I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1236 - 1236 He Will Only Be Yours

Chapter 1236 - 1236 He Will Only Be Yours

1236 He Will Only Be Yours

Su Jiu said angrily, “Your credibility is already zero in my eyes!”

Every time he said that he would pay attention next time, but in the end, he only indulged himself more and more. Su Jiu was exhausted and did not want to move at all. She wished she could sleep for a whole day.

Rong Si smiled again. Thinking that they had gone at it for so long the previous night, he seriously and concernedly asked, “Are you feeling unwell? I’ll really pay attention next time.”

Su Jiu was speechless.

She did not feel unwell. In fact, she felt quite comfortable, but it was too tiring!

As she thought of this, her ears began to burn. She hurriedly patted her face to prevent herself from letting her imagination run wild.

“Huh?” Rong Si was surprised. Why did she hit herself?

“No,” Su Jiu softly replied.

Rong Si was relieved. “That’s good. It seems… you’re quite satisfied with me?”

“Stop! Stop discussing this topic. I’m hungry!” Su Jiu interrupted him in time. Although this was not the first time they had been intimate, such a topic was still embarrassing for her. She was not used to it.

Perhaps she would get used to it after they had been married for a long time. Speaking of which… she seemed to have heard that all newlyweds were passionate. But after a while, they would slowly become cold to each other, and they would even… not be intimate for a long time.

She stole a glance at Rong Si. The man in front of her was so handsome that he seemed flawless. He had a particularly great face and a good figure. Honestly, how could she hold back when facing such a perfect thing every day? How could they not be intimate for a long time?

She assumed that it was impossible for her.

Rong Si picked up the plate again and lovingly looked at her. “What do you want to eat? I’ll feed you.”

“This.” Su Jiu pointed at the soy milk and the soft buns.

Rong Si picked up the soy milk and brought it to her mouth. Su Jiu took a sip from the cup. This was the soy milk Rong Si had made. It was warm and the temperature and taste were just right. She loved it and had not gotten tired of it even after drinking it many times.

After she finished drinking, Rong Si suddenly leaned over toward her.

His handsome face suddenly enlarged in front of her. Su Jiu’s heart skipped a beat. She did not know what he wanted to do. Then, she felt him kiss the corner of her lips and lick off the soy milk left on it.

She looked at the way he gently licked it off. It seemed so wicked that it was soul-stirring. Her heart uncontrollably raced. D*mn it! He is simply a demon. Is he seducing me?

It was better to act than to be tempted. She leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the lips.

So soft!

Su Jiu laughed. “How magical. This handsome man actually became my husband.”

Rong Si was stunned for a moment before his eyes filled with smiles. “Yes, this man is indeed your husband. He will always be. He will belong to only you.”

Ah… Su Jiu was speechless.

The two of them wanted to continue being intimate, but Su Jiu’s phone suddenly rang. She could only regretfully reach for her cell phone. When she saw the caller ID on the screen, she immediately sobered up.


She quickly picked up the call. “Hello, Dad?”

Su Shengjing’s stiff and sarcastic voice came from the other end. “Hehe, you still remember your father? I thought you had forgotten about me after registering your marriage!”

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