I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Overcome By Jealousy

Sheng Tianci and Su Shengjing curiously looked at Su Jiu, wondering what idea she had thought of with her little mind.

Su Jiu earnestly said, “Daddy, just go out and look for a job. I’ll just stay alone at home.”

She really could stay at home herself. Even though she was barely four years old, she could take good care of herself. However, Su Shengjing did not believe her. He immediately rebuked, “No way. You’re so young. How can I let you stay at home alone?”

What if something dangerous happened?

He had heard a lot of reports on the news about unfortunate incidents happening to children left alone at home.

Sheng Tianci stroked Su Jiu’s head and said in an amused tone, “Little girl, won’t you be afraid of staying at home alone?”

Su Jiu shook her head. “I’m not scared. I can take care of myself.”

Sheng Tianci burst out laughing. She’s going through so much trouble just so that her father wouldn’t worry about her.

She can’t even write, yet she said she could take care of herself. What a naive child!

Sheng Tianci thought about it and said to Su Shengjing, “How about this? Before going to work, you send the little girl over to my house. I have maids and helpers at home to take care of her. When you leave work, you can take her from home. How’s that?”

Su Shengjing frowned. “That’ll be very troublesome for you.”

He never liked to trouble others. That was why even though his life was miserable, he had not borrowed any money from Sheng Tianci. Since it was his choice, he had to take responsibility for it.

“What trouble? I can’t wait for you to send your daughter to my house. Let’s just settle it with that. You go look for a job while I help in taking care of your daughter. You can try this out for a few days. If it doesn’t work, we’ll think of another way.”

After speaking, he bent down and looked at Su Jiu with a smile. “Little girl, do you want to go to my house and play? My house is really big—much bigger than this! You’ll have all the toys and snacks you want!”

Su Jiu did not answer and looked at Su Shengjing instead. “I’ll listen to Daddy.”

Looking at how obedient she was, Sheng Tianci was overcome with jealousy.

Su Shengjing thought about it for a while. Unable to think of a better solution, he agreed and said to Sheng Tianci, “Well… I’ll have to trouble you to take care of my daughter for a while.”

Sheng Tianci patted his chest and declared, “No problem!”

Since he had planned to look for a job tomorrow, Su Shengjing went to the saloon in the afternoon to have a haircut.

Initially, as he had not cut his hair for a long time, it was so messy and long that it almost reached his neck. After his hair was cut, he immediately looked more youthful. Moreover, after shaving his mustache, he looked less exhausted and frail. Now, he looked more like a young man in his twenties.

Su Jiu thought that if he took better care of his figure and returned to his previous appearance, he would again become the nation’s crush who could charm thousands of girls!

When he looked at his reflection in the mirror, Su Shengjing found it really unfamiliar. Due to these few years of misery and indulgence, he had almost forgotten his original appearance.

After paying for the haircut, Su Shengjing stood up and carried Su Jiu, who was sitting beside him patiently. He asked, “How do I look after the haircut?”

Su Jiu checked out his face, which had become much more handsome, and her eyes lit up. “You’re so handsome, Daddy!”

“Who’s more handsome? That uncle or me?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

She immediately smiled like an obsessed fangirl and sweetly said, “Of course, you’re more handsome!”

Su Shengjing was elated to hear that.

This was the exact answer he wanted to hear.

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