I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Give Daddy a Makeover 1

In the photo, he had been attending a commercial activity. Dressed in a black suit, he stood tall on the red carpet while smiling at the cameras.

As a guy in his early twenties, he was transitioning from a boy to a man. His eyes still had a hint of youthfulness in them, but his face was so handsome that it could make one scream.

Su Jiu innocently asked, “Daddy, is this you? How handsome!”

Su Shengjing looked at the photo; it was from a time when his appearance had been at his best. He embarrassedly replied, “Yeah.”

Su Jiu said in a child-like voice, “Daddy, you look so good in the picture without such long hair and your mustache. I think you should cut your hair and shave your mustache!”

That was a simple thing she had asked. Su Shengjing did not want his mustache to prick Su Jiu anymore either, so he agreed, “Okay, I’ll shave my mustache and cut my hair tomorrow.”

He had decided to groom himself well and look for a job instead of wasting his days away. In the past, when he used to work part-time at small shops, he could barely sustain himself. Since he had a child now and his expenses would be higher, it was better and more reliable to look for a formal job.

Although he could live in an unpolished manner, a little girl could not live like that!


The next morning, Su Shengjing went to the toilet after waking up and completely shaved away his mustache.

After he had shaved, he felt like he had become a few years younger. It was like his youth had returned.

He stroked his smooth skin in satisfaction. Then, he walked out of the toilet and went toward the room Su Jiu was in.

His house was very small with an area of around twenty square meters. As there was only one bedroom, Su Shengjing had Su Jiu sleep on the bed, while he slept on the sofa. He had initially been worried that she would fall off the bed. However, she was obediently lying in the middle of the bed with her hands crossed over the pillow.

She looks so obedient even when she’s sleeping.

Su Jiu had yet to wake up, and her dense eyelashes cast a faint shadow below her eyes. Her face looked as cute as a doll, and it made Su Shengjing want to poke her cheek.

He then actually extended his hand and lightly poked Su Jiu’s face. Her face was very soft and bouncy, and he could not help but poke it again.

Sensing something, the little girl sleepily said, “Daddy…”

“Are you awake?” Su Shengjing spoke as he carried her up.

He was sensitive to smell, yet the child’s milk-like fragrance did not put him off at all.

Su Jiu let him hug her. She leaned against his shoulder and rubbed her sleepy eyes. “Why are you up so early today?”

“Because I agreed to cut my hair today. Accompany me, okay?”

“Okay!” Su Jiu immediately got excited and looked forward to her father’s new appearance.

However, this was not enough.

She patted Su Shengjing’s stomach. “Daddy, if you want to become handsome, we need to remove this fat. That handsome uncle did not have so much fat on his stomach.”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

It was Sheng Tianci again.

Sheng Tianci had quite a good figure with abdominal muscles and long legs. Did she take a liking to him? Otherwise, why can’t she forget him, and why does she even know that he does not have any fat on his stomach?

Seeing how his daughter was thinking of another man, Su Shengjing felt a bit upset. He humphed and said, “Do you like him that much? Just let him be your father.”

Su Jiu blinked. “Can I do that?”

Su Shengjing felt anger rise in his chest. “You really want him to be your father?”

Su Jiu nodded and seriously said, “He’s handsome and rich. Plus, he said that he can buy a lot of delicious food and toys for me and give me a good life.”

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