I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Little Villain 2

Rong Si was walking behind her and Su Shengjing some distance away. He had a worried expression as he stared at her with a brooding gaze.

When he saw that she had caught him following her, he stopped in his tracks and averted his eyes.

Then, as if he had made up his mind, he briskly walked forward, took out two milk candies from his pocket, and passed them to Su Jiu. When he saw that the candy wrappers were a bit dirty, he took them back, wiped them with his shirt, then gave them to her again.

Looking at his seriousness, Su Jiu could guess that he only had these two sweets. Even though he must hate to part with them, he had given them all to her.

This little villain is actually quite nice.

If his mother did not have to resort to selling her body, if he did not become paralyzed after the car accident, if he did not meet the female lead, he probably would not have become an evil villain, right?

Now that he was giving the sweets to her, it would not be appropriate if Su Jiu refused him; he might even think that he disgusted her. Hence, Su Jiu reached her arm out, took the sweets, and smiled at him. “Thank you!”

When she said thanks, she could evidently sense the little villain’s relief.

Was he scared that I would refuse?

He probably doesn’t have a lot of friends. What a pitiful child!

Su Jiu was glad that she had quickly accepted his kindness. She then passed the sweets to Su Shengjing and cutely said, “Daddy, I want to eat the sweets.”

While being nice to the little villain, she acted cute to her father too. Su Jiu was proud of herself: she had fully immersed herself into the role of a child.

“I’ll unwrap it for you.” Su Shengjing unwrapped the candy wrapper, and she excitedly ate the candy.

Watching her happily eat, Su Shengjing thought that she might have forgotten what had happened earlier. After all, children could easily forget things. This was a good thing for her.

However, it was different for him. He was an adult. He could not forget unhappy events as quickly as a child could.

When Su Shengjing returned home and remembered what the others had said, the fury in his heart surged again. Although Su Jiu was still young and might not understand what the others were talking about, would it be the case when she grew older?

This could hurt her too.

If their words were already going too far now, what about in the future?

It could not be guaranteed that they would not say anything worse. They might traumatise his daughter for a long time just like how they had done to that mute boy… no, like the boy called Rong Si. Although Rong Si knew how to speak, he had closed himself off from the world because of those mean aunties.

Su Shengjing could not imagine it. His daughter was so obedient and cute, but if something impacted her mind, she would also suffer.

Moreover, he could not bring her along for his job-seeking. If he managed to find a job, he didn’t know whether he’d have to leave her alone at home? Evidently, this was not realistic.

Su Shengjing paced back and forth, thinking about many things. He started to doubt his decision to raise Su Jiu. Right now, he didn’t have the means to do so. He had really underestimated what it meant to raise a child.

At noon, after putting Su Jiu to sleep, Su Shengjing thought for a long time. He then whipped out his phone and called Sheng Tianci.

Sheng Tianci was a bit surprised when he received the call. “I was about to go to your house. I brought some food and toys for the little girl. She’ll definitely like them!”

Su Shengjing silently walked to the balcony. After a few seconds, he said, “You… Do you truly like my daughter?”

“Of course!” Sheng Tianci unhesitatingly replied, “How can someone like you have such a cute daughter? To be honest, I’m really jealous. I’m so envious that I even wish to kidnap her!”

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