I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Little Burden 2

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Sheng Tianci did not stop there. He took out a golden credit card from his wallet and waved it in front of Su Jiu. Flashing a smile that made him look like the wolf trying to kidnap little Red Riding Hood, he said, “Do you know what this is? It’s called a credit card. With it, you can buy anything you want!”

Su Jiu naturally knew what it was, but she still tried to create a good and innocent impression on Sheng Tianci. “Can you buy some clothes for my Daddy? His clothes are so old.”

What the heck! What kind of caring angel is she? 

The first thing she thought of is her father! 

Su Shengjing looked at Su Jiu with the gaze of a benevolent father. When he heard those words, Sheng Tianci felt even more jealous. He pouted and said, “Yes.”

“Can you buy something yummy for my Daddy? He’s so skinny that even the wind can blow him away.”

“Yes.” Sheng Tianci’s envy surged. “Why don’t you buy something for yourself?”

“Because I want my Daddy to lead a good life. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy!”

The little girl’s bright smile illuminated the depths of Su Shengjing’s heart like a ray of sunshine. He felt warm.

Sheng Tianci did not want to back down. He continued to tempt Su Jiu, “If you leave with me, I’ll give this credit card to your Daddy. He can buy food and clothes and lead a good life.”

“…” Su Jiu stared at the credit card and bit her lips as though she had been placed in a tight spot. “Then… then, if I leave with you, can you really let my Daddy live a better life?”

When he met the child’s innocent gaze, Sheng Tianci was stumped.

What the heck? I’m dying of jealousy. Where can I find such a thoughtful daughter? Can someone give such a daughter to me? 

Sheng Tianci slammed the table and said, “Third brother, just give your daughter to me. My parents keep urging me to marry and have children. They even told me to give birth to a baby girl for them. It has been a few generations since a girl was born in our family.”

“Impossible. How can I give my daughter to you?” As Su Shengjing spoke, he hugged Su Jiu. He placed her onto his lap and shielded her as if Su Shengjing were an evil uncle.

Sheng Tianci disdainfully sized him up. “Hmph! You’re just an unemployed man. Can you even support her? You still owe me money. Why don’t I raise your daughter for you?”

Su Jiu lifted her head, tugged Su Shengjing’s sleeve, and stared at him. “Daddy, don’t give me to Uncle.”

Su Shengjing lowered his head and looked at her. His heart softened, and he righteously rejected Sheng Tianci. “I won’t give her to you! If you have any thoughts about my daughter, I’ll fight you!”

“Hmph, then you better keep a close watch on your daughter. Don’t give me the opportunity to steal her away!”

“You won’t have that opportunity.”

When Su Jiu felt Su Shengjing tighten his hug, she cunningly smiled.

Not only had she left a good impression on Sheng Tianci, she had even become closer to her father. It was perfect.

She had definitely won Sheng Tianci’s favor.

After washing the dishes, Su Shengjing called Sheng Tianci to the balcony and lit up a cigarette. However, he realized he now had a child in his home, and he shouldn’t smoke. So he extinguished it. He then said, “Lend me some more money.”

Sheng Tianci was a bit surprised. “It’s so rare for you to borrow money from me. I always wanted to lend you some, but you refused me every time because of your pride. Why did you change your mind now?”

Su Shengjing lowered his head and glanced at the extinguished cigarette in his hand. His lips twitched, and he said, “I have no other choice since I have an additional burden with me now.”

He needed to spend money on many things.

Sheng Tianci scoffed. “That’s not what you truly think. I think that you quite like your little ‘burden’!”

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