I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Baby, I’m Sorry

Su Shengjing smiled and stroked her head.

When he saw how she gulped down the food, his gaze became brooding and he thought, Baby, I’m sorry.

She was only a three-year-old child who did not know anything. She should be enjoying the wonders of the world, yet she had to be scolded because she had a failure of a father like him.

Normal people could not withstand cyberbullying. Luckily, she was still young and did not know how to use the internet or read. Otherwise, he could barely imagine how hurt she would feel after reading those mean comments.

Su Shengjing did not plan on returning to the entertainment industry. Instead, he decided to look for a proper job, just like what Sheng Tianci had said. Otherwise, how could he support her?

After noticing that his father was staring at her, Su Jiu could already guess that he was planning for the future.

If this man, who had such disheveled hair and beard, wanted to reclaim a foothold in the entertainment industry, the first step was to change his image. He was only twenty-four years old and was in his prime days. He should not look like a middle-aged, uncool uncle.

Su Shengjing’s looks and body proportions were excellent. As long as he tidied up himself and restored his previous appearance, he would definitely dazzle everyone with his handsomeness.

However, how could she change his image?

Su Jiu thought about it and came up with an idea.

At night, Su Shengjing poured the bathwater into a wooden bucket for her. Since he knew that she was going to bathe, he passed a towel to her and prepared to leave the bathroom.

However, Su Jiu called out to him and acted cutely. “Carry me, Daddy.”

Su Shengjing turned around. The little girl was staring at him with her wide eyes and stretching her chubby arms out to him, asking for a hug. Who could reject her?

Without any hesitation, he carried Su Jiu. She hugged his neck and rubbed against him like a kitten. After purposely rubbing against his face, she wrinkled her pretty eyebrows and mumbled, “Ouch, ouch!”

Su Shengjing immediately asked, “Where does it hurt?”

Su Jiu pointed at his scruffy beard and said with a face full of resentment, “Daddy, your beard pricked me. The uncle today who did not have a beard looked very handsome!”

“…” Su Shengjing’s lips twitched, and he immediately felt unhappy. “Is he so handsome that you have to praise him so many times?”

After successfully making him feel envious, Su Jiu grabbed the opportunity and said, “If you shaved your beard, you’ll also look very handsome.”

Su Shengjing freed his arm and touched his bearded chin.

Indeed, he had not given any effort to make himself look presentable in a long time. It was as if it no longer mattered to him. Plus, laziness could become a habit. Unknowingly, he had turned into another person who was very different from how he had been in the past.

Su Shengjing placed her down and softly said, “Go and bathe first.”

Su Jiu obediently nodded. After bathing, she ran into Su Shengjing’s room in her newly-bought bunny pajamas. She boisterously climbed onto his bed and rolled around.

Su Shengjing walked over with a hairdryer. When he saw her wearing the pink pajamas with two long bunny ears, he found her adorable. He waved at her and called her over.

Su Jiu obediently sat at the edge of the bed and placed her hands on her lap like a primary school kid. She waited for Su Shengjing to dry her hair.

Su Shengjing plugged in the hairdryer. His lean fingers lifted Su Jiu’s shoulder-length hair as he blew at her hair. He deliberately distanced himself from her so that she would not feel the heat from the hairdryer.

Su Jiu turned her head around and spotted a photo frame on the bedside table. It displayed a picture of when Su Shengjing was younger.

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