I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: You Are Not Allowed to Scold my Daddy!

When Su Shengjing heard Madam Shen’s words, he became furious. “What the heck are you saying to my child?!”

Su Jiu was also angry. This woman should never assume that children don’t know anything because they are young. Some things should be left unspoken.

She could clearly remember someone saying to the young her that the children in orphanages had been abandoned by their parents. That person had told her that her parents did not want her and would never come back and that no one would dote on her anymore.

She had always remembered these words, and it had made her extremely unhappy for a long time. She even used to regularly cry in a corner. Gradually, she had become sensitive and less confident.

Madam Zhang scoffed. “Hmph! You created the mess yourself, but you’re prohibiting others from talking about it? If you don’t want anybody to know, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place! If you’re capable enough, you wouldn’t have done such shameless things!”

Speaking with conviction, she attracted a crowd. Everyone looked and pointed at Su Shengjing.

Some people in the crowd often got together with Madam Shen to gossip about others. They disdainfully looked at Su Shengjing and said, “So he’s Su Shengjing? There are a lot of people scolding him online. He’s a huge bastard who has slept with many women before. How can someone like him become a celebrity? Damn it!”

“That’s right. He deserves to lose his popularity. Otherwise, he’d have been a horrible role model for the nation’s younger generations.”

“Even with a character like this, he was called… What was that? The nation’s crush! I don’t even know what’s wrong with his fans. They are so foolish that they can’t be cured.”

“Can such a man raise a child well? As the saying goes, like father like son, like mother like daughter. After his daughter grows up, she might even become like him and sleep around with others.”

Glaring at those sharp-tongued aunties, Rong Si clenched his fists.

The little girl is kinder, cuter, and much better than them. Why are they saying bad stuff about her?

He was furious as he had heard them insult his mother. If it were not because he was still young and weak and that his mother kept reminding him to not cause any trouble outside, he would’ve really beat them up.

Madam Zhang still thought that the ruckus she had created was not big enough. She was certain that Su Shengjing would not dare to do anything to her with so many pairs of eyes watching him. Thus, she became fearless. She said to Su Jiu, “Little girl, do you know who your mother is? Did she abandon you?”

Su Shengjing was furious, and he was about to yell at her. However, before he could say anything, Su Jiu cutely said, “Auntie, I know who my Mom is. Let me tell you secretly.”

When Madam Zhang sensed that there was gossip, she immediately became excited. She moved her ugly face closer to Su Jiu. “Tell me quickly! Who’s your mother?”

However, when she moved closer, Su Jiu lifted her leg and mercilessly kicked her face.

“Ouch!” Madam Zhang howled in surprise and took a few steps back while clutching her face.

She did not expect Su Jiu to kick her in the face with so many people watching. This was an utter humiliation!

She was driven mad with fury. “Su Shengjing, your daughter is as horrible as you! How did you teach her? If she’s like this at such a young age, how mean will she become when she grows up?”

“That’s enough!” Su Shengjing tightly hugged Su Jiu and furiously yelled. “You nosy woman! You can scold me, but don’t drag my daughter into this! Otherwise, a bastard like me might do something bad. Anyway, I’m just a poor man with a worthless life. If you make me angry, I can’t guarantee that I won’t do anything crazy!”

“You bastard! Are you threatening us? Is there even justice in this world? You deserve to be scolded so terribly on the Internet!”

While Madam Zhang was still talking, Su Jiu took off her shoe and slammed it against her face.

“You’re not allowed to scold my Daddy!”

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