I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Little Villain 1

The shoe hit the middle of Madam Zhang’s face. It made her infuriated, and she shrieked, “You bastard! Look at how fierce your daughter is! She knows how to hit someone even though she’s so young. Will she use a knife to kill someone in the future?”

Su Jiu glared at her. “You’re the one who scolded my Daddy first!”

“You stupid brat! You’re acting so righteously even though you hit me? If your father refuses to teach you well, I’ll do it for him!” Madam Zhan suddenly barged toward them, slapped Su Jiu’s face, and strode away.

Su Shengjing instantly exploded in anger. Not bothering to remain civilized anymore, he furiously yelled, “You b*tch! Come back here!”

He wanted to chase after Madam Zhang and fight her, but it was not convenient for him to do so while carrying a child. Plus, if he really fought with her, he might end up in the police station in the worst-case scenario. Perhaps, Madam Zhang felt a bit guilty too, so she rapidly left and disappeared into the crowd.

Su Shengjing had no choice but to momentarily brush aside his anger. However, if he had the chance to, he would teach her a lesson!

Lowering his head, he glanced at Su Jiu in his arms. Just by looking at how red her cheeks were, he knew how forceful Madam Zhang had been earlier. With an aching heart, he asked, “Does it hurt?”

Su Jiu, who had just been slapped, was stunned. Although it was really painful, she did not cry. Although she had gotten slapped, she had managed to kick Madam Zhang’s face and slap her too. All in all, she had not incurred a loss.

However, Su Jiu saw someone in the crowd filming. Thinking of something, she immediately wailed and sadly leaned against Su Shengjing’s shoulder. “Daddy, it hurts…”

Su Shengjing’s heart ached even more. His fury surged even more, and he got a sudden urge to beat Madam Zhang up.

However, as he had no choice, he could only hug his daughter and console her. “Don’t cry. I’ll teach her a lesson.”

He then picked up Su Jiu’s shoe, which had dropped onto the ground, and helped her wear it again. With a cold glance at the other aunties who had mocked them earlier, he spun around and left.

Rong Si stood at the side and watched Su Jiu cry with her large, clear eyes brimming with tears. He tightly gripped the buns.

Following Su Shengjing, he also glared at the aunties before leaving.

He was just a five- or six-year-old child, but those aunties felt chills run down their spines for an unknown reason as if they had been targeted by something dangerous.

After he left, the aunties said with a sense of lingering fear. “Oh my! Did you see that mute boy’s gaze just now? He looked like a wolf cub who wanted to eat someone.”

“Yeah! He was not the one who got hit. Why is he glaring at us? He’s so fierce! No wonder he’s that b*tch’s son. Both of them are not good people!”

When the curious crowd dissipated, the young woman who had filmed the scene blurred Madam Zhang’s and Su Jiu’s faces before uploading the video to Weibo. She wanted to increase her follower count by leveraging Su Shengjing’s popularity.

She even crafted an eye-catching caption—

“Breaking news! An Auntie Taught Su Shengjing and His Daughter A Lesson!”


After what had happened earlier, Su Shengjing was in no mood to have a haircut anymore. He carried Su Jiu back home.

When Su Jiu saw how gloomy Su Shengjing looked, she hugged his neck and cutely said, “Don’t be mad, Daddy.”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

She’s the one who got slapped, yet she’s consoling me now?

Su Shengjing felt extremely useless again. Stroking her tiny head, he said, “I’m not angry anymore.”

“That’s good.” As Su Jiu spoke, she leaned against his shoulder again. Suddenly, she realizedthat someone was following them.

It was the little villain.

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