I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Villain 3

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“What the heck? You don’t have money? You think I’m unaware that you go to the bars all the time? So you have money for entertainment, but no money to pay for your rent? Only a fool will believe you. Let me warn you again, don’t play any tricks. Otherwise, I’ll not treat you so courteously anymore!”

Su Jiu poked her head out of the bedroom and curiously looked at the door.

So they have come to collect the rent from him. Is my father so poor that he can’t even afford the rent? 

When the landlord saw Su Jiu, he coldly laughed and said, “You bastard, you even have a child. Yet, you still claim to have no money. Don’t think that you can get my pity just because you have a child. Pay the rent quickly, or I won’t be nice to this little girl too!”

Su Shengjing looked behind at Su Jiu. With his eyes, he signaled her to return to the bedroom. Then, he loudly said to the three men in front of him, “If you’re unhappy, just come at me. Don’t scare the child.”

“If you don’t want your daughter to see us beating you up, quickly pay your rent. Otherwise, get lost!”

“Can you give me a few more days?”

“A few more days? Are you shameless enough to ask for an extension? Let me clearly tell you, if you can’t pay the rent today, you have to go and sleep on the streets with your daughter!”

Su Shengjing clenched his fists.

He did not care where he had to sleep, but he was concerned about Su Jiu. How could such a small child sleep on the streets? 

When the landlord saw that Su Shengjing did not respond, he was about to continue talking. However, a young man suddenly appeared at the stairway.

The young man panted as he grabbed onto the railings and climbed up the staircase. “Su Shengjing, you owe rent again?”

When Su Shengjing saw the young man, he immediately exclaimed, “You came at the right time. I urgently need your help! Lend me some money.”

The young man was wearing a white suit, polished black leather shoes, fashionable sunglasses, and a dazzling golden watch. When the landlord and the rest saw him, they knew that he was a rich guy.

The man in the white-suit disdainfully looked at Su Shengjing and whipped out his wallet. Then, he proudly raised his chin and asked the landlord, “How much does he owe you? I’ll pay up for him.”

“Three thousand!”

“Okay.” The young man replied. However, when he opened his wallet, he realized that he did not have any cash. He only had all sorts of credit cards in his wallet. Therefore, he said, “I’ll pay you via my phone.”

After the young man paid the rent, the landlord and the other two men left. With an unnatural expression, Su Shengjing then said to the young man, “Thank you, I owe you one. I’ll return the money to you.”

This young man was called Sheng Tianci. He was the young master of a wealthy and powerful family in the business scene. He and Su Shengjing were childhood friends, and he had known Su Shengjing for years.

Sheng Tianci intimately hugged Su Shengjing’s shoulders and generously said, “Forget it. We literally grew up together. Why are you so polite to me? Plus, that money isn’t anything to me. If you need money, just look for me.”

Su Shengjing disdainfully pushed his hand away. “Why? Do you want to raise me? Have you fallen in love with me?”

“What the heck? I have no interest in a man like you. I like cute girls.” As Sheng Tianci spoke, he entered the house. When he smelled the fragrance of the dishes on the dining table, his expression became that of disbelief. “Oh Lord! Why did you cook today instead of ordering in? Are you planning to become a househusband?

“What the heck? Even your house is so clean. You must’ve lost your mind! Before I came here, I even hired a housekeeper to clean the house up for you.”

When Su Jiu heard an unfamiliar voice, she poked her head out from the room to look at the young man.

She tried her best to recall the story. This man was a side character like her father. He was a wealthy person who wasn’t very important in the story. However, he was her father’s true friend and had helped him out a lot when his popularity had waned.

She had now confirmed that he was someone whom she should curry favor with.

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