I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Heard That He Was Mute

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The kid looked like a six- or seven-year-old boy with slightly long black hair. He was dressed in a fading black shirt and beige pants.

Since he was too skinny, the clothes looked too big for him. Carrying a black plastic bag on one hand, he rummaged through the dustbin with the other. When he found a plastic bottle or aluminum can, he placed it into the plastic bag.

After rummaging through a dustbin, he turned around to find another dustbin. He seemed to be very familiar with these actions as if he had done it many times.

Su Shengjing had seen the boy a couple of times, and every time, the kid was picking up trash. As he held Su Jiu’s hand, he walked over and asked with a frown, “Why are you picking trash again? Where are your family members?”

The boy did not say anything. He just glanced at Su Shengjing, then at Su Jiu who was standing beside him. He then averted his gaze and continued rummaging through the trash.

Although it was just a short glance, it had shocked Su Jiu.

Those eyes were very deep. He was a kid who should be innocently playing in a field somewhere, yet he had a brooding and unfathomable gaze like an adult.

Furthermore, it looked like he had gone through a weathered life.

Su Shengjing took out his wallet from his pocket. He did not have a lot of money with him, and on top of that, he still had to pay for Su Jiu’s toiletries. Afraid that he would not have enough left, he could only pass a fifty-dollar note to the boy. “Here, buy something to eat.”

His actions stunned the boy, and his dark eyes stared at the bill. It made it clear that he needed it.

However, the boy knew that he could not take someone’s money so casually. Thus, he did not grab the note even after a while passed. He pursed his lips and looked very conflicted.

Su Jiu stuffed the money into the boy’s hands and smiled at him. “Big Brother, just take this money. If you think that you can’t take it for nothing, you can return it to my father after you’ve grown up and earned money.”

Her words convinced the boy, and he forcefully nodded. Then, he reached his hands out to take the money, while taking a closer look at her.

Did she just move here? 

How cute!

The boy’s ears blushed, and he embarrassedly nodded. Avoiding Su Jiu’s gaze, he carefully kept the money, turned around, and continued rummaging through the dustbin.

When Su Jiu exited the neighborhood, she turned around and glanced at the boy, feeling a bit bad for him.

Such a small child has to pick trash. He must be leading a tough life! 

She could not help but ask, “Daddy, who is he?”

“He lives in our building. People say that he’s mute, but I’m not sure if it’s true. Anyway, I’ve never heard him speak.”

“Why is he picking trash here? Is his family very poor?”

“Everyone who lives here is poor, including me.” Su Shengjing felt a bit guilty, and he looked at Su Jiu. “Will you dislike me for that?”

Su Jiu shook her head and brightly smiled. “Of course not! You’re the best daddy in the whole world!”

Her words melted Su Shengjing’s heart.

Alright! Since she had said that, he decided to take responsibility from now on and work hard to raise her well!


When the duo reached the supermarket, Su Shengjing took a trolley, carried Su Jiu, and placed her inside it.

Su Jiu’s face flushed, and she became embarrassed.

Her real self was an adult in the end. That was why sitting in a trolley like a baby made her feel a bit… shameful.

When Su Shengjing noticed Su Jiu’s awkward expression, he thought that she did not enjoy sitting in the trolley. Hence, he lowered his head and asked, “Do you want me to hug you?”

Su Jiu rapidly shook her head. “No need, Daddy. I’ll just sit in the trolley. It’ll be so tiring for you to carry me.”

Su Shengjing almost choked up, and an indescribable sense of joy surfaced in his heart.

Oh my God, what kind of angel is she? 

She’s simply too thoughtful! 

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