I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Villain 2

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He was… the villain in the novel, the second male lead!

The main female character was the second male lead’s childhood crush, but she had fallen in love with the wealthy main male lead. Since the second male lead lost the love of his life, it had triggered his dark side. He kept interfering between the male lead and the female lead, creating all sorts of tragic situations. In the end, the author had killed off the second male lead by having him commit suicide.

When Su Jiu had read the novel, she had been furious.

The author hated the second male lead so much that she had tormented him for the sake of it!

He was an illegitimate child who had been shunned; he had to live with his mother. He led a tough life and suffered a lot. His mother was also sickly and could not take good care of him, so he had to shoulder all the burdens from a young age.

After his mother recovered a little, she sought a job to support him. However, someone in the family sabotaged her, and she lost her job. It led to her selling her body, and she was even publicly humiliated.

Just like that, the second male lead had grown up under everyone’s judgment. He had even gotten into an accident later and almost became a vegetative person. After he had woken up, his legs were paralyzed. He could not stand up anymore.

In the end, he even lost the main female lead, who was the only light in the darkness of his life. How could he not fall into utter despair?

Not only did the author write about him choosing the evil path and becoming a ruthless villain, she had even killed him in the story! How much did she hate him? 

Oh, right… Since he’s the villain, I could think of a way to get into his good books! 

If after her transmigration, the plot still followed the original storyline, she had to find a powerful person to back her up so that she could avoid her tragic death!

Su Shengjing clumsily cooked dinner. The rice was dry, while the dishes were burnt and either overly salty or too bland. As someone who lived alone, his cooking skills should not be so terrible!

When he saw how Su Jiu munched on the food and pretended that it was yummy, he felt guilty.

He took away the extremely salty plate of meat in front of her and said, “Don’t eat anymore. I’ll order food.”

As he spoke, he whipped out his phone and opened the food delivery application. However, Su Jiu smiled and said, “Daddy, you don’t need to order food. I like these dishes because you cooked them!”

Her bright smile made Su Shengjing’s heart drop. He felt that he was utterly useless.

If I can’t even properly cook a meal, how can I raise her well? 

Su Shengjing sadly put down his phone. At that moment, a smashing knock came from the door, followed by a hostile voice. “You bastard, come out right now!”

Su Shengjing’s expression turned ugly.

Su Jiu raised her head and looked at him. “Daddy, is someone looking for you?”

“Well, ignore him and just eat.” Su Shengjing stroked her tiny head.

Su Jiu wanted to eat too, but the pounding on the door and the continuous string of insults made it impossible for her to ignore it.

Su Shengjing’s expression became even uglier. He told Su Shengjing to bring her bowl into her room and reminded her not to come out. Then, he walked to the door, breathed in deeply, and opened the door.

Three muscular men were standing outside the door. When the leader of this group saw Su Shengjing, he pointed at his nose and scolded, “You bastard, let me tell you this. You haven’t paid your rent for two months. If you don’t pay up this month, I’ll send these men to throw your things out!”

Su Shengjing touched his empty pockets and forced out a fake laugh. “I don’t have any money now. Can you give me a few more days?”

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