I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Little Burden 3

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“But if you really plan to raise her, things won’t be so simple. You’ll need a proper job. It’s very costly to raise a child. My nephew needs diapers and toys. He has to attend kindergarten and all sorts of enrichment lessons. Even bringing him out to play requires a lot of money.”

“I’ll find a job. No matter what, I’ll raise her well.”

Sheng Tianci was speechless.

No way! Su Shengjing has always been extremely irresponsible, even for himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have wasted his life away. Did this little girl’s appearance suddenly trigger his sense of duty? 

“So, you’re not planning to marry? If you have such a burden weighing you down, no girl will like you. Unless you want to return to the Su Family?”

When he mentioned the Su Family, Su Shengjing’s face immediately darkened. “That’s not my home.”

Sheng Tianci read the atmosphere and changed the topic. “Alright, just do whatever you want. If you need anything, just tell me, and I’ll help you as much as possible. If you are willing to let me raise your daughter, that’ll be for the best.”

Su Shengjing snorted. “Even though you’re ugly, you have a nice imagination.”

“Haha! Your daughter said that I was handsome!” Sheng Tianci was unwilling to back down. He glanced at Su Jiu, who was sitting on the sofa, and shouted, “Little girl, am I right?”

Su Jiu looked at him and forcefully nodded. “Yes, you’re very handsome!”

Sheng Tianci was elated. It was the first time that he wanted to stay in such a run-down place for a longer period. However, it was getting late, and he had to leave. He said to Su Jiu, “Little, adorable girl, I’m going to leave!”

Su Jiu waved at him and politely replied, “Goodbye, Uncle. I’ll miss you. You must regularly visit me!”

Sheng Tianci felt her cuteness attack him again, and he forcefully suppressed his urge to snatch her home. He walked over and stroked her tiny head. “Alright, I’ll promise you. I’ll come tomorrow and bring some snacks and toys for you!”

Su Shengjing unhappily pushed his hand away. “Get lost now.”


The lady who had posted the picture of Su Shengjing and Su Jiu onto Weibo did not have many followers. Hence, her post did not make a large impact. It only had a few comments that asked, “Who’s this? I don’t recognize him.”

“A former popular male celebrity? A man like him?”

“Here’s a bad review for you because you didn’t capture his face. His figure doesn’t look like a male celebrity either. Don’t argue with me.”

“Well, the baby looks super cute though.”

The lady replied to the comments and said that the man in the photo had once been the nation’s crush, Su Shengjing. She even said that his daughter was adorable and the cutest baby she had ever seen. After replying to them, she ignored the rest of the comments. After all, the man was a celebrity who had lost his popularity a few years back. No one would pay attention to him.

However, what she did not expect was that one of Su Shengjing’s loyal fans saw her post and immediately recognized him.

This fan had liked Su Shengjing from the moment he had debuted. Su Shengjing had left the entertainment industry and abandoned his Weibo account, not posting anything for a few years. His hashtag had also been inactive for a long time. Yet, this fan had never stopped following him, nor had she left the fan group chat which only had five people remaining in it now.

Moreover, the chat had been inactive for a few years.

When the rumors about Su Shengjing’s scandal had spread, the fan had not believed them at all. How could such a perfect and diligent person like her idol do such a shameless thing? She thought it must be because he was so popular that people wanted to sabotage him.

Su Shengjing had left the spotlight for so many years, so now that the fan suddenly saw some news about him, she was extremely excited.

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