I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: I Only Want My Daddy

“You won’t have a good life with me.” Su Shengjing squatted, gripped her shoulders, and softly said, “Do you remember the uncle who visited our house? Didn’t you say that he’s quite handsome and that you like him?

“His family is really rich. You can eat good food and live in a nice house. His family members will also be nice to you. They’ll buy you pretty clothes and toys. If you stay with me, you will have nothing.”

Su Jiu immediately rebuked, “I just need my Daddy!”

Su Shengjing was stunned.

Su Jiu raised her hand and wiped away her tears. She seriously said, “I don’t want nice food, pretty clothes, or toys. I just want to be with you. Don’t abandon me, Daddy…”

Su Shengjing felt like something was stuck in his throat. He felt bitter all of a sudden.

When Su Jiu called him Daddy, it sounded as if she were crying and pleading with him. Although he had been wondering about how to mentally prepare her, his mind was in a complete mess now. All that he could think of were her tears and her pitiful voice.

Su Jiu tugged his trousers. With a sob, she pleaded, “Daddy, don’t abandon me… I’ll be obedient! I’m begging you…”

She was even pleading with him now. His intention to send her away immediately disappeared. Su Shengjing carried her up and hugged her. “You’re such a foolish child. Don’t you want to have a good life?”

Su Jiu tightly hugged his neck and buried her face into his shoulder as if she were a kitten relying on its owner. “I only want you, Daddy.”

Su Shengjing hugged her tightly too. Sniffing her milk-like fragrance, he could feel how much she depended on him. Choking up, he said after a while, “I’m wrong. I shouldn’t abandon you.”

A while later, Sheng Tianci arrived at their home with a bunch of yummy snacks and toys. He carried multiple bags with both of his hands.

After entering the house, he saw Su Shengjing at the door while holding Su Jiu’s hand. His eyes lit up. “Little girl, we meet again! Did you miss me?”

A sweet smile blossomed on Su Jiu’s face. “I missed you, handsome uncle!”

Sheng Tianci was instantly elated. It seemed like the little girl had taken a liking to him. Would she be willing to leave with me?

Passing a lollipop and a toy to Su Jiu, he tried to divert her attention. Then, he pulled Su Shengjing to the side and said in a low voice, “How’s it going? Is she willing to leave with me?”

Su Shengjing sighed. “I told her, but she’s unwilling. She said that she doesn’t want yummy food, pretty clothes, or toys. Instead, she only wants me as her father. She cried when she pleaded with me to not send her away.”

Sheng Tianci was stunned. He then enviously said, “What the heck? What an amazing daughter you have there. She doesn’t even look down on you even though you’re like this! She’s really your precious daughter. What should I do? I’m seriously so jealous of you now!”

Although he had excitedly rushed over here with much anticipation, the little girl did not want to go with him. Sheng Tianci felt very hurt.

Su Shengjing glanced at Su Jiu, who was unwrapping the candy, and felt an inexplicable sense of pride. “You must be jealous. Anyway, you won’t have such a daughter.”

“That’s not true! What if I marry and have a daughter in the future? She’ll definitely be a hundred times more thoughtful than yours!”

Su Shengjing scoffed at him.

Sheng Tianci scratched his head and asked, “However, it’ll be very inconvenient to bring her to work. Will your employer even want to hire you then?”

After staying silent for two seconds, Su Shengjing said, “I’ll think of a way.”

Right after he spoke, Su Jiu suddenly raised her head and looked at him with a smile. “Daddy, I have a solution!”

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