shenjing was eighteen, he had debuted as the nation’s crush. His picture where he was standing under a tree’s shade and smiling while looking back was engraved in the hearts of many girls.

However, what happened to the man Su Jiu was looking at now?

His hair was utterly disheveled. He had not cut it for ages, so it reached past his neck. His face looked miserable, and his dark circles were as large as a panda’s. He had an unkempt, unshaven beard, and on top of that, his belly was protruding as well. Wearing a wrinkly white T-shirt, a pair of beach shorts, and slippers, he looked like a refugee from a poverty-stricken place. In fact, he looked ten years older than his actual age.

Su Jiu disdainfully judged him!

At the very least, as a celebrity, his looks should pass the test! 

Even those who did not care about their image or had average appearances exuded an elegant aura.

However, Su Shengjing looked nothing like the nation’s crush he had been back then.

The bouncer softly told Su Jiu, “Little girl, I advise you to quickly go home. That man is not a good person. Many bad rumors about him circulate here. If you look for him, he might sell you off! By then, you’d be sold to the mountains where all the weird uncles and aunties live. Aren’t you scared?”

Su Jiu shook her head. “Daddy is not that sort of person.”

After speaking, she ran toward Su Shengjing, who had not noticed her yet. Then, she yelled in a cute voice, “Daddy!”

As Su Shengjing had drunk a lot, he felt very dizzy. He heard a girl’s voice and had barely regained his senses when he felt two tiny arms hug his leg.

Su Shengjing lowered his head and saw that it was a four-year-old little girl hugging his leg. He jumped in shock as his mind cleared up a little. “What did you call me?”

The little girl lifted her fair, tiny face and happily looked at him. “Daddy!”

The word left Su Shengjing speechless.

Su Jiu looked adorable. Her eyes were big and bright like grapes, and she looked as cute as a newborn fawn.

However, Su Shengjing had no favorable feelings toward kids. With a frown, he said, “Kid, I’m not your father. Don’t go around calling strangers your father.”

Su Jiu seriously said, “You’re my father. I’m Su Jiu, your daughter!”

Her words again shocked Su Shengjing.

How did you know that I’m your father? Did you get the information from the Internet? 

Don’t think that I will let my guard down and get tricked by you just because you’re a child! 

A kid had appeared out of thin air and called him her father; Su Shengjing instinctively thought that something was fishy. Hence, he glanced around to see if the kid had any accomplices. If some people jumped out and accused him of abducting the child, he could never prove his innocence.

The worst-case scenario was someone scamming him. He was penniless and was soon going to be homeless.

“Daddy, are you abandoning me? Boo hoo…” Su Jiu hugged his leg and started sobbing.

As a child, acting cute and crying were the two most important skills to settle an adult. If any one of them was ineffective, then she would use both of them at the same time!

Su Shengjing stiffened as if he had been struck by lightning.

No way! Even the bouncer beside me looks richer than me. So why did this child choose to target me? 

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