I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1235 - 1235 She Was So Sweet

Chapter 1235 - 1235 She Was So Sweet

1235 She Was So Sweet

“How nice!” Rong Si felt that when these two words came out of her mouth, they sounded even better than the sound of nature.

That voice seemed to be able to turn into a flowing substance that reached into the depths of his heart and filled his entire chest.

“Call me that again.” He wanted to hear it a few more times.

Su Jiu felt a little embarrassed. “No.”

“Be good. Say it again.”

“…” Looking into his expectant eyes, Su Jiu could not reject him at all. She could only look into his deep eyes and softly say, “Hubby.”

Rong Si was instantly satisfied. His chest was warm and hot. He couldn’t help but lower his head to kiss her. “Good job.”

He had just kissed her forehead, but when he saw her flushed face, her moist eyes, and her pink and tender lips… they were all fatal temptations to him. He could not help but want to carefully feel every detail of hers, not wanting to miss any of them.

“Oh…” Su Jiu’s heart was beating like a drum. Just as she was about to suffocate, she could not help but reach out and gently push him. However, her hands were held by him, and their fingers were intertwined. She slowly fell into his rhythm…

The time, place, atmosphere, and passionate feelings were all in place. Su Jiu had already anticipated everything that would happen next. It was also something that should happen as she and Rong Si had become newlyweds.

The weather in February was still cold. The cold wind made a slight sound when it hit the floor-to-ceiling window, but the bedroom was as warm as spring…


The next day, Su Jiu only woke up at noon. When she realized that it was already so late, she was shocked and embarrassed. She had slept for so long!

But she couldn’t be blamed. She had slept too late last night and was exhausted. If she had to blame someone, it would be Rong Si.

He was really… getting more and more overboard. He was getting more and more capable of causing trouble!

Su Jiu finally realized that before, when he was intimate with her, he would carefully probe her and stop at the right time. However, after they had registered their marriage the previous day, she had seen what it meant to be indulgent and even presumptuous. Rong Si no longer probed or tested her. Instead, he seemed to want to devour her whole.

It seemed that… all the restraint he had previously was for last night.

Su Jiu was so tired that she did not want to move. She lay on the pillow. But… Where did he go?

The space beside her was empty. Su Jiu reached out and touched it. There was no residual body heat. Obviously, Rong Si had been up for a while. Hmph, that stinky man left me here without telling me!

Su Jiu angrily grabbed Rong Si’s pillow. A trace of his scent lingered on it, like black cedar covered in snow. It smelled good.

She couldn’t help but take a sniff, as though he were beside her. At that moment, the door to the room opened with a click.

Su Jiu quickly looked up and saw Rong Si coming in with a plate filled with her favorite Chinese breakfast. She immediately perked up.

However, as soon as she saw him, those embarrassing scenes from last night appeared in her mind. It also reminded her of his excessive behavior. Snorting, she turned around to avoid looking at him.

Rong Si raised his eyebrows. He could tell what she was thinking. His lips curled up as he walked to the bed.

Placing the plate on the bedside table, he leaned over and kissed her forehead. “What’s wrong? Are you ignoring me?”

Su Jiu glared at him. “It’s all your fault. I don’t think I can get up today.”

Rong Si’s smile deepened as he apologized to her. “I’m sorry. I went a little overboard last night. I’ll pay attention in the future.”

That was the correct thing to say, but… he had no intention of restraining himself.

He had waited for so many years for them to become real husband and wife. Now he could finally live the so-called husband-and-wife life with her. Moreover… she is so sweet and delicious. How can I still suppress myself?

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