I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Give Daddy a Makeover 3

Su Jiu passed the buns to him again. “Just take it. If you don’t want them, Daddy and I will be unhappy.”

Stretching his arm out, Rong Si took the buns. He pursed his lips and muttered, “Thank you.”

This surprised Su Shengjing a little. “You can speak? So you aren’t mute.”

When Su Jiu saw that Rong Si’s expression seemed strange, she instantly pouted and clarified to Su Shengjing. “Daddy, he’s not mute. He just doesn’t like to speak.”

Rong Si was stunned.

Is she explaining on my behalf?

When Rong Si had moved here with his mother, she had told him to be polite and build a good rapport with the aunties, uncles, and children in the block. However, whenever others saw him, they would call him an illegitimate bastard, claiming that he was born because his mother slept with a random man. They even said that his mother was a prostitute.

Some ugly and disgusting uncles even asked him with a smile about how much his mother cost a night. They even said, “I’ll help your mother give birth to a little brother or sister for you, okay?”

Rong Si did not understand why they said that. Whenever he went out with his mother and met the aunties, they would point at them behind their backs and say, “Did you see her? She’s that prostitute. I wonder how many men she has slept with. How shameless! Do you think that she has some disease?”

“Haha! She looks average. The bastard at home even said that she’s pretty!”

“No matter how pretty she is, she’s still a prostitute who society looks down upon. In the past, she would’ve been imprisoned and drowned!”

He had curiously asked her then, “Mommy, why are they calling you a prostitute? Why did they ask me how much it cost to sleep with you?”

Rong Si’s mother had been shocked at first, then she had turned pale and silent. She had simply hugged him and silently cried.

After a while, she had sobbed and said, “Be obedient and don’t listen to what they say. Just pretend like they don’t exist. We’ll just go about with our lives, okay?”

Ever since then, even if these people kept mocking and teasing him and his mother, Rong Si ignored them. As he instinctively felt disgusted when he saw them, he would just walk away.

Gradually, these people lost interest in him and said that he was mute. The children did not want to play with him either. Whenever they saw him, they would make faces, throw pebbles at him, and call him an illegitimate bastard like the other adults.

However, this little girl did not look at him with a disgusted gaze. Not only did she act favorable toward him, but she also asked her father to give him money. This time, she even bought buns for him.

Rong Si’s mother had told him that he must know to be grateful. He decided that after growing up, he would definitely repay this little girl.

At this moment, the fat woman who had finished buying her buns spotted Su Shengjing when she squeezed across the crowd. When she saw that he was hugging a three-year-old girl with the infamous illegitimate child standing in front of him, she immediately felt disdainful. She deliberately walked over and sarcastically said, “Oh my! You little bastard! Are you here to buy buns too?

“My daughter told me that the netizens have been discussing you recently. They said that you have become a father. By the way, where did you get this child from? Is it true that you don’t know who her mother is and that she did not want to raise your daughter?”

The woman gloatingly looked at Su Jiu. “Did your mother run away with another guy and abandon you?”

This fat woman was called Madam Zhang, and she was notorious for having a sharp tongue. When Rong Si saw her, his dark eyes immediately became hostile.

She was the one who kept saying bad things about his mother, making her cry every time she returned home after leaving the house.

Although Rong Si’s mother did not say anything to him, he knew that those people must have said bad things about her.

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