I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Daddy Became Impressive

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It had been so long since he had last experienced the feeling of being cared for that Su Shengjing had forgotten how it felt like. At this moment, a warm feeling engulfed his heart.

Su Shengjing pushed the trolley and went to the toiletries section. When he passed by the shelf with the diapers, he subconsciously took one. After thinking about it, he asked Su Jiu, “Do you need this?”

Su Jiu shook her head and earnestly said, “I don’t need it, Daddy. I can use the toilet, bathe myself, and sleep on my own. I can even cook!”

Her reply left Su Shengjing shocked.

Did she need to take care of herself in the orphanage because she was having a tough time there? 

She even knows how to cook at such a young age! 

“Daddy, I know a lot of things. I won’t make you worry.” Su Jiu added.

When Su Shengjing heard her, he felt like a rock had been placed on his heart. He then stroked her tiny head.

Su Jiu rubbed her head against his palm, and Su Shengjing’s heart softened again. Suddenly, someone beside them loudly exclaimed, “Ah! She’s so cute! Hi, is this your daughter? How adorable!”

Blinking her eyes, Su Jiu looked at the person. It was a fashionable and pretty lady who looked to be around twenty. When she saw Su Jiu, her eyes sparkled, and she asked Su Shengjing with a look of anticipation.

Su Shengjing coughed and said in an unnatural way, “Yes. She’s my daughter.”

“She doesn’t look like you at all!”

Su Shengjing was left speechless.

Somehow, he felt offended.

Don’t daughters look like their fathers? Why did she say that Su Jiu doesn’t look like me? 

Su Shengjing did not realize how miserable his appearance was right now—he completely looked like an uncle! In contrast, his daughter was so adorable and soft that one would feel compelled to squeeze her cheeks. They looked nothing alike.

The lady excitedly stroked Su Jiu’s tiny head. The kid’s hair was furry and nice to touch, so she could not help but pat her a bit longer while mumbling, “How cute! How adorable!”

Su Shengjing did not really like it when others touched Su Jiu. With a frown, he said, “That’s enough.”

The lady withdrew her hand and stuck her tongue out in embarrassment. “Sorry, Uncle. Your daughter’s so cute that I can’t help myself.”


Su Shengjing’s lips twitched. I’m only twenty-two! She must be blind to think that I’m an uncle! 

Humphing, he pushed the trolley and continued walking forward. Then, he grabbed two cans of powdered milk, a baby bottle, and some children’s toiletries and clothes. Whenever he saw something suitable for Su Jiu, he wanted to shove it into the trolley. However, since his wallet was almost empty, he could only buy the items he urgently needed first.

In the end, he took some fresh fruits, vegetables, beef, and half a chicken. When he thought that he had taken everything he needed, he walked toward the cashier.

When they reached the cashier, Su Jiu reached out and helped Su Shengjing place the groceries on the cashier counter.

The cashier sneaked a few more glances at Su Jiu. She had never seen such an adorable girl, who looked like those child stars on the milk advertisements— No, Su Jiu was even better-looking than them!

After paying for the groceries, Su Shengjing carried the bags and took Su Jiu out of the trolley. He firmly hugged her in his arms, then strode out like an impressive father.

When Su Jiu saw how he was carrying a bunch of things, she said, “Daddy, I can walk on my own and help you carry some stuff.”

This child is too obedient!

As Su Shengjing exclaimed in his heart, he continued carrying her. He said while walking, “I can carry them. Plus, there are a lot of people here. It’s better to carry you around.”

At that moment, the lady whom they had met at the toiletries section had also come out after buying her groceries. When she saw this scene, she immediately turned on her phone camera and snapped a picture of the two.

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