I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Su Jiu, the Foolish Child

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“You… Let me tell you, I don’t have a wife. So, how can I have a child? Go back to where you came from. Stop trying to scam me!” Su Shengjing furiously and righteously said, “Go back and tell your accomplices that it’s a massive sin to use children to commit crimes! I suggest they turn over a new leaf and go onto the right path. Otherwise, I’ll call the police!”

Su Jiu’s eyes watered. “I don’t have any accomplices, nor am I a scammer. You’re really my father.”

Su Shengjing looked around and confirmed the two of them were alone. Can it be that she’s a lost child with an intellectual disability? 

Su Shengjing had seen news about some homeless children born with intellectual disabilities roaming the streets. Some of the beggars had even captured these kids and broke their limbs so that the kids could beg on their behalf. The moment he thought of it, Su Shengjing shuddered in disgust!

The ‘intellectually-disabled’ Su Jiu didn’t let go of his leg as she sobbed. “Daddy, I spent so much effort to look for you. Don’t abandon me! You’re the only family member I have!”

Su Shengjing sucked in a cold breath. What the heck? I really encountered an intellectually-disabled child who can’t even recognize who her father is.

He had no choice but to bring Su Jiu to the nearby police station.

Suddenly, some people walking by the area recognized Su Shengjing. They started to mutter amongst themselves. “Come quickly and take a look. Isn’t he Su Shengjing? Apparently, he’s a bastard and a horrible man.”

“That’s right. So many bad rumors about him floating around. Who knows how many women he has slept with? Wasn’t there a rumor about him having multiple relationships at once? How disgusting! I think someone reported him for visiting a brothel, so he lost his popularity. His company canceled his contract, and he paid millions of dollars in compensation. Then, he left the entertainment industry…”

“Hmph! A piece of trash like him deserves to lose his popularity!”

Su Jiu’s ears were sharp, and she heard their discussion. She rebuked, “My Daddy is not that kind of man! I won’t let you say anything about him. It’s rude to talk mean behind someone’s back!”

These words stunned Su Shengjing, who lowered his head to look at the angry girl.

For some reason, he felt a warm feeling surge in his heart.

Ever since those so-called “scandals” had spread, he had become everyone’s villain. He got scolded every place he went. He had heard all sorts of criticisms and witnessed how fickle humans were.

This girl was the first and the only person in recent years who had defended him.

After being scolded by a child, the other people felt embarrassed and shut their mouths.


Su Shengjing held Su Jiu’s hand and entered the police station. A police officer attended to him. “What’s the matter?”

Su Shengjing looked at Su Jiu and said, “Something’s wrong with this child. She keeps calling me her father. I don’t know who her real parents are, so I can’t send her back. I can only trouble you.”

“I said that you’re my daddy!” the little girl firmly said as she raised her head.

The police officer became a bit confused, and he asked, “Well… Su Shengjing, is she your daughter?”

“No, she’s not! She’s trying to scam me!” Su Shengjing’s tone was equally firm.

The police officer was speechless.

The little kid would scam anyone but a bastard like you! Don’t you have any self-awareness? 

“I’m not scamming you. You’re really my daddy!”

The little girl stared into Su Shengjing’s eyes without averting her gaze. For some reason, this made Su Shengjing feel a bit guilty.

The police officer suggested to him, “Why don’t you conduct a DNA test with her? I think that she looks quite similar to you. Her eyes and nose look like a replica of yours.”

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