I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1233 - 1233 We've Registered Our Marriage!

Chapter 1233 - 1233 We've Registered Our Marriage!

1233 We’ve Registered Our Marriage!

Rong Si turned to look at her. Seeing her crying, he quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

As he spoke, he wiped the tears off her face with his warm fingers.

“I-I’m crying because I’m too happy…” The corners of Su Jiu’s lips curled up, wanting to prove that she was not sad. Even she felt that she looked ugly due to crying and laughing at the same time.

“Idiot, why are you crying when you’re happy?” Although Rong Si said that, his eyes turned red as he wiped her tears. His thin lips pursed.

“You’re still talking about me? Look, aren’t you the same?!” Su Jiu choked and laughed at him.

Rong Si’s eyes were indeed red. A glint of water was clearly visible in them as if the tear would fall out of his eyes if he was not careful.

Su Jiu had seldom seen Rong Si cry. Even when he had suffered as a child, he had never cried. Yet, he now…

Su Jiu’s heart throbbed. She reached out to hold his face and leaned over to kiss him on the lips. Looking at him with watery eyes, she said, “Ah Si, I’ve always dreamed of marrying you, and this day has finally come.”

Rong Si took her hand and pressed his forehead against hers. He then closed his eyes, his fine eyelashes trembling slightly. “Me too. I’ve waited for this day for a really long time.

“Now, my greatest wish has actually been fulfilled. I find it unbelievable.”

Su Jiu suddenly smiled. She recalled that when Rong Si had filled in the form at the Civil Affairs Bureau just now, his expression had been unprecedentedly focused and serious. He was so careful as though he was afraid of making even a single mistake when writing, as though he were committing an earth-shattering act.

At that time, her heart was already aching. She had the urge to cry, but it was not because she was sad. It was because she was so happy when he proposed to her again that she wanted to cry.

She was elated.

Rong Si took a deep breath to calm himself down. Then he deeply looked at her and kissed her on the lips.

Su Jiu closed her eyes and cooperated with him. The kiss lasted a long time, until she could not breathe. Only then did Rong Si reluctantly let go of her, but his breathing quickened.

As Rong Si looked at her moist lips, his heart kept beating very fast. He could not help but lower his head again. However, Su Jiu reached out and pressed her hand against his chest. Blushing, she whispered, “The car has been parked here for a long time. Let’s go back first. We’ll talk when we get back…”

Rong Si noticed that many people were watching them from the outside and taking photos with their phones.

Although the car window was covered with an explosion-proof film and one could not see the inside, it was difficult not to let people’s imaginations run wild if the car remained parked for too long.

Rong Si could only suppress the boiling blood in his heart and say in a slightly hoarse voice, “Okay.”

He was about to start the car when Su Jiu said to wait. Then, she took out her phone and their marriage certificate from her bag and handed it to him. “Let’s take a photo and announce it.”

The news of her and Rong Si registering their marriage had probably spread online anyway, so there was no need to hide it. She might as well admit it openly.

Rong Si had always unconditionally cooperated with whatever Su Jiu wanted to do. He took the marriage certificate and interlocked his fingers with hers as she directed him.


After taking the photo, Su Jiu posted it on Weibo with the caption “2.14, we’ve registered our marriage!”

As soon as she published the post on Weibo, it caused a commotion online and quickly reached the top of the trending searches!

Some people had still been suspecting that the videos and photos of Su Jiu and Rong Si posted by their fans were photoshopped, but now that the people involved in the matter had announced it themselves, it instantly caused an uproar.

Some fans were so touched that they were about to cry.

[Ahhh, my daughter, who I’ve been a fan of for so long, is finally married to my future son-in-law. As her mother, I’m really happy for them~]

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