I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1232 - 1232 I'm Very Satisfied With This Marriage!

Chapter 1232 - 1232 I'm Very Satisfied With This Marriage!

1232 I’m Very Satisfied With This Marriage!

His long legs rushed ahead, as if he were afraid that she would go back on her word. He held her wrist tightly, not giving her a chance to break free.

Su Jiu staggered behind him. Sensing his urgency, she could not help but snicker.

At the same time, her heart softened.

Little villain… Don’t tell me you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time?

After entering the office, the two of them took off their masks when they were filling in the form and had to take photos. People immediately recognized the two of them. A girl covered her mouth and excitedly shouted, “Ahhhh, Little Jiu! Are you Little Jiu? Oh my god! I actually met you here. Are you and your fiancé going to register your marriage?!”

“Little Jiu! It’s Little Jiu! Oh my god! I’m actually meeting Little Jiu while getting my marriage certificate. Her fiancé is so handsome! He’s a hundred times more handsome than in the pictures!”

Many people gathered around them, hearing the commotion. They could not hide their excitement as they took out their phones to take photos.

Su Jiu had already expected this. Since she could not escape them, she simply let them take pictures.

She affectionately held Rong Si’s arm and replied with a smile, “Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day today. It was a good day to register our marriage, so we made an appointment in advance to come over. That’s right, Rong Si and I are indeed going to register our marriage.”

“Ah ah ah!” The hall was filled with excited screams.

“Little Jiu, Little Jiu, I’ve been kowtowing to the two of you for a long time! I’ve been looking forward to your marriage for a long time. I can’t believe it’s coming true today. I’m so happy! I wish the two of you a happy life!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Congratulations!”

“You two are so compatible! No one in the world is more compatible than the two of you. I hope you two stay together for the rest of your lives! Happy marriage!”

Su Jiu smiled even more sweetly. She was elated to be blessed by so many people. “Thank you! You too. Happy wedding.”

Rong Si ignored the people around him, who were snapping photos, and the noise. He lowered his eyes and looked at Su Jiu’s smile. When he saw her smile, his lips curled into a happy smile.

His eyes were filled with love, almost overflowing with it.

Someone took a photo of this scene and posted it online with ten emojis wiping their tears. “Look at the way my future son-in-law looks at my daughter. He’s so doting! As his mother-in-law, I’m very satisfied with this marriage!”

Almost instantly, #Su_Jiu_x_Rong_Si_Getting_Married# became a trending topic. It even gained a little “exploding” icon on the trending topics page.

The fans excitedly screamed and reposted the pictures with fervor. “Oh my god! When Rong Si looked at Su Jiu like that, my legs instantly went weak… Such a handsome husband. I’m envious, jealous, and hateful!”

“Have you really registered your marriage? What should I do if this old mother suddenly wants to cry? It’s as if I’m watching the daughter I raised leave me. I’m happy and sad…”

“Rong Si, listen carefully! You must treat my Little Jiu well. You’re not allowed to bully her or betray her! If you dare, I’ll make sure you never have peace in your life, understand?!”

“+1! Our family needs to stand up!”



After registering and obtaining the red booklet, Su Jiu stared at it for a long time. She could not believe that she and Rong Si… were finally married.

This proved that they were legally married.

Husband and wife…

They were not boyfriend and girlfriend, nor were they engaged. Instead, they were truly husband and wife.

In the future, they would be bound together.

For some reason, despite this happiness, she felt like crying. It was as if she had been waiting for this moment and this day for a long time.

Su Jiu knew that the photos had definitely been posted online. Perhaps, reporters would come over soon to chase after them. She could not stay here for long. Therefore, quickly pulling Rong Jiu out of the office, she crawled back into the car. Only then did she relax a little.

Then, the tears that she had been holding back finally gushed out.

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